What does The Storyteller have to offer in 2016?

Happy new year!

I’m so excited about 2016 and about the explosion set to take place on this blog. So last year, there were short stories, reflections, devotional outlooks and my musings on this platform. I hope to continue in that line this year.  However, I want to introduce you to four new categories that I’ll be adding to the already existing ones.


TELL ME YOUR STORY basically looks into real life events. Already we have some stories on ground which, by God’s grace, will be posted here. So you could do well to follow this blog by typing your E-mail on the home page(scroll down the home page). Its going to be an intriguing and unforgettable experience. Watch out.


Yes, Each quarter will come with a new series. For this quarter, we are starting with the Love Series(I’m almost tempted to let out the title…#lipsealed#) Its going to be intriguing and dramatic as  we read stories ranging from love, family, business, health to as many other fields as God would grant me inspiration. Who knows, you might even prefer this to watching that soap opera. *winks*


I have never seen a movie without a storyline(Or have you?). All movies in one way or the other tell stories. In this section, I will be pulling out inspiring movies that addresses different issues and possibly, we will be discussing about them.


Because nobody is an island of knowledge, I think it’s time to talk about how our writing skills can be harnessed for greater purposes. This is more like a forum and I’m really looking forward to gain deep insights from the contributions of other writers. So Storytellers and writers in general, let’s meet on this platform and rub minds together.

If you’ve been inspired by the Storyteller, do not enjoy this experience alone. Endeavour to invite others as well.

Let the stories begin!

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