I see very busy days ahead…My thesis isn’t staring at me anymore, it has come with a club designed with thorns that flare out awkwardly. There are unfinished publications begging for my attention, undeveloped stories scattered here and there on my desk…and Yes, its time to clear my desk. To get some fresh air again. I need to breathe…badly.

I’ve begun a journey into good habits in certain areas of my life and I want to see greater results in the few weeks left in this year. I’ve become fiercely passionate about the woman I will become in few years from now. I don’t want to see my farmland overgrown with weeds.

These are the three habits I’m desperately trying to build for greater results.

1. Listening to Podcasts.

I downloaded the Castbox app. This app contains podcast of all sorts. From spiritual to education to family…So I have podcasts from Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Mensa Otabil, T.D Jakes, John Maxwell, UNICEF, United Nations, BBC stories, Chicken soup for the soul, BBC vocabulary, Max Lucado, For the love of poetry, Max Lucado, BBC African debate and a couple of others…

As I walk to the bustop, get around with my chores, lie on my bed, eat supper, I listen to these podcasts. It’s becoming a part of my routine… I’m aware good habits do not just jump on a man. Keeping my mind active is a big task but I’m positive I can achieve this.

2. Reading books.

I get distracted many times while reading a book, an article or a novel. The internet hasn’t made it easier in this area…apart from the fact that I have a mind that wanders easily, I cant get my hands off scrolling my newsfeed or spending hours replying chats and so in a month, and so in a month, I still wouldn’t have been able to  finished reading a book.

I’m making reading goals… small but achievable goals. I made out a plan to read at least a page daily. Let’s see how far I can go with this.

3. Writing consistently.

There are times that I know what to write but picking up a pen is a big issue for me. I discovered the less I wrote, the more I lost the will to write…No matter how many books I read, if I do not push my feelings aside and pick up my pen, no magic will happen.

None of these can come to bear in my life without the help of God…I depend on His grace and wisdom.

There are just four months left. 2016 is gradually winding up.

Have you tried out your heart longings, the things you want to see in your life?

Have you reflected on how you’ve spent the last eight months?

Has your relationship with God developed so much that you can see the evident transformation of Christ in you.

Can you firmly say you are stepping towards the goals that you set for yourself, or are you just barely existing?

It is wisdom to take responsibility for your present state.

The best of 2016 is yet to come.

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  1. How I needed to hear this. Well done Ife, you are doing a great job and keeping a lot of folks like me constantly challenged. God bless you with all skills in wisdom and knowledge and understanding and creativity in Jesus name. Amen.

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