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That you accepted Christ into your life does not mean the devil isn’t existing anymore or that automatically, he becomes powerless to plot for your downfall

Recently, I had an horrible experience that shook every part of my being. I had woken up at about 3 in the morning and I wasn’t particularly happy about that.

When I wake up at such times, I find it difficult sleeping again and I become grumpy during the day.  Except for weekends, I try as much as possible to get enough sleep at night. This is a new development. If you know me really well, you can testify to my bad sleeping habit. I had to deliberately make those changes for my health sake. Anyway, now I was awake and couldn’t sleep. I decided to complete my study on Spiritual growth.

Few minutes after I was done, I slept off. Suddenly, I felt awake. I don’t know if it was a dream or a trance but I sensed the presence of someone in my house. It was then I saw the shadow of a man. Before I could say a word, he charged at me and like a man holding electric wire with his bare hands, I began to tremble vigorously.

I didn’t even waste time to shout anyone’s name or to cower in fear. I went straight into speaking in tongues even though I could barely open my mouth. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t so I stayed there and continued to pray in the spirit. Scriptures kept coming out of my subconscious and back and forth, I switched from tongues to the scriptures.

All through that time, I was far away from consciousness even though I was aware of my environment..Then I opened my eyes. I was the only one in my room and yet I felt such peace as I had never felt before. Quietly, I went back to sleep.

I didn’t want to share this personal story initially but I kept getting this prompt in my heart to share it. I hope this delivers that believer out of those attacks and nightmares. My story is not the principle here. Keep reading.

As I thought about that incident, I was surprised at how those declarations came boldly out of my mouth. I wasn’t just saying, ‘I destroy you satan,’ ‘I destroy your power’, they were scriptures coming out from my subconscious. I remember that one was from Ephesians 1:19  and the other was from Colossians 2:15.

It made me realise that nothing can take the place of getting into the subconscious mind God’s word. You see,  those scriptures you meditate on from time to time that you think isn’t producing any transformation yet,I tell you,  something is happening in your soul realm. You are getting yourself charged for warfare.

When Peter says, be vigilant because your enemy the devil roars, seeking whom to devour. He isn’t asking you to go get a course on the manifestations of witchcraft or to go search for the calabash buried in your father’s house.

He is asking you to stay with the Word. He want you to meditate and never stop giving place to praying the Word. The truth is when you encounter such situations that attacks your christian walk, the Holy Spirit will be right there reminding you of the knowledge you have taken in. Many times, we pray amiss and that’s why we are yet to see visible manifestation. Give more place to praying the new covenant prayers than those sense induced prayer points. There are new covenant prayers scattered all over the epistles of Paul, what have you done about them?

The foundation of spiritual warfare is the revelation knowledge of Jesus

The one who runs helter skelter at the mention of the devil does not understand identity and so cannot make bold declarations and another who just sit down, fold hands and say, ‘nothing dey happen.’ has failed to realise that our authority in Christ, even though available, must be exercised.

If there was nothing like warfare, Paul would not have said anything about who we are wrestling with, Peter would not tell us again and again the need to resist the devil that’d cause him to flee.

We are in a fallen world and as long as we are here, we have a lot to contend with. Did I hear someone say, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, take us home’…oh yeah! We will go home soon but while we are here, we will fight as soldiers who do not meddle with civilian affairs.

There are some things that may never come to fulfilment in our lives until we stand in the  authority Christ has given to us

We belong to a kingdom that has disarmed the ability of the enemy to dominate and control us and we have been given all that is needed for this battle. But how can you know all there is in our possession when we do not even know our identity in Christ.

Have you wondered how a christian couple can be so fiercely in love with God and with themselves at the beginning of their relationship and now, they can’t see eye to eye such that prayer and devotion is now merely a religious affair in the home?

Have you thought of the reason long after you have begun seeking help on that porn issue, sensual images just jar your mind unannounced?

Have you not seen believers who have been loaded with riches and power of the kingdom, believers for whom Jesus went to the cross for, living everyday in fear of one demon or the other and running from one deliverance house to another.

Then you hear many believers sigh and say, ‘hmmm…It’s God that shows mercy o. Let’s just be praying for mercy.’ and you think that’s all God expects as fruits of our lips?

I agree that God is a God of mercy. That’s indisputable. But we can’t live our lives with the only confession on our lips as ‘Lord, have mercy on my family’, without painstakingly discovering our dominion in Christ and taking charge to see that certain things do not happen in our family.

This is what gladdens the heart of Christ: when the devil comes and tries to show that he is something and we put him in his place.

Spiritual attacks will come at us from time to time. It brings terror and fear. It  come against our faith in God’s word and our regular communion with God.

Are you struggling with addiction? practice confronting the enemy with the Word. Tell him You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Remind him of the defeat at the cross. Search the scriptures and pray continually your dominion in Christ. Do this even when you are yet to see changes and rejoice in your victory that you seek.

How do you get to the point where you build confidence to exercise that authority continually.

1. Soak yourself in the word of God. Read the word, listen to messages, take deliberate step to get the word into your soul.

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2. Meditate on your identity with Christ. As wonderful as the four gospels are, they do not give us a detailed explanation of our identity. The epistles of Paul have  a wealth of knowledge in this regard. Meditate on them continually.

3. Watch your words. Words are powerful. If you don’t have anything good to say concerning your circumstance, keep quiet. Let God’s word fill your heart.

4. Learn to make commands. When Christ spoke about handling unto us the keys of the kingdom, He was speaking about authority and that authority wasn’t meant to stay in the pages of the bible. It was for our use. Speak God’s word over your life and your family today.

I end with this scripture;

…the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much… James 5: 16

Prayer: Lord we ask that the eyes of our understanding will be opened that we may know what is the exceeding greatness of your power towards us who have come to believe. (Ephesians 1:19)

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  1. How do I say thisssss?
    Okay let me put it this way… I just love you ma!! you take life’s complexities and put them in simple story-like words in the most relatable way ever (first creating that relaxed feeling) and then you accompany it with practical solutions …

    That’s what crosses my mind anytime I read your posts.. just had to voice it out this time!!!
    More Grace, Sister!

    1. I love you too…and thank you for voicing out. This is huge encouragement for me. God bless you so much.

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