We’ll be back

My dear readers,

it’s time for Ife Grace to retreat into silence once again. My birthday is in a few days, precisely on Sunday (May 19). I’m really excited! Oh yeah! Let the count down begin…

I hope to spend some time to reflect on my life and to seek God on how to serve you better.

I’ll be away for a couple of weeks and I believe when I return, I’ll be ready to serve fresh stories brought straight from God’s oven.

Thanks for always showing up here. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back before you know it. Pray for me as I add another year this Sunday. I love you all very much. God bless you.

7 thoughts on “We’ll be back”

  1. It’s amazing to know that we share birth month 😇… I pray you receive fresh insights and inspiration ma. You do and become all that the Lord will have you do and be and even more. Your new age is blessed ma 💝

  2. Happy Birthday to you ma. I wish you a refreshing, inspiring, glorious new age. More of God’s unction and grace. Have a blissful new year. 😘😊

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