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Silent Night, holy Night

All is calm, all is bright.

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child

Holy Infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace

Femi smiled sadly as he listened to the song blasting from a speaker outside a shop on Tomi’s street.

It reminded him of his late mother. When he was six, his mother would enter his room very early on Christmas morning, singing at the top of her voice. His father would join her and they’d both lead the children to the living room for prayers. Many times, he was already awake, dreaming of the chicken and fried rice for brunch and the pounded yam that followed later in the evening.

There was always something to eat. He’d eat until his stomach was ready to burst. At night, they’d sit in the living room and listen to his father tell bible stories in a funny away. His parents looked so perfect together. How had they fallen apart?

Femi kicked the thoughts away and focused on the present. Tomi’s parents had invited him and his sister for lunch. Bukola had declined. She was not ready to get familiar with Tomi’s family. He’d decided to go alone. It was an opportunity to get closer to his fiancée’s family.

He parked in front of Tomi’s house and walked to the entrance. He knocked and waited.

The door opened. Ayo stood there, grinning at him.

‘Come in.’ She said and stepped aside for him.

Femi’s stomach growled at the aroma of grilled chicken that wafted through the living room. He followed Ayo to the sitting room and dropped the hamper gifts he had brought beside the sofa. The living room was colorful. Christmas lights lined the wall and beneath it hung an inscription ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ in bright colours.  The T.V was turned on. Little children appeared on the screen singing, ‘Oh little town of Bethlemen.’.

‘Let me get you water. Lunch is almost ready.’ Ayo said.

‘Thank you Ayo.’

As Ayo went to get the water, Tomi ran out of the kitchen roaring with laughter. She held a small plate of chicken wings. Her mother followed in pursuit.

‘Don’t come into my kitchen again. Let my chicken rest.’ Folake said, pointing a finger at her daughter.

‘Mummy, really? After I have finished slaving in that hot furnace you call kitchen, I will not enjoy the reward of my labour. I just took three pieces. Haba, mummy!’

‘Thank you for preparing the fried rice, but don’t let me see your legs in my kitchen.’ Folake said and shut the kitchen door.

Tomi turned to her sister as she bit into one of the wings. ‘See me see wahala o. Ordinary chicken.’

She caught Femi staring at her from the living room and her eyes widened.

‘Oh my God! Ayo, you didn’t tell me my bobo had arrived.’

‘He just got here jare. See how you are behaving like one agbaya in front of your husband.’ Ayo rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen.

‘If I don’t behave like that to him, who else I won do am for?’

Tomi dropped the plate on the center table and hugged Femi.

‘You look…’ Femi paused. ‘Homely.’

Tomi laughed and reached for the plate. She held up one wing to Femi’s mouth. He shook his head.

‘Say the truth, I look terrible. I’ve not even had my bath.’

Tomi had been in the kitchen since daybreak. She still had a hairnet covering her hair and her t-shirt was smeared with particles of food. She was surprised she no longer felt anxious at his silent stares. She was comfortable just being with him.

Her eyes settled on hamper baskets. ‘You got these for us?’

Femi nodded. ‘I got something special for you. I’ll give you later.’

Tomi smiled. ‘Thank you.’

She called Seyi to take the hampers upstairs. Her mother came out of the kitchen and met her son heading up the stairs with the baskets.

‘Mum, Uncle Femi got me one hamper. The other one is for the family.’ Seyi said, standing in front of his mother.

Folake laughed. ‘One hamper is for you nibo. My friend, will you take the baskets to my room.’ Seyi stood there, grumbling. Folake pushed him aside. ‘Move away and let greet my son-in-law.’


Lunch was splendid. Femi relaxed, listening to Tomi’s family chitchat at the dining table.

‘Have you decided where you want to have the church wedding?’ Tomi’s father asked as the ladies cleared the table. Tomi dropped the stack of plates in her hands and glanced at Femi.

‘We are thinking that after we finish at the registry, we’ll go over to my Pastor’s house for his blessings. We’ll have the reception afterwards.’ Femi responded.

Tomi’s mother looked at her husband and shrugged. ‘If that’s what you want. The most important thing is that there is a wedding.’

Paul reached for a tooth pick. ‘What date did you pick for the introduction?’

‘First weekend in January. I’ve spoken to my aunt. She’ll be here with some of my cousins. We’d rather not let the other relatives know yet. They are trouble.’

‘Your aunt confirmed that.’ Tomi’s mother said. ‘By the way, she’s really a wonderful woman. The few times we spoke on the phone, we connected very well.’

Femi smiled. ‘Aunty Morenike is like that. I have also spoken with my father’s brother. He’ll be standing in as my father.’

‘You mean Pastor Idowu?’ Tomi’s father asked. ‘He called me yesterday. Wonderful man. But, have you tried reaching your father?’

Femi hesitated. ‘No one knows where he is.’

There was silence at the table.

‘So how many people are we expecting for the introduction from your end?’ Folake asked, breaking the silence.


Tomi stood there listening. Ayo returned from the kitchen and cleared the remaining plates from the table. Tomi heard voices outside and shot Femi a quick glance.

‘Let’s get out of here.’ Tomi said in a low voice but enough for her father to hear.

Paul chuckled and rose. ‘This house is ready to take on a different atmosphere. I’m out of here too.’

Tomi’s mother laughed. Ayo came out of the kitchen and pulled the curtain outside. Approaching the door were women in beautiful lace materials. Beside them were children and infants.

‘Mum, I’m going out.’

Folake shook her head. ‘No way. Who will take care of my guests?’

‘Mummy please.’ Ayo pleaded. ‘Seyi is here. We’ve dished the food into different warmers. Chicken. Rice. Plantain. Everything is set. It won’t be difficult to locate anything they need.’

‘Fine but first, you must deliver that package to Taiwo’s grandmother.’

The women at the door knocked. ‘E ka son o. Merry Christmas.’

Tomi and her sister flew up the stairs to their room. Tomi quickly powdered her face and returned to the staircase. She waited for the women to settle into the living room before descending the stairs. She greeted the visitors and stepped out of the house. She didn’t slow down her pace until she got to Femi’s car.

‘Where are we going to?’ Femi asked as he opened the car.

Tomi jumped into the car. ‘Anywhere. Anywhere away from those women.’

‘Rotimi called earlier. He’d love to have us around. He said we could bring some of our friends along. I think we should stop to pick Peju, Segun and my sister. Tayo too. That’s if they’ll be willing to go with us. ’

Tomi locked her seat belt. ‘Sweetheart, let’s get out of here before my mother changes her mind.’

As they sped out of Tomi’s street, she decided to tell him what had been eating her up since she woke up that morning.

‘Femi, I had a dream about us.’ Tomi started.

Femi glanced at her. ‘Oh that’s interesting. I hope it’s a good one.’

Tomi nodded. ‘It was our wedding day. We were standing in front of Pastor Akintola. He joined us.’

Femi looked ahead and didn’t say anything for a while. ‘We can’t have the wedding in Garden Assembly, you know that.’

Tomi sighed. ‘You’ve still not forgiven the Pastor.’

‘Not so.’ Femi took a defensive stand as he dialed a number. ‘I don’t have anything against him. I’m not just comfortable in that church.’

He placed the phone to his ear. ‘Bukky, we are heading for Rotimi’s place. Should we stop over and pick you up?’

Tomi kept her gaze on him. Her mind went over the dream again. The church had been packed full. They exchanged vows on the altar and she had been full of excitement even after she woke up.The idea of going to a Pastor’s house to receive his blessings did not sit well with her. Garden Assembly was her church. That place was her life. It was true that many things were not right there, but she couldn’t deny that her childhood had been formed in that church.

Femi called the others. He’d pick Tayo and Peju at designated bus stops while Segun would join them at Rotimi’s house.

Tomi fell into silence. Femi touched her shoulder lightly. She flashed him a quick smile.

‘What’s wrong?’

Tomi sat up. ‘I’m okay.’

‘Are you sure?’

Tomi smiled again. ‘I’m fine.’ She pointed ahead. ‘Bukola is over here.’

Femi wasn’t convinced. Did she really want the wedding to take place in Garden Assembly? After everything he had gone through?

He stopped for Bukola to hop in and continued down the street before turning into a corner that led to the Peju’s street.

‘You smell really nice.’ Tomi said to Bukola.

Bukola chuckled and played with the strands of her weavon. ‘Thank you.’

‘Hope you are good.’ Tomi asked, trying to keep the conversation flowing. There was still tension between the two ladies.

Bukola shrugged. ‘I’m fine.’

Tomi sat straight and reclined on the headrest. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she felt moody and wanted to be alone. She wanted to be far away from Femi and his sister. Would Bukola ever forgive her family?

She sighed. This was Christmas for goodness sake. She was supposed to be having a great time.

Femi touched her arm. ‘We’ll talk about the wedding later, okay?’

Tomi looked at him. ‘Your Pastor’s house is fine. Forgive my selfishness.’

Peju was standing at the bustop in front of her street. She got in and hugged Bukola. She slapped Tomi a hi5.

‘Femi, thank you for the call. I was so bored at home and I don’t want to go to my parents’ house.’

‘Why? Bukola asked.

Peju faced her. ‘All my mother’s sisters are around. The house is so full. Those people can ask question. ‘When are we coming to eat rice? You should be carrying your first child now? Is there any guy in the picture?’ Abeg this Christmas, I want peace of mind.’

Bukola chuckled. ‘I know how to deal with people like that. Just one stare and all of them will shut up.’

The ladies laughed. Tomi’s body relaxed. Bukola shared some funny experiences that had them bursting into fits of laughter. When Tayo joined them, conversations became more interesting at the back seat. It felt like the days back in youth group of Garden Assembly when they were a big family.

*****                 ******************     **************

Tomi noticed that Peju let out a deep breath when she saw Segun sitting with his legs crossed on Rotimi’s sofa. Segun stood up to greet his friends. He stopped to smile at Peju.

‘The young shall grow.’ Segun said, grinning. ‘Peju with the tiny voice. The first day she was asked to take a solo, I was on the keyboard when I just heard one tiny sonorous voice and my hands couldn’t move from where they were.’

Peju laughed. ‘Segun you are not serious.’

Segun continued. ‘In my mind I was like, who be this fine girl o. So we have someone with a voice like this in this choir.’

‘I remember the first time she led the praise team on a Sunday service.’ Bukola chipped in. ‘Her voice was shaky at first and before we would say jack, babe don enter spirit .’

Peju covered her face. ‘Now I’m shy.’

Tomi looked at her. ‘I wonder why you left the choir for sanitation. You can be weird sometimes.’

They settled into more comfortable discussions. Rotimi brought a topic about football and the men went for it.

Rotimi’s son jumped on Bukola and it was difficult to get him to stay still. Tomi was amazed at Bukola’s patience with the boy. Behind the mask, Bukola was sweet and warm.  Tomi wondered how long before she put up the mask again.

Peju’s gaze kept returning to Segun. She laughed at his statements and listened with rapt attention when he spoke. He narrated his encounter with Christ and his desire to know God more. Peju was enthralled by his knowledge of the scriptures. Tomi was worried for her.

‘I have a question.’ Tomi asked Femi after they had dropped off Bukola.


‘Is Segun interested in anyone?’

Femi cleared his throat. ‘Why do you ask?’

Tomi wondered if she should tell him about Peju. ‘I’m just asking for someone.’

Femi smiled. ‘This is about Peju right? It’s obvious she is smitten by him.’

Tomi kept quiet. She faced him.  ‘What do you think?’

‘Segun isn’t ready for a relationship. I’m not just saying this because he said that to me, but as his spiritual mentor, he is not prepared for a relationship. He needs some more time. If she is truly led by God, she’ll have to wait for sometime.’

‘Like two or three years?’

Femi turned around a curve and continued down the express. ‘When he is ready, he’ll know.’

When he pulled up in front of Tomi’s house, he faced her. ‘We still have an unfinished discussion.’

Tomi looked at him, wondering what it was. He stared long at her.

‘You want the wedding to hold in Garden Assembly?’

Tomi remembered. ‘Oh. Yes. But t I understand your reasons and I’m fine with it.’

‘Do you think the Pastor will agree? That man seem to hate me more these days.’

‘We could try. But Femi, if you don’t want it there, I’m okay with the other arrangement.’

‘Let’s see the Pastor.’

Tomi looked at him, surprised. ‘What happened? You were determined never to step your foot into that church again.’

Femi drummed the steering with his fingers. ‘I just realized that I’m connected to that church more than any other place. Right there, I have raised sons, I have experienced the power of God. I have had platforms to touch the lives of several teenagers. Why should I allow the Pastor’s reaction make me throw all that away.’

Tomi smiled. ‘You never cease to amaze me. Goodnight sweetheart.’

‘Goodnight dear.’ Femi said. Tomi climbed down and shut the door. She waited until he left before heading to the house.

Tomi had barely changed into her pyjamas when Peju called.

‘Hey girl, I just want to ask a question.’ Peju said over the phone.

‘Okay. Go on.’ .

‘Do you think Segun likes me? You saw the way he was all over me this afternoon. I’m not jumping into conclusions that he is the one. I just want to know if you noticed anything.’

Tomi sat on the edge of the bed and turned slightly towards her sister. Ayo was fast asleep.

‘Peju, Segun is not ready for a relationship now. He is not even thinking about one. I’ll advise you take your mind off him.’

Peju exhaled. ‘Pastor called me last week Sunday. Apparently, one guy in the technical team had approached him of his interest in marrying me.’

‘Who is the guy?’

‘Fisayo. You had moved to Lagos when he joined the church. One very slender brother with small body.’

Tomi thought for a while. ‘I think I know him. Dark skinned. Hairy hands.’

‘Yes. He called me this morning. We’ll be meeting somewhere in town tomorrow. Then there is this choir guy too that has been making some moves. I told him straight I was not interested. At the last human right conference I attended in Abuja, I met a guy. We’ve been close. He came to Ado to see me a couple of times. I’m not into him abeg.’

‘Ehn, see hot chick o. Na you dey reign for town.’

‘I think I’m just one confused person right now. I’m not interested in any of them. Like there is this sad way I feel when I think about them.’

‘And when you think about Segun?’

Peju sighed. ‘I feel joyful. With him, it’s different. There is this excitement I can’t explain. I feel so connected with him. I still prayed about it this morning but it’s so hard getting him off my mind.’

‘Peju, I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ve told you already that I made my findings and Segun is not even thinking about a relationship. What if you decide to wait and then he goes for someone else?’

‘What if God wants me to wait until he is ready?’

‘Peju.’ Tomi stopped, thinking of the right words to say. ‘Waiting is not the issue. I just want to be sure you are not assuming this and filling your head with thoughts about this guy.’

‘I understand. I’m just tired jare. God knows I can’t wait to get a proper job. Pray for me.This NGO people in Abuja should call me.’

‘God will perfect all that concerns you.’

‘Amen. I believe.’

Tomi’s mother knocked gently and entered the room. Tomi raised her head.

‘Peju, let me call you back.’

Tomi ended the call.. Folake smiled and sat beside her daughter.

‘How was your outing?’

‘Mum, I enjoyed every bit of it. Hope your guests enjoyed themselves?’

‘Yes, they did.’ Her mother paused. ‘Just want to say a few things before I forget. Your wedding is close and it’s going to get busier as the day draws nearer.’

Tomi shifted into a more comfortable position. ‘Okay mum. I’ve been longing for this talk.’

‘When I first married your father, we took our spiritual walk very seriously. We would pray and read the word together. Even while we courted back on campus, it was what we loved to do. We enjoyed spending time with God. But then I got pregnant and you came on board. We got so busy and gradually as the year rolled by, many unhealthy things crept in. Of course, I was still very active in church but I had lost my spiritual breath. You and Femi must do everything to keep the spiritual atmosphere intact in your home.’

Tomi closed her eyes, taking in her mother’s words. She glanced at her mother and nod her head.

‘I remember there was a time your father was going through a very serious financial crisis. It had happened shortly after we got married. I had warned him not to take the deal but he didn’t listen. He lost all the money he invested.’

Folake continued. ‘I could sense that the devil wanted to use that to pull us apart. Your father flared up at any slightest mistake I made. He talked to me anyhow.  My dear, I had to go on my knees. I prayed. I knew he was weak at that time and I was the stronger person. I prayed until things turned around. I still remember standing up to find your father leaning on the entrance to the guest room where I usually spend praying He looked at me and said, ‘What even happened to me?’

Tomi smiled. ‘I can just imagine his expression when he said it.’

Folake held her daughter’s hand. ‘One of the most challenging things you might face as you begin your new home is the ability to maintain spiritual momentum. You must do everything to keep it on fire. Your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit must stay intact. Tomi, you can’t rely on your senses or run your marriage based on how others run theirs. Again, I know in your generation, the distractions are more than I experienced in my days. There is Youtube, Facebook, instagram. There is one particular one that your sister can’t do without.’

‘Twitter.’ Tomi said.

‘Yes! Twitter. I don’t know what she sees in that thing. I have talked and talked. Now, my dear, when I began to lose momentum, it didn’t start in a day. I kept slipping further away until I became something else.’

Folake hesitated. ‘Be concerned when your prayer and devotion lacks life. Your father and I got to that point. We were just doing devotion as a mere activity. We had lost touch with life. Crave the quickening of the Spirit in your home. You saw what happened between me and your father. I was just lucky to have another chance. Not many had their marriages rebound. Deal with issues before they get out of hand. I’m glad that both of you have been trashing different issues and setting things straight from this point. I’ll still talk about other issues before your wedding.’

Tomi sighed. ‘Thank you mum.’

‘I know both of you are deeply in love right now. You can’t see each other’s flaws so clearly. When you get married, reality will set in. Understand that the bonding process comes with some frictions which can quickly be handled for anyone yielded to the Holy Spirit. Deal with hurts as quickly as possible. Never let them take roots in your heart.’

Tomi nodded. ‘Yes mum, I’ll put all these to heart.’

Folake stood up. ‘Come, let me show you the Christmas gifts your father and I got for you.’

Folake held her daughter’s hand and they walked out of the room.

**********             ******************

‘Can we talk?’ Bukola stood with her hands folded at the entrance of her room.

Femi was in the living room, watching a movie. He paused the movie and glanced at her.

‘Sure.’ He gestured for her to sit beside him.

She sat and placed her hands on her laps. ‘I want to go back to school.’

Femi opened his mouth in surprise. He hugged her. ‘Halleluyah!’

He jumped to his feet. ‘What do you want right now? Pizza, sharwama, coldstone icecream, barbeque fish. Just name it.’

Bukola smiled. ‘Femi, I don’t even know where to start from. I’ve been away from school for more than two years. I’m thinking of going to see my H.O.D.’

‘Listen, even if they say they can’t take you back , there are other options. You could start again at the Open University and get a job while you study. Just let me know if you need anything. You can do this Bukky.’ He put his hand into his pocket and brought out his wallet. He counted some crispy naira notes and gave them to her.

‘Thank you’ Bukola said. ‘I got a new sim card today. My madam has been calling my old line. I’ve not been to the hotel in two weeks.’

Femi frowned. ‘Just tell her you are not interested in sleeping with men again. You’ve got a life to make for yourself.’

‘I sent her a message but she kept calling me. The best option was to get a new phone number.’

Femi put his hand around his sister’s neck. ‘I’m here for you.’

Bukola pushed his hand away. ‘I hear you. March next year, you will marry and leave me alone in this house.’

Femi laughed and drew his sister close. ‘Maybe mum is watching us from heaven. She is saying, ‘My sweet daughter, I am so proud of you.’

Femi and Tomi sat in front of the Pastor’s office. It was a week to the wedding. Pastor Akintola stared long at the pregnancy test result in his hands.

‘Negative.’ He said quietly. He looked at the intending couple and sat back in his chair.

‘Let’s go through the routines.’ He reached for a file with the heading, ‘Intending Couples.’

In the file were some documents and cards. There were also handwritten notes. The Pastor pulled out a blue card with the heading, ‘Questions to ask couples before the wedding.’

‘You are going to answer Yes or No to these questions. Femi you’ll answer first and Tomi will give her own response.’

‘Yes sir.’ They chorused.

‘Have you had sex with each other before?’

‘No.’ they responded in turns.

‘Have you touched any sensitive part of her body?’ The Pastor asked Femi.

‘No sir.’

He asked Tomi same. She replied in the negative.

‘Have you kissed?’

‘No.’ They chorused.

The questions kept pouring in.

‘Has Tomi slept over at your place before?’

‘Have you kissed his cheeks before?’

‘Have you fed him anything? This is what I mean. Has he opened his mouth to receive any food item from your hand?’

‘Have you seen him wearing only a boxer?

‘’Has your hand touched his bare chest?’

‘Have you ever run your hand over her thighs?’

‘Have you ever sent nudes to yourselves via any electronic device?’

‘Remember I am standing as God’s priest, if you tell a lie, the judgment of God will come upon you. Tell me the truth!’

Tomi was getting irritated. They had answered No to all his questions. Did he think they were lying? Why was there a look of disappointment in his eyes. She glanced at Femi. His face was calm. He fixed his gaze on the Pastor.

When the Pastor Akintola had exhausted his questions, he told them to see the wedding protocol committee for further instructions.

‘Why was he looking so disappointed.’ Tomi asked as they walked back to the car park. Femi just smiled and held her hand.

‘I’m happy we didn’t fail any of those questions. He was obviously looking for something to nail me down with. I guess he just realized that the fact that I stopped attending Garden Assembly didn’t mean I became a vagabond.’

Tomi chuckled. She remembered the times they had been tempted to kiss and play with their bodies. One particular day, they had almost convinced themselves they won’t have sex. Just foreplay. Femi had immediately called Rotimi to tell him of the thoughts running through his head. Rotimi didn’t end the call until he was sure Femi had dropped Tomi off at home that night.

‘Have you noticed how the youth group members are mobilizing for this wedding? Everybody is busy.’ Femi said, interrupting Tomi’s thoughts.

‘I am surprised too. They went the extra mile.’

Femi shook his head. ‘To think that I didn’t want to have this wedding in the church.’ He pointed at the auditorium. ‘That place holds unforgettable memories.’

Femi’s phone beeped. It was a text message from Pastor Akintola.

I wish you a happy married life. I must confess, I am so proud of you. I’m sorry about the way I treated your mother and I want to say you are a man of a unique breed. You will go far in life. It’ll be an honour to join you and Tomi personally in holy matrimony this Saturday. Pastor Akintola.

‘Tomi, see what I just got.’ He showed Tomi the message.

‘What are you going to do?’ She said, after reading it.

‘I’ll respond.’

Tomi leaned closer, reading the words as he typed a reply to the Pastor.

Thank you so much sir. I respect God’s grace on your life. You would usually have delegated this to one of your pastors but you have chosen to be present this Saturday. I’m lost for words sir. Thank for giving us a wonderful cover in this church. Thank you for your commitment to our lives. The Lord bless you sir.


The wedding ceremony turned out to be successful. The church compound overflowed with cars. The hall was filled up. Pastor Akintola declared the couple husband and wife.

Femi gazed into his wife’s eyes. Finally, the day had finally come. He was married to Tomi. His dream had come true.

The reception ceremony flew very quickly with Tomi giving in her best dancing steps. Afterwards, Segun drove the couple to a hotel in the heart of the city. When they got to the hotel, Femi gently pulled his wife out of the car. Another car parked behind them. The chief bridesmaid, Peju and Femi’s best man, Rotimi, got down.

They walked into the exquisite lobby of the hotel and were greeted by two attendants who followed Rotimi outside to get the couple’s luggage. The attendants took the bags up the elevator.

‘Here’s where we draw the line.’ Rotimi said as they approached the elevator. Hugs went round again and the couple stepped into the elevator. They waved at their friends. The elevator closed, taking them up to the floor of their hotel room.


Tomi was nervous as they got off the elevator. What would it be like to be alone in a room with Femi? Wasn’t she supposed to be excited? This was their first night together and her heart was pounding very fast.

Femi led his wife into the hotel room. Everything was perfect for the first night. The bed was king sized with white cotton sheets. The wall was cream. The dark walnut couch and the light brown curtains gave the room an evenly spread of colors. Why was she still nervous?

Femi stood in front of Tomi and rubbed her shoulders.

‘You are nervous.’ He said, searching her eyes.

Tomi laughed. ‘I’ll get over it.’

‘No, I’ll help you get over it.’ Femi leaned down and kissed her. When he pulled away to catch his breath, Tomi fell against his chest and breath into the scent of his body. He raised her chin and saw the bags under her eyes. He knew she was tired. He wanted her badly but his desire would have to wait.

‘Let’s just take a shower and go to bed. It’s been a long day.’

‘Yes.’Tomi said and didn’t move. Couldn’t he just give her some privacy? Why was he staring at her like that?

Femi laughed. ‘Tomi, we are married.’

‘I know.’

They lay on their back, laughing.

‘I know I’m acting really weird.’ Tomi said.

Femi pulled her close and wrapped his hands around her. Gradually she relaxed. When he would look at her face again, she had slept off. He lay on his side and touched her cheeks tenderly. He loved this woman with every fiber of his being. He kept staring into her face until his own eyes became heavy. He fell asleep.



A journey that started on the 9th of September has finally come to an end. It’s interesting how this series has spanned for fifteen weeks and I didn’t even realize it until a friend brought it to my notice.

To be candid, I didn’t intend for this story to be this long. I mean you read a whooping fifty-six thousand words. Glory!

Thank you for reading this story. I see my blog stats and I’m lost for words.  The readership views for this particular series beat all of the other series I have written in the past. The blog keeps growing. Jesus is glorified.

Thank you for leaving comments. I read all of them and I’m always encouraged.

So far this year, we have successful completed three novels. You won’t believe that!

Lekki Sisi. You are beautiful. Before we got married. All of these blog series will be compiled and published as e-novels in 2020. Please do not make any collation of any of the series. I promise not to delay in having these books released.

We are already working on the next blog series, which will be our first in 2020. Anticipate.

Thank you again. I hope beyond the plot, the Holy Spirit birthed something deep through these stories.

On that note, the blog will be closing for the year. Let’s do 2020 together. I love you all. Compliments of the Season.


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