I don’t think it’s too early to set the pace for 2020. In fact I believe this is the best time to start activating our thought process for the new year rather than wait for the adrenaline that comes with the arrival of the first day in the year where we all scream and jump for joy and make resolutions and after a few weeks the excitement dies down. We can set 2020 in motion even now.

As believers, how do we get the ball rolling for the coming year? What are the things we must look out for as we trust God for a fruitful and bountiful harvest in 2020?

1. The Word of God must come personally to us.

Several times I’ve heard preachers say there are times God would ask you to take a step into an assignment without giving you details of what you are going to encounter on your journey. While that is true, I have discovered that in most cases, God does not actually leave us to walk blindly concerning the things He wants us to do per time. He gives us his word.

Take Abraham for an example. When God told him to leave the land of Haran, the only thing he had as at the time he left was God’s word to him. God said:

And I will make thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great, and thou shall be a blessing. Genesis 12:3.

One of the things we must desire strongly as the year comes to an end is God’s word for the year 2020 as regards our personal accomplishments, our families, career, ministry. I’m not just speaking generally about the promises read out to us during church services or the ones we stumble across in our devotions. Those are great too and it’s beautiful to align with declarations of God’s word. However as individuals, God’s word must become personal to us.

One of the ways we will know when that happens is that it’ll bring light to our eyes. As you spend more and more time with God, there will be birthed a realization in our hearts, such that we are able to boldly say, ‘God said this to me.’ Take a look at the record of Abraham’s life of faith.

Even when there was no reason to hope, Abraham kept hoping-believing that he would become the father of many nations. For GOD HAD SAID TO HIM, ‘That’s how many descendants you have. Romans 4:18NLT.

What is God already saying specifically to you for 2020?

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These words may come through the prophetic utterance of a minister of God, it could come during your devotion or while you are praying in the spirit. What’s important is that you take note of those words and nurse them in your heart.

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Here’s what I’m saying. The first thing we must do as we prepare for the new year is to open our hearts to receive specific words from our Father. He has specifically said to us, ‘I am your Father and you are my sons and daughters.’ Imagine sitting in the living room alone with your father while he shares deep things concerning the next phase of your life. How beautiful!

2. Pictoral representation is one of the major ways God leaves deep impression in our hearts.

Over time in scriptures, we have seen the use of relatable images in the description of certain major futuristic events.

Jesus,  in speaking about the cross helped us visualize his sacrifice by reminding us of Moses’ act of lifting up the serpent in the wilderness. In speaking of his death and resurrection, Christ drew our attention to the corn of wheat who only through death could bring forth much fruit. Even with Abraham, we hear God declaring these words;

Lift up thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward and eastward and westward; and all the land that thou seest; to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever. Genesis 13:14.

As you give time to prayers, look out for the images God will be bringing to your heart as you commit your family, ministry, career before the Lord. In another vein, for the things you are trusting God for, get pictures and make powerful declarations from God’s word over those desires.

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3. Develop the resilience to stay persuaded until you see the manifestations of the things God has said to you.

That you got a word from God does not automatically mean it will come to pass in your life at the time it should. There are processes you should engage in to see those things come to realization.

In Isaiah 21, God gave an instruction to Isaiah to put a watchman on the city wall. This watchman was expected to shout out what ever he sees. At this time, God had given him a mental picture of what was coming. He was going to see chariots drawn by horsemen. He was also instructed to be fully alert about it.

Guess what happened? For several days and nights, nothing happened. Read the words of the watchman.

Then the watchman called out, Day after day, I have stood on the watchtower, my Lord. Night after night I have remained at my post. Isaiah 21:6. NLT

There was no physical manifestation yet he maintained his ground and held on to what he had received in the spirit. He remained at his post. He stayed right there watching out for the fulfilment of God’s word.

Are we going to be like the watchman in 2020?  Are we ready to hold on to God’s word to us until we see it come to manifestation?

When situations go contrary to what we received, would we be strong in faith or give up and go our own way? Will God find us fully alert, watching for the things he has said concerning our lives as far as 2020 is concerned?

We have the faith of God alive in us. Let us activate it as we step into the new year. We must like Abraham, never stagger at the promises of God but wait patiently and confident to receive what belongs to us.

He that spared not his own Son but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32.  

God watches his word to fulfil it. See the end part of the story of the watchman.

Now, at last-look! Here comes a man in a chariot with a pair of horses. Isaiah 21:9 NLT

Whatever promises God is placing in our hands concerning the coming year, we can trust that He will bring them to pass.

What do we do while we wait for the fulfilment of our heart desires and the things God has said to us?

We declare words of faith, we pray in the spirit much more, we meditate on the scriptural verses and walk in obedience at the instructions the Holy Spirit will bring to our hearts.

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  • By faith I understand 2020 will be an amazing year, not necessarily because it reflects identical numbers but because it is the year God has made and we are privileged to be partakers of it.

    From my end, prepping for 2020 has begun. My blog is closed until 11th January, 2020. But blog posts are journalled in my journal ready to be fleshed once the holiday begins.

    If we must maximize the new year, planning must be harnessed to avoid giving unnecessary excuses.

    Thanks for this piece.

    It was timely.

  • Hello Ifegrace! This is my first time here and thanks for sharing this! I like how you emphasized having your own personal revelation from God. Like a father to his children, we must be eager to receive deep insights for living and everything else from Him. Really important.

    I’m also a Christian writer and it’s always very interesting to see other christian writers to rub minds with. But ultimately, writers who make hearts throb for the Kingdom!
    More grace sis.

    I blog and write at https://buildtobloom.com/

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