I have grown. Oh yes I have. Ife Grace is not where she used to be spiritually. I have seen transformation in great measures. I have experienced God in different dimensions. I have known him as a Father.

I have made mistakes. I have cried. I have wondered if serving God was worth it. I have learnt to hear God clearly. I have learnt to walk in faith and most importantly, I have learnt patience. Yes, Patience was the toughest lesson in all. I was taught to rest, to wait for God, to stay put until I receive further instructions. Even in my ministerial journey as a faith blogger and Christian writer, I have encountered the dealings of God. Hard yes, but profitable.

Today I want to share five lessons in my short journey as a christian. I’ve learnt much more but for now, I’ll stick with these five.

1.Death to self-life.

One of the things I’ll never forget are the dealings of God at every phase of my spiritual walk. There were certain behavioral patterns that had to go. God had to bring me to a point where He was all I had. He began to show me many things that I thought weren’t wrong but were birthed out of the flesh.

I saw how the things I held on to so dearly crash before my eyes. This was so my heart could be completely turned towards Him.

Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit. John 12:24

I have learnt that death to the self-life is the way I can bring forth much fruit. That pride, self-importance, unbelief in God’s promises had to be churned out.

I have learnt to rest when all I want to do is just jump out and do whatever comes to my head. God allowed certain experiences come my way so I could build the kind of life he wanted.

It became clear to me that the fact that I carried out a task in the name of the Lord did not make it less fleshy. The self life thrives even in spiritual activities. But God who examines the heart knows what to do to get self out of the way.

I learnt to stay under the hand of God and allow him sit over my life. It was not exactly palatable especially for someone like me who had a mind of her own. It came with tears and pain. But those things had to go for more fruit to come.

2. My secret place is my habitation.

I remember being invited to minister at a teens program some time ago. I was so confident of myself because at that time, I had seen God work powerfully in the life of the teenagers he brought my way. It was also at that time that people were reaching out to me to tell me how much my writings had blessed them. It was with that confidence that I went for that meeting. I didn’t ask God what he wanted me to say. I didn’t spend time in his presence to activate the strength I needed. I just felt, ife grace can do this.

I flopped badly. You could see it on the faces of the teenagers that they couldn’t wait for me to get off the stage.

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I learnt that nothing must take the place of my personal communion with God. My secret place is not just a place to receive word for others but a place to for spiritual renewal.

3. The standard is higher for us.

I am a minister of the gospel of Christ. I teach God’s Word via written words and that means I can’t just behave anyhow. I must practice contentment, comportment and good conduct. I must put my desires under control.

I have been to a meeting as an invited guest along with my team where the host served us so much food that we ate until our stomach couldn’t hold anymore. By the time we got on stage, we were just doing anyhow. It was obvious, we had failed to put a knife to our throat.

I learnt that even though there are expectations for every believer, but for the one called into ministry, there is a much higher standard. I shouldn’t be the one sitting down almost all day, watching movies or scrolling down social media. Some believers might get away with that but the man called to proclaim God’s truth cannot afford to do that. Digging into the Word and spending quality time is our lifestyle.

4. Comparison is a No-no.

I learnt that our assignments differ. It is foolish to compare the tasks God has placed in my hand with the workings of God in someone else. I have tried to do that and I have failed.

I learnt to stay with the assignment God has placed in my hands and I run with it. Most importantly, I have learnt and I’m still learning to only walk in accordance with God’s instruction as regards carrying out the assignment. So I don’t just jump out because I receive an idea in the area of my purpose. I bring it before God and seek direction on what next to do.  I learnt to follow only as He leads.

5.I do not run alone.

I have friends God has brought my way who sharpen me spiritually. I just need to have a couple of conversations with them and my heart is set on fire again. I can’t remember the number of times, God used these people to get me back on track. Sometimes, I don’t even give them details of my vulnerability. God simply tells them what to tell me. These friends are a part of my spiritual journey. They are significant in what I am becoming.

I am still in the growth process and I’ll continue to be until Christ comes. I know I won’t be at this level spiritually in five years to come. By God’s grace, I’ll keep growing with other believers into the full stature of the Son of God.

What lessons have you learnt on your journey as a believer? Would you mind sharing them with me?

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About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • God bless you so much ma’am. I could actually relate with a lot of things you said as I also have grown to learn them. I have also learnt that God’s ways are higher than my ways. His thought are not just my thoughts. I cant think like God. I can not use human understanding to comprehend God. God can do anything just so He has your full attention. God have actually led me on a particular path before with every of the signs and confirmation intact like I was really sure God spoke to me about it. I had never been so sure about any other thing before but while waiting for its manifestation, a lot of things began to go wrong. I prayed and prayed like no man’s business only for me to later discover that God allowed it so He could get me closer to Him. I was awed! “The fear of God catch me”

    • To be a man of the presence of God, I must abide in the presence of God continually.

      Nothing is more important than my secret place!

      Whenever I need sharpening, or losing focus, I call some of my friends, whom the Lord leads me to, in order to regain my strength and edge. I’m glad to know you as one of such friends, though few in number.

    • Exactly sis, the ways of God are far beyond human knowledge. Ours is just to trust and follow as He leads. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful post
    God wants all our actions to stem from a Godly and spirit directed intention. Never to please the flesh but to please God. I’m blessed

  • To be a man of the presence of God, I must abide in the presence of God continually.

    Nothing is more important than my secret place!

    Whenever I need sharpening, or losing focus, I call some of my friends, whom the Lord leads me to, in order to regain my strength and edge. I’m glad to know you as one of such friends, though few in number.

    • Awww..Thanks Emma. Iron indeed sharpens iron…A believer will grow faster when surrounded with godly friends.

  • THANKS IFE..GRACE…i have learnt all your 5points too..@ boluwatife bamidele i have also learnt just like you that GOD’S ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts..I have also learnt that GOD IS FAITHFUL, this faithfulness of GOD is not to us as individuals but to “HIS WORD”.

  • Thank you ma’am for sharing. In my spiritual life I have learnt that my growth in the Lord is being located in my secret place. I have being renewed each time I step in there. I never leave my altar unattended, I don’t allow the fire on the altar to go down else I’ll struggle to reconnect.
    Second, God has placed certain people in my life that I run to each time I feel weak spiritually. Most times they call me when the Holy Spirit prompts them to.

    • These are really great nuggets. I can’t even begin to tell you the peace and renewal that I experience in the secret place. Thank you for sharing Zoe.

  • Thanks sis. I’m always blessed by your writings
    One thing I have been learning recently is staying it seems like an easy instructions but until it comes to you, you may never realize how tough staying can be. But the beautiful thing is that there’s always grace to obey the instructions that he brings to us.

    • Ufuoma, I can relate to this. It’s easy to just stand and talk about an instruction that concerns someone else but when it comes to you, it is then reality sets in. Like you said, there is always grace to obey whatever instruction God gives to us.

  • Great lessons IfeG and I can very much relate.
    God is God and will never change for anyone. His standards for perfection in Christ remains the same. And even though it may seem impossible sometimes,, there’s always a reassuring from His word.
    Nothing beats the place of God in a believer’s life. It is only in God and with God that one can truly be happy and satisfied. The realization of the vanity of this life hits home every passing day and lately,, I have realised that beyond grace and faith in God,, the fear of God is like a light that shines.
    Cheers to godly lessons!


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