We have grand plans, don’t we?

In my third year in the university, I had this journal where I wrote down plans and goals for my future – the company I wanted to build, the age I would get married, how much much money I wanted to make, the name I wanted to go by… But then as I encountered God and became deliberate about my walk with Him, a lot changed.

In the years that followed my graduation from school, I saw a lot happen. In my prayers, God had showed me a glimpse of where He was taking me to but instead of bursting forth into those things, I saw myself hit the floor, confused and wondering if the things God had said would come to reality.

I saw relationships scatter, I came face to face with ‘wilderness’ seasons. I experienced long stretches of instructions that required me to just sit in fellowship with the Father.

Times when I’d ask God specifically about something I greatly desired and He’d act like He didn’t hear and say something completely different from what I wanted to hear. It felt like my life was a joke at some point. In the past, I’ve had to battle negative thoughts where the devil reminded me of past mistakes and then you hear words like, ‘You are not good enough.’

I have indeed come a long way. My mindset has shifted and the strength to bounce back gets deeper. Just yesterday, my flatmate still looked at me with wonder, ‘How do you stay calm like this?’ There are dealings God will take you through that when discouraging thoughts come, within a few minutes, you reset your mind and get back on track.

Today, I’ll be sharing six things you should remember when you are discouraged. A constant remembrance of these tips will help you soar above difficult moments and challenges.

1. God loves you.

If you don’t get this, nothing else will make sense. The understanding of the love of God is the drug you need for your sanity in this evil world. It is possible that discouragement has weighed you down so much because you’ve not taken your tablet for a while.

Let me ask you this, When last did you take your dose?

When last did you meditate on scriptures that speaks about God’s love to you?

Have you ever prayed Ephesians 3: 17-19 until the words become honey on your lips?

When the Holy Spirit reveals the fatherhood of God to you, trust me, it will make your heart warm. It will keep you in perfect peace. You will experience so much joy when life isn’t making sense. The storm will suddenly seem non-existent to you.

For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, ‘You are God’s beloved child.’ Romans 8;16 TPT

This understanding is critical. It is not a one-off deal. You keep digging deep into the understanding of God’s love and your trust in God gets strengthened. It will suck out those fears and give you the courage to stand on the Word.

Every time I sense discouragement gliding my way, I know where to run to quickly. You’ll either find me listening to a sermon on God’s love, meditating on scriptures, listening to songs that speaks of God’s love. My people, the revelation of this love is sweet. I can’t explain it. You’ll never be able to stay down for long when the Holy Spirit keeps birthing this understanding into your heart. The joy of fatherhood cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.

Spend time searching God’s Word that relates to His love via the redemption. Sit with the Scriptures. Mutter them until they fill your heart. You see, divine encouragement has an understanding of God’s love at its foundation. It is an ever flowing stream that refreshes you.

Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love. 1 John 4:17

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2. The devil loves to steal your joy.

A recognition of this should make you dance for joy over that situation just so the devil does not have the last laugh. He hates to see you fellowship with the Father. He detests when your heart bubbles with joy without any fear in the world.

Even though the devil’s full time job is to steal your joy, remind him of the realm you came from. In that realm, joy is a reality. We don’t do sadness. Here’s where you’ll learn how to rejoice when you don’t feel like it. When you sing and worship and dance even though you are yet to see the answers you desire. This is a training every believer must cultivate.

Joy is from our reborn spirit. We laugh at him when he attacks with fear. We are bold to speak God’s Word irrespective of how we feel. There are days you may not even be able to utter a word because the pain or hurt is so deep, ensure you engage external help. Get your spiritual leader and firebrand friends to pray for you, ensure spirit-filled songs are playing in your environment, listen to sound teachings of God’s Word. Keep your atmosphere too tight for the devil to oppress your mind.

3. You can control your thoughts.

What thoughts are you interacting with? That passivity is costing you a lot. You can’t sit and allow all sorts of garbage flood your mind and you keep your mouth shut. What good will it bring to you when you sulk and complain while the devil messes with your mind.

Your mouth is your greatest weapon! Open it and speak God’s word.

Never try to question the thoughts in your head or attack it with thoughts. You stop the thoughts of the devil by speaking faith-filled words.

Guilt and condemnation, are perfect weapons the devil will use against you. He is subtle and will hide in disguise so that you think the thoughts running through your head are entirely yours.

He’ll brings flashes of your past mistakes and quickly connects them to the situation you are currently facing. Then, he tells you it’s your fault and convince you that God has turned his back on you. He wants you to forget God’s promise that says He will never leave nor forsake you. He’ll do everything possible to keep your gaze away from communing with the Lord.

He is a liar and the father of all lies. I’m sorry if I’m speaking so much about the devil in this post but the truth is that, he is the author of discouragement and his plan is that you never come out of it. But you can. You have a responsibility to guard what comes into your mind. Take captive of those thoughts.

One of the ways you can re-wire your thought process is by godly associations. There are times you know what to do to get out of that discouraging situation. You know what to say but your mind has been covered by so much negativity. One conversation with that firebrand friend would snap you back to reality. Once you pick the signal from your friend, get back into the Word and build your convictions again in prayers.

4. Your words are powerful.

Your words carry weight in the spirit realm. Declare and confess God’s Word daily. Let this be your lifestyle. I can’t count the number of times when by praying in tongues, I have snapped out of the feeling of sadness. The release of words, particularly utterances is our lifestyle. Put Scriptures in your mouth and declare them. Faith is not passive. It needs your mouth…yeah.

Another powerful way to use words powerfully is by meditation. Mutter God’s word. Just do this long enough and you’ll be amazed at the release of light those words will impress upon your heart.

5. You are not alone.

The Holy Spirit is right there with you. He never leaves. He is there, hoping you’ll listen to Him and allow His thoughts dominate your heart. He wants to remind you that God is for you. That God has a plan. He wants to guide you and teach you how to shine your light in the midst of darkness. He is your comforter. He gives fresh strength. He’ll give you a word, a song that will pull you out of that feeling. He’ll reassure you of the Father’s love.

When last did you truly recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life?

6. There is light.

Some times, we get discouraged because we are out of alignment or we do not understand the processes God is taking us through. We get discouraged by comparing ourselves with the journeys of our friends or by our willful disobedience to instructions. Discouragement can come when we refuse to step out courageously into new terrains God is pointing our hearts to, but fear holds us back and so we keep struggling.

If we sincerely seek the Lord for light, we will receive direction. Obedience to the processes of God will not be palatable to your flesh but you will enjoy the help of the Holy Spirit when you yield.

Remember this Scripture, ‘The Lord is our light and salvation, whom shall I fear….’ Sometimes, light is all you need to step out of that feeling of sadness.

Let me end by saying this;

I know prophecies have been spoken over your life. I know you are listening for the Spirit and carrying out His promptings. I know your journals are full and you already thought that by this time, you should have ticked some of the items on your bucket list. I understand that you are a faithful steward in your local church, passionate about the things of God even though you wonder why your life seem like it is on a standstill.

Harvest day is coming. God’s Word will be fulfilled in your life.

Don’t give up yet!

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