It’s the International Women’s Day.

Can we just take a moment to celebrate every woman on planet earth.

*holds up glass cup, half filled with wine*

May our dreams and aspirations find fulfillment. May our impact be felt in our communities and in the world at large.


For today’s post, my concentration is on the woman who has accepted Christ into her life and whose pursuit is to fly like an eagle, ruling and changing her society one day at a time.

The day a woman who has surrendered her life to Jesus realises that her life is no longer her own and that she cannot do whatever she likes with her life, then she is ready to walk into God’s purpose for her life. 

Can we go right into the 7 habits of women who pursue their purpose?

1. She depend largely on every instruction received from God.

A woman in pursuit of her divine purpose waits for every instruction that pertains to the direction in which God wants that assignment to go .

She has learnt to listen to God, to know when to move and when to wait. She is not moved by the desire to be famous or the crave to make mad money,  instead, she waits to be sure of what God wants from her.

There are times when even though God reveals something great about your future, he is not expecting you to make a move yet in that direction because the time isn’t right.

There are women who have jumped right at what they have heard and have made a shipwreck of  their vision and calling. Talk about throwing hot yam into your mouth. Did you enjoy it?

Even when you can see the bright future God is leading us to, many times he would  request that you stay and learn certain things first in preparation for what’s ahead.

Some times, God may require you to stay under a person and learn, sometimes in a tough way, when all you want to do is do your own thing.

This kind of woman understands God’s timing and she does not jump without first getting clearance from God.

This woman has learnt the art of patience. She has practiced listening to the Holy Spirit and following his leading. She has learnt not to allow what others are doing determine her life pursuit.

2. Diligence is her watchword

One very important habit of women focused on their assignment is that they do not give place to sloppy work. Whether as entrepreneurs, women in ministry, doctors, advocates, public speakers, writers, whatever field God has placed them, they do everything in their ability to see that an excellent work is done.

She is not the one you will find rolling on the bed and chatting endlessly. No way will you find her spending hours staring at a screen watching Telemundo. If she ever does that, it is as a way of relaxing after a hard day’s work.

She understands the place of rest but not a lazy lifestyle.  As much as she is not competing with the world, she will not allow her work to be mocked at on the basis of an ‘i-dont-care’ attitude or indifference to work.

If her calling is in the medical field, she will do all that is required to research and learn new things in the profession. If she is an entrepreneur, she works in such a way that her clients sees that she has given her best to her work. She is one to make promises and deliver a bad job.

She understands that if she receives an applause for her work, It is God who has received the commendation.

3. She is not intimidated by what others are doing.

A woman whose heart is in pursuit of God’s assignment does not get into tasks because someone else is doing it.

She has learnt not to be intimidated by the myriad of exploits by her peers. It challenges her though but it doesn’t cause her to grumble or complain  when God isn’t giving her a positive response to get into those activities.

She does not covet other people’s graces. Someone may be making serious waves in a particular field while she is in one remote village helping women find meaning to their lives but she is satisfied where she is.

She may be a stay-at -home mom taking care of her little kids and watching over their progress but she doesn’t feel like she is wasting her time. She knows she is building a nation.

It is possible that God has committed to her the lives of teenage girls in her small town but she has learnt not to get depressed because a friend is showing off her material possession or travels from one country to another.

4. She is a risk taker and giving up is not an option.

I had to put these two points in one headinv because they are related. You can have all the understanding of your purpose and write 20 pages of what God is placing in your heart, but if you do not step out of your comfort zone, they’ll merely be daydreams.

When God begins to open your eyes to opportunities that will further his purpose, if you stay back, afraid of what you will meet, you will never fulfill what God has designed for you.

Purposeful women are risk takers. They step out in faith into what God is placing in their hearts.

They do not wait until the waters move back before getting in. You won’t find them saying, ‘Oh my! there is a lion in the street,’ as an excuse to remain in the safe zone.

She is not afraid of failing. Instead she uses it to grow and move to the next level. She understands that mistakes are part of the growth process. The phrase ‘give up’ has been struck out of her dictionary.

When she misses her steps and slips, she rises quickly, reflects and considers the situation and moves on. Her pasts will not keep her in the comfort zone.

When she feels discouraged probably because things didn’t go well or the risk she took was a bad one, she wipes her tears, seek God for help, picks her pen again, map out strategies, makes corrections and press on.

She understands that gold is not formed unless it passes through the fire. She has learnt the art of endurance.

5. She seeks Knowledge

 No one gets far by being complacent.

True, there are women who are satisfied with the level they are. They don’t want care about updating their knowledge on new developments.

Some are so rigid that the Holy Spirit can’t move them at all and yet they complain about slow growth or no growth at all.

However, many have come to realise that by knowledge their chambers will be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

She is observant, willing to learn, making researches and learning new things. She gets access to different ways of garnering information.. She searches for videos, podcasts, courses to develop herself.

Seeking the knowledge of Jesus is the greatest desire any godly woman can have. Whether she is in business, medical field, tech, academics or even in ministry, nothing matters more to her than to know Jesus and get intimate with him.

6. She is balanced.

One area does not suffer for the other. She will not deprive her spouse affection and love while chasing a public speaking career or building her business. Even when her husband is in a field different from hers, she is as much interested in what he does as she is in hers. She gives him her support, prayers and encourages him.

Sometimes I must confess, a woman who has found her purpose can be so caught up in it that she forgets everything else. This is where a deliberate effort to create a balance comes in. A time when you know you have to shut down that laptop and focus on your spouse and kids. It will demand that you adjusts your time to fit in all of the responsibilities before you.

The godly wife is aware that her family comes before her purpose. In fact, her family is part of her purpose and she understands that a wise woman builds her home but leaving the home unattended to, is synonymous with destroying that home.

7. She understands the place of sacrifice.

A woman who pursues her purpose understands the connection between sacrifice and making eternal investments.

She understands the importance of delayed gratification.

She knows that a time will come when those sacrifices will pay off. She understands seasons. It is clear to her that there is a time for planting and that the harvest will surely come.

Happy Women’s day.


About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Nice one sis. Am using it for one of the Women program I av been invited to…Theme is.. women of divine purpose, however am adding FAITH to mine. More grace & unction to function. God bless.

  • Beautiful and written from a heart with a divine purpose. Am blessed with this piece. Stumbled on it while searching for materials in preparing a message. God bless you sis


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