Last year, I attended a meeting for bloggers somewhere in Ibadan. It would be my first experience ever to meet other bloggers and I was excited and curious at the same time.

When I got to the venue in a very swanky restaurant, I saw that some of the bloggers had already arrived. I joined them and within few minutes, I connected with some of them. That was where I met beautiful people like thatgiftedgirl, tife and meenah belle.

It was from that meeting that I really began to see blogging in a new light. It was at the meeting also that for the first time while we all introduced ourselves and the kind of blog we ran, I declared myself a christian blogger  and didn’t feel religious.

If you run a faith based blog, you’ll understand how in a very professional environment, it seems weird to declare yourself a christian blogger. I’ve learnt to say that with so much enthusiasm now.

Do you have passion for blogging that’s directed at spreading the gospel of Jesus? Then take note  of these seven things.


1. Jesus is the central focus.

Not money, not numbers, not fame. Every time, I keep reminding myself of the reason I blog. When I see that I am slipping away from this purpose I call myself to order.

Now there are other bloggers who are Christians but whose focus is geared towards something not related to the gospel.

True, once in a while they put up posts that speak on their faith, but their major aim is to impact in other ways. If that’s the platform God has called you into, that’s fine.

But a christian blogger has Jesus as the central theme. 99% of the posts blogged about drive to one goal, to see Jesus preached. You must be sure where you belong.

It’s okay at first to be confused about which blogging niche to look into but a time will come when you will have to make a decision and wall yourself around a target audience.

If sharing your faith or sharing scriptures is a big issue for you then I don’t think you have a business calling your blog faith based.

If it is faith based. We should see it when we read your content.

In another vein, As you keep Jesus at the center of your blog, He should also be at the center of your heart. Nemo dat quod non habet (You cannot give what you don’t have). Personal transformation comes first.

2. Don’t live by the stats.

By now, I’m sure you are aware of Google Analytics. If you are a blogger and you don’t know about this very important tool, please go check it out.

However, if you are familiar with this tool, you’ll know that if you are not careful, it can become an idol and create unnecessary anxiety. Before you know it, blogging will be about chasing numbers.

Even if you have begun to see a spike in your page views and active users, surrender all of that to the one whom you work for. .

 3. Pray about your blog.

For two years that I blogged, I can’t remember ever saying a word to God about blogging. I just wrote and published and moved to the next post.

But I have learnt the wonders of prayer. It shows how serious blogging is to you. Before publishing a post, you can just whisper a prayer to God asking him to allow the post reach souls. You can ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding on how to blog right.

Ask him to take your blog to the ends of the earth. Oh yes,  from our bedroom, we can reach the four corners of the earth.

4. Your blog is your ministry. It deserves serious investment.

Your blog is the instrument God has given you to reach out to souls. Learn all it takes to run a blog.
In this blogsphere, professionalism is required even though you are a christian blogger. You can’t just scribble down a post and publish it and then not do anything about it.
There is nothing wrong with learning what It takes to run a professional blog.

Talk to other bloggers. They don’t have to be in your niche and you can learn one or two things from them.

Do your research. When cash comes into your pocket, as much as you want to buy new clothes and shoes, let your blog take priority.
If you have not gotten a domain name, let that be your next goal. Learn about building email list, branding, SEO. Esther Adeniyi’s blog has an amazing wealth of knowledge in this regards.
If this is the ministry committed to your hands, then give it all it takes to see it grow.

See your blog not just as a hobby. It is the means through which Jesus wants to reach out to the world.

Learn a little about graphics. If you are a christian lifestyle blogger, visuals are very important. I use Canva and that’s the best I’ve seen so far. There are also free sites where you can get free pictures that do not require attributions. Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels are three sites I regularly visit.

Be ready to spend for your blog. See it as spending for the kingdom. If I calculate how much I spend on data yearly, it is enough to pay my house rent. But I need these for research and graphics. But it is worth every dime.

Like every other blog, your blog requires serious work and discipline.

5. You can’t run a faith based blog and not be submitted to him.

We were created to be with him first before  other thing. We must not forget that.

I remember stumbling on one of the prominent christian bloggers some time ago. She had just written her last post where she stated that she was no longer blogging because God was directing her to submit to a ministry and help them there. So her blog would be officially closed.

This is a woman who has blogged for many years, long before the blogging world became an easy place to fit in.

I can imagine the sacrifice especially when she had to start from the scratch and learn the nitty gritty of blogging. I can imagine the number of subscribers she has gotten and here was God asking her to put all of that away and do something else.

Fear gripped me when I thought of all that. I know how much my blog means to me, much like a child means to her mother. And God saying, now, stop and do something else. It’s scary yet God can make demands of all.

The only way we will be able to give it all up is when God takes the first place in our lives.
Our devotion and commitment goes to him first. Follow the leading of the Lord as you trust to see your blog grow.

6. Content is king.

God will not bless your poorly written work. He does not have any business with lazy people and sluggards.

Edit your article again and again and be sure you have your words in the right place. Read contents from people in your niche and see what they are writing. I’m not talking about imitating their style but learning from them.

Let your content drive people to your blog. Let your content bring hope to lives. Be deliberate about what you write.

Again, be real. Blogging is most times informal. You should be able to connect with your readers deeply. Don’t kill yourself over the use of big big grammar. Be simple yet clear.

7. Take it a step at a time. You can’t do all at once.

Blogging can be overwhelming sometimes. When I got into serious blogging, I discovered there was so much to learn.

I had to learn about emailing and had to spend time knowing how to work on mailchimp. Then as I researched, I began to know about Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Meta description, Keywords, Pinterest, and I began to pour in all of these information into my head at once that I got so drained out. I had to relax and take these things one at a time.

I’m learning how to use some of these blogging tools little by little and I’m enjoying the journey. Take it easy and gradually learn to do all that is necessary to see your blog thrive.

Are you a christian blogger? What other advice would you give christian bloggers? How has your blog fared so far?
If you find this article helpful, I’d really appreciate if you would share it with other bloggers.

About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Just last week, I felt a nudge in heart about this whole blogging in this wise- I was substituting my devotion time with writing new articles. Simply put, writing was becoming an idol. I would fill up my notes and praa…it’s all over the place. I’m learning to let the Giver of inspiration take His place again before passion turns into idolatry.

    About giving up on blogging or writing as a whole because God said so is quite frightening. But we have to submit to the Master’s plan.

    The brandchip, Meta Description etc..sound strange. It’s obvious that there is more to learn. About the domain name, I’m working towards it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Faith, I can so relate to writing taking the first place. I would wake up and hurriedly do my devotion so I can write. There is nothing worth taking God’s place in our lives. Again the blogsphere is a large field on its own…but gradually, you’ll get to know some of these technicalities.

  • Hii Ife. I don’t want to bother with SEO. It continually looks like Greek to me and it wears me out. Maybe someday.

    Most importantly: It’s almost like Paul saying “I die daily”. I, if not daily, try to often say, “the blog is yours Lord”. It’s hard when I think I may have to stop blogging if he demands it. But it’s reassuring to know my life matters to him.


    • Lol…I can imagine right? SEO can be crazy and at a point too, I had to just give that up and focus on my content… But now I am gradually trying to understand it, many thanks to the Yoast plugin.

      ‘The Blog is yours Lord’…Debby, that’s deep. A consciousness of this will keep us in the right track. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you very much Ife. You’ve really been of great help, both with your inspiring posts and Godly counsel. I’ve been trying to navigate through lots of things in the world of blogging. It could be overwhelming lots of times but God has been faithfully helping. Also, the great support of people like you have been a blessing. More grace… We’ll do our very best for our Master.

    • Oh yes…it can be overwhelming but gradually the processes involved will become a part of us. I’m really glad I’ve been able to help.

      Can you please send me a mail? I can’t seem to access the last chat we had. I know I’m still owing you a response to your question.

  • wow!! God bless you Ife for this piece. I have had this nudge to have a blog that will spread the gospel of Christ. But, i have been afraid of ” i don’t know what to write”, “will people even read what i post”? many negative thoughts, late last year took a step and went to an account i opened a long time. it is still new but i know it will get better.
    Sometimes i have lots of things to write in my head and when i try to pen them down, i am lost for words to type.
    This post has energized me to press on, thank you.
    i am grateful to God for the privilege to read from you.

  • Thanks so much, ma, for this beautiful piece.
    I hope to start up my blog soonest. It was helpful!

  • Hello Ifegrace!
    I like how you write. Like you said, no need for big grammar. Loool. Who are we trying to impress really? And I’ve learned overtime that people love it when you can be real with them. People relate more with those that are down to earth.

    About the lady that quitted the blog, I’ve had a mini dose of that in the past so I know how that feels in a way. I started blogging sometime around 2012, had lots of followers as I used to post blog series on the blog then. Until God called me to wait on Him in 2017 until the blog closed down coupled with the stats and following I’d built over time. It felt challenging then because my blog was a huge thing to me but I’m so glad I obeyed God! It was so worth it. He healed and helped my heart in a way I didn’t know I needed. He asked me to resume after 2years plus had passed and I had to start all over again with a different purpose and strategy. Though I lost lots of articles and my previous following, nothing can be compared to the spiritual growth I came into by obeying God. I am forever grateful.

    As Christian bloggers, One thing must remain clear. Christ is the Goal. If he says write, we write. And if he says wrap it up, we must be willing to. This is how we know where our hearts are.


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