This is how I define a gospel movie. The story should center on Christ and his finished works. If the story plot does not meet that standard, it should not be regarded as a Christian movie. It’s not enough that the title of a movie looks ‘christianly,’ as long as the death, burial and resurrection of Christ is not at the crux of the story, it has no business being in the Christian genre.

Last month, at my place of work, a colleague invited me to a movie night in her church. When I asked what the title of the movie was, she responded by saying, A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry.’ For several seconds, I stared at her in disbelief.

Even though it was too early in the day for a chit-chat, I took my time to narrate the story and gave her reasons why that movie should not be shown in a church gathering. True, I know Galatians five verse four used a similar phrase, ‘ye are fallen from grace’ to describe those justified by the law, the movie had absolutely nothing to do with that scripture. I had to ask if the leadership of her church had seen the movie or if they had just judged the content of the movie by the title.

What’s this movie about?

A Fall from Grace is a story about a woman who was charged for the murder of her husband. She was willing to plead guilty to the crime until a young lawyer came on board and suspected foul play in the conviction which led her to uncover some dark secrets apparently orchestrated by the woman’s best friend.

There is nothing really different about this movie from the usual thrillers we have scattered around. It is just an interesting secular movie that has nothing to do with Christ and the work on the cross. It doesn’t even come close. I know the title could attract the attention of anyone eager to see a faith-based movie. I had also thought it was something like what the Kendrick brothers or David White produced until I watched it and saw it had nothing to do with Christ.

Should A fall from Grace be shown in a church meeting? I do not think it proper. How can such a movie propagate the message of the gospel? How does it edify believers? I don’t have an issue if you watch it in your bedroom or go to the cinema to see it, but to gather believers and invite unbelievers to see a movie like that is just out of place.

One, from start to finish, there was nothing to show that the main character, Grace was a believer who fell back into self-effort.  In fact, the only scene in the entire movie where we see what seemed like a religious activity was when Grace took her lover, Shanon, to church. In the scene, we saw a set of choristers in purple robes singing and that was all.

Secondly, Tyler Perry clearly rated the movie PG18 because of the presence of obscenity in the movie. If the producer of the movie could consider the movie inappropriate for children under 18, then how does a church want to effect that restriction? When we call for a movie night, are we going to say, ‘Children and teenagers below 18, can you get out of the hall?’ What message would we be trying to pass? Even if we decide to show such movies to mature adults should we even be sitting down in a church looking at naked buttocks and sexual content howbeit mildly portrayed?

Third, A fall from Grace has no biblical stand whatsoever. It carries two moral lessons. A warning against desperation to get into a relationship as well as the power of friendship and even though that might instill some form of morality, it does not translate to faith. The movie does not drive us closer to Christ in anyway. Our spirits are not edified. It will not make us love God more. There is no hope stirred up in our heart.

The last scene of the movie leaves you angry especially when you discovered that Grace’s best friend escaped and has proceeded to ruining another woman’s life. Please how does that lead us to pray? How does it drive us to meditate on God’s word after watching it?

As much as we want to get our congregation to relax once in a while and enjoy a good movie, if we are not careful, we might actually be creating an atmosphere for the devil to rule over the minds of the people. I think it’s important to prayerfully select movies for our Christian youth group meetings or church events.

This is in no way a spoiler for Tyler Perry’s movies. I have followed Tyler Perry consistently for several years and even though I am not always comfortable with the pattern of black women portrayed in a bad light in his movies, I respect his diligence and consistency to film making. But to refer to him as a gospel film maker merely because his stories carry moral lessons, I do not agree to that.

A fall from Grace is a crime thriller. Let’s call it what it is.

Have you watched the movie, A fall from Grace? What are your thoughts about the movie?  Do you think such movies should be shown in Christian gatherings?

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  • I haven’t watched it but with how it’s been portrayed. It will be totally wrong for it to be shown in a christian gathering.
    The bible tells us to abstain not to hold unto appearances of evil because they won’t look bad in the first place.
    Movies should be reviewed and checked well before bringing them out to believers to see.

    God will uphold us.
    Thank you Sis.

      • This is my first time of posting a comment on your blog, even though I’m an ardent reader and I agree with you. It’s a crime thriller (even though I will go as far as saying that’s not even very good a movie in that section. But as you said, it’s definitely not a Christian movie, and I think most of Tyler Perry’s movies aren’t Christian movies too.

        Thanks for always giving us good Christian stories on your blog, I always look forward to your Monday postings.

  • It is not a Christian movie

    I see the movie as one which one can learn from… Or things that might be happening in our society

  • A fall from grace, actually surprised this was brought up…. The movie is clearly not a christian movie and I dont recall tyler perry creating a gospel movie. Although the movie is interesting with few lessons to pick from it. Showing it in a believers gathering also is a NO NO, I don’t think the church leadership knew the content of the movie, they won’t have suggested it. Anytime we have a movie time in my local church, its always one of this mount Zion, sword of spirit, the kendrick brothers(Watched few if their movies) movies or one of those oldest days movies, recently watched apoti eri.

    • I was surprised too that it had to come up for consideration. A friend shared with me how people reached her asking for the movie so they can show it in their churches.

      And you are right… there are great Christian movies to pick from.

  • Obviously not a Christian Movie.
    I’ve seen it and I initially thought it was.
    I don’t support it been shown in Christian gatherings.
    Even Adult will have to use their discretion cos of some scenes. It is well.

    • Hi Ife, thanks for the review. I too got carried away by the title, only to get there and find out I had to fast track some scenes. Definitely not for Christian gatherings. Moral lessons,yes, but not Christ centred. Thanks and God bless you.

  • I thought it was a Christian movie until I saw it. It has nothing to do with Christ.
    At a social gathering, the audience were disappointed when they heard the title of the movie but in the course of watching, their excitement was aroused because it wasn’t a Christian movie as they thought.

  • I agree with you. It is not a christian movie

    Shouldn’t be shown in church at all.
    I’ve watched it. It just show what happens in the society for us to be careful.

  • My thoughts exactly… Perhaps because the movie is trending and casual enough makes some people think it’s Christian… But that is not the case!
    The use of obscene and foul language is improper. It even potrays ungodly relationships.
    P.s Where was the spirit of God when the lady was making so many errors.

    I stand with you Ma’am… It’s just s crime thriller and nothing more!

  • Nahhh…. Not even near a Christian movie… I think that word “Grace” was the bait/attraction… Its a crime thriller simple…. Thanks ma’am

  • I have seen the movie. The first thing that attracted me to the movie was the title and my friend gave me to watch, though I don’t watch movies everything. So after watching, I was disappointed that the title is not the same with the lesson.
    Thanks for the write up

  • I totally agree with you. I saw the movie a few weeks ago and I learnt more as a lawyer and nothing as a christian than to be watchful of friends I keep. Nice review

  • Thank you for this Sis Ife. My friend and I actually watched the movie because of it’s tittle. As I saw the producer’s name,I said Tyler Perry is not a Gospel Film maker. I was not wrong either as I was made to watch almost a stark naked man. I think the wisdom here should be to stick to movies by strictly gospel film makers,if one wants to see only Christian movies .
    I wonder how the congregation will feel by seeing such scenes and how new members will views her church.

    • I have watched the movie and I still have it on my phone. A fall from grace is not a christian movie but a criminal thriller because I had to argue it with a close friend of mine.

  • Little wonder my friends were so mad after they were done watching the movie…we had expected a Christian movie like that of courageous or war room from the Kendrick brothers.
    When they narrated the movie, it didn’t match the title and I was like woah!!
    It will be terrible to have believers gather for up to an hour in the name of seeing a non-edifying movie.

  • I totally agree with you ma’am. Even though the title potrays it to be a “gospel movie”, it is definitely not a gospel movie.
    There are only moral lessons to be learnt there; it doesn’t build your faith, neither is the plot centred on Christ.

    And just as you pointed out, the movie is rated 18, that means the producer is aware of some scenes not appropriate for kids.
    Let’s be guided please and not take this as a Christian movie.

    Thank you always ma.

  • I haven’t watched it yet. But just like you said, I do not consider Tyler Perry a gospel filmmaker, he is not. I watch his movies but they are not gospel. They may have some form of godliness but there are always contradicting scenes, so they are just cool secular movies.

  • Ha! I watched it just today and I remember seeing a notification for your blog of a review of the movie some time ago. I wish I had read it before now. In fact I just got angry as I watched it. It was downloaded for me by a friend who prescribed it as a Christian movie. I have made a vow never to watch movies with obscene scenes because of how addictive they can be but I was caught unawares for this movie.

    God bless you Ife Grace for this review.

  • I just watched it yesterday. And under no circumstance should it be recommended for a Christian gathering. You are correct, ma. Thanks for this balanced piece.

  • I didn’t like the movie i dint relate to it at all most of the time i watch a movie with a pen and paper just to note down lessons i could get from the movie and this particular one had nothing to help me grow in my christian walk at some point a man should be Grace’s new lover was shown totally naked if this is not encouraging sexual immorality then i have no other word to it.. The church leadership should not compromise we cant compromise, movie nights should be there to edify the body of Christ if this is not being achieved then no need to have them in the first place. Ife Grace thanks for the discussion and sharing your thoughts you continue to inspire me a lot.


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