Many years ago, I wished a Pastor somewhere could just tell me exactly what decisions to make or what I was called to do with my life. Something like, ‘Thus saith the Lord, ife-grace, you are going to become an entrepreneur’ or ‘you will go into full time ministry reaching young adults for Christ’ or ‘don’t follow that brother, he’s going to ruin your life. Here is your life partner.’

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could go physically to God and knock on a door and hear him say, ‘Yes, come in.’ and when we enter, we find a tall handsome man dressed in a white agbada and a matching fila standing by a shelf of books, flipping through a book and smiling. Then he’ll point to a seat and say, ‘sit down, I’ll be with you in a moment.’

It seems harder by the day to discern God’s voice. The voices of the world scream in our faces, throwing us into confusion and propelling us to make certain decisions that we regret.

These are days when fervency in church activities, preaching so eloquently, quoting powerful scriptures are not sufficient criteria to determine who to settle down with.

It is at this time we have to say no to manipulation coming subtly from people who are supposed to help us.

Speaking of manipulation, take this scenario for instance.

A sister courts a brother and they are doing fine until the head of the women’s fellowship calls her after service.

‘Sister Bimpe. Yesterday, I had a revelation. In that revelation I saw bro Dickson beating you blue black before throwing you into a dark room. Run for your life my daughter. Please don’t fall into the devil’s trap.’

She cannot sleep. She can’t even pray. All manner of thoughts fill her mind. Finally, she breaks up with him saying God said it was a mistake.

Now that she is as free as a bird, Madam women-coord moves further in her agenda. Her best friend, one of the deaconesses in the church has desired to have Bimpe as her daughter-in-law. Now that the door is opened, she convinces her son to propose. Bimpe isn’t comfortable saying yes to him.

Woman co-ord moves in. Manipulates her again. Uses another revelation. Bimpe says yes. Courtship is like hell. She is not at peace. But woman of God has spoken. It is a cross she must bear.

This is not just a story. I have seen manipulations, thick ones right under my nose. Manipulations that make you gasp and wonder, ‘why?’

There are decisions you can quickly back away from but there are some that will follow you for life. There are men and women alike that you think are chasing after God but the truth is, they are chasing religion, making efforts to clone the Christian lifestyle until their real nature come out and we see the beast at work.

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How do we make correct decisions today when so many alternatives are pushed right at us? Does God really speak to us? What hope is there for us in taking the right steps God has planned for our lives?

Here’s the answer.

…God who at sundry times and divers manners spake in times past unto the prophets by the Fathers had in these last days spoken to us by His Son…Hebrews 1:1,2

Did you read that? Read it again, this time slowly.

First of all, have you accepted Christ as your Saviour? Then you have the Son residing residing in you. Do you believe God still speaks? Of course he does. I didn’t say so. His word did.  Through the Holy Spirit and by reason of the finished works of Jesus, you possess the ability to be led on little and seemingly big decisions of your life.

Revelations are flying here and there. Some with the intent of swaying your mind and others without realising it is the voice of the flesh at work. It is only in Christ you’ll be able to see beyond the surface, between that person chasing after God or religion, between a church goer and a man surrendered to God, between a woman who just knows scriptures off the top of her head and another who has God’s Word expressed in her heart, between a person walking in the spirit and the one living in carnality.

Some years ago, during one of the morning devotions with a family, the wife of a missionary who was celebrating 39th wedding anniversary with her hubby narrated how before they got married, some Pastors saw a vision that she was going to ruin her husband. I don’t want to go into details of the revelation because it is horrible and scary. It could make anybody run. But her husband wasn’t moved at all. He told them he heard what God said to Him. He was sure He was making the right decision.

Remember these beautiful words;

…when he putteth forth His own sheep, he goeth before them and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice and a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him..John 10:4,5.

How do you recognize when God is speaking? It comes by an intimate relationship with your father. We are created first for intimacy before anything else. If we can fully understand the import of this, we’ll constantly allow the mind of Christ dominate our thought life so much that when we are faced with any situation, we will think and act as Christ would think and act.

This intimacy comes by consistently spending time and fellowshipping with God which in turn produces the discernment we need to make right choices. If you are constantly confused, it is either you are not spending enough time growing in the knowledge of God or you are impatient in allowing God work things out for you.

We are created to be intimate with God

Deep calls unto deep, the scriptures says. We must desire more than anything to give space to filling our minds with God’s word.

Don’t build your life around prophets and Pastors. God has set men over us to guide and confirm his mind for us but he does not expect us to depend on them for the decisions we make in our lives. Learn to hear God for yourself. You have connection with the Son, Jesus, in the same way they do.

It doesn’t matter how many years a person has spent in ministry or how powerfully anointed he may be, every revelation should bear witness to what God is putting forth in your spirit.

It is better to make mistakes on day to day issues and apply necessary corrections while you grow in understanding God’s word than wait for an ‘high priest’ to go to God for you. Only Lazy believers do that. If you are one, repent today.

We must get serious by cutting down on those things that suck your time and replace them with a time of fellowship with your heavenly Father.

As long as believers will not spend time with the Word and will continue to elevate man above the Son, confusion and despair will remain our closest companions.

We have Jesus…and He lives in us…

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When the Holy Spirit comes. 

What’s God saying to you.


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