I was walking towards the bus stop when I saw Iyabo coming out of a supermarket. It suddenly occurred to me that for about three Sundays, I had not seen her anywhere in church. That was unusual of Iyabo who was one of the dedicated sisters in our church.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me. As I ran to hug her, I noticed she was so thin. Her neck bones shot out and her eye balls, oh, so sullen. It was easy to tell that something wasn’t right. Was Iyabo stressed out because of the preparation for her wedding? Did she fall ill?  So many thoughts ran through my mind.

‘Sister Iyabo, long time.’  She smiled and touched my cheeks playfully.

Wrapping my hands around her shoulder, I tried to decipher the problem by staring intently at her.

‘Are you okay? Are you sick?’

She smiled and said she was fine. I didn’t believe her.

‘I’m on my way home. I made your favourite spaghetti and tomato sauce this morning.’

She pursed her lips. ‘You know how to bribe somebody ehn.’ I laughed and finally convinced her to come home with me.

Over a meal of spaghetti and tomato sauce, Iyabo narrated how Bro Kunle had broken up with her. After seven years, he suddenly said he was not sure God was leading him to her again. I stared at her agape. One, she was almost 10 years older than I was and I mean, a break up was the last thing that would have crossed my mind.

Bro Kunle? What could have happened? This fine gentleman had been in our church before he was transferred to Jos from his place of work a year ago. Had he met someone else there?

Fast forward to four  years later, in another city where I got a job, I walked into my boss’ office to see Iyabo sitting in front of my boss. I shouted for joy. We had lost contact after our last discussion and seeing her again brought so many beautiful memories.

The first thing I noticed was a wedding ring sitting beautifully on her finger and I smiled quietly, ready to hear the full gist. Iyabo told me she had married a Pastor who she met while on campus. The man had known she was in a relationship then but each time he went back to God, he got the instruction to wait. So he waited.

Iyabo never would have thought that the years she served God in her capacity as a bible study teacher, the sisters co-ord of the campus fellowship and a dedicated usher, God was preparing her for a great ministry ahead. It was shortly after that break-up that the right person showed up.

This fictional piece is derived from a true story. A story that broke my heart when the incident happened. It made me wonder, why would God allow my friend go through those years that eventually brought pain and confusion? Why didn’t he just do something supernatural the first week she accepted his proposal knowing that the relationship was going nowhere? Didn’t God promise that he would lead us? Aren’t his children led by the Spirit of God?

If God truly loves us, why can’t he just scatter something that we are doing wrong long before it hurts us emotionally?

So many questions but God’s Word remains clear:

Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. Isaiah 48:17.

There are times that I wonder at how things I want to see happen go so slow or how I make some mistakes that I regret. Yet I read scriptures like this and i’m like, ‘Hey God!’

See this other one:

I will instruct you in the way you should go, I will guide you with my eyes. Psalm 32:8

Does God mean all of these things He is saying? One of the things that make me ponder about God is the fact that these words were made in the first person. They are God’s direct statements and they signify a personal commitment. It’s like God holding my hand and saying, ‘Ife, This is my responsibility. You have no reason to be afraid. I will show you the right path.’

That means, as far as leading is concerned, whether, it is about a career path or finding a spouse to marry, God is saying, I will show you what to do. How clearer can that be?

Since God cannot lie, we can rest in the fact that God’s takes his Word seriously.

So, what should be our attitude as children of God desiring to walk through life in accordance with His will? Why do we still have issues with God’s leading? Why the pain? Why the mistakes?

.1. Faith is the basis of walking in line with God’s leading for our lives. If you don’t have trust. You’ve got nothing. We keep trusting whether or not, we are yet to see the manifestations of God’s promises.

So when God says, I will lead you, you don’t go leading yourself. You wait for the direction. Jumping from one relationship to another simply shows that you do not trust God enough to lead you to the right partner for your life.

2. All the promises you will ever find in the scriptures are fulfilled in Christ. 2 Corinthians 1: 20 explains that succinctly.

For all the promises of God in him are yea and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. 

Did you notice it says all and not some? Everything we need is in Christ. So first of all, if you don’t have any relationship with Christ, those promises are not available to you. But if Christ has become your righteousness, you can trust that He’ll work everything in your life according to his riches in glory.

3. Walking in the Spirit is a clear way to understanding the workings of God. Man has been given a free choice. God will not impose his will on you. So walking in the Spirit is our responsibility. As long as our flesh dominates our mind and thought process, we set ourselves up for disaster.

I strongly believe that God can never deliberately allow his child go into a bad marriage. Somewhere along the line, you must have seen the signs. Christ said, If your earthly father cannot give you serpent or stone when you ask for bread, how much more will your heavenly father which is in heaven give you good things when you ask.

This is why feeding regularly on the Word and praying in the Spirit is important because while your flesh wants what’s attractive on the surface, your spirit man sees beyond the surface, many times illogical to human reasonings and will reveal those deep things to you.

4. No matter what mistake you have made, little or grievous, God can still turn things around for you. He has given his Word and now that you are ready to trust and walk with him, be confident in the fact that He’ll never disappoint.

For hope never disappoint.

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  • “I strongly believe that God can never deliberately allow his child go into a bad marriage. Somewhere along the line, you must have seen the signs. Christ said, If your earthly father cannot give you serpent or stone when you ask for bread, how much more will your heavenly father which is in heaven give you good things when you ask.”

    Thank you! I believe exactly the same thing.
    If I’m ever on a wrong path, I trust God to redirect me, Oh! I trust Him.
    One of those things I’m so sure of is my identity: SON.

    A message of hope indeed.

    Thank you.

    • I believe that too…God’ll never leave us in the dark as long as we sincerely trust him. Thank you for commenting.

  • The greatest asset God has given to us as believers is The Holy Spirit.The ability to hear Him and obey Him will ensure that we do not miss His will and His timing.He knows the end from the beginning and if we are willing and yielded to His Will we can be rest assured that though it may not make sense it will not contradict His word .At the end,we’ll admit that all things have actually worked in our favour and not against us.

    • Exactly sir…I dealt on the importance of the Holy Spirit in a post I did sometime ago.. Thanks for sharing…


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