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Towards the end of last year, I was confused about a certain area of my life’s purpose. I knew what God wanted me to do with my life but I was stuck somewhere in the middle.

For days, I prayed for clarity and sought God’s direction. Everything seemed blurred.

You remember how Jesus touched the eyes of that blind man and he saw men like trees? That was how it was for me. I knew I was close to my answers but I wanted to be sure of what to do.

At the beginning of this year, I got invited to be part of a big project that’d not only bring me plenty of cash but would get my name out there in the world. But I felt a restraint in my spirit not to accept it. That made me more confused.

This was something I could do well and I had the skills needed for the job. Sincerely, it added to my worries from last year. My flesh wanted to do what it wanted but the Holy Spirit had other plans. Is it that God didn’t want me taking those kind of jobs? What exactly does he require in carrying out that part of my life?

Then I got talking with my friend and shared my worries with him. For about three hours or more we chatted and he said things that suddenly brought my heart to a place of rest on that issue.

His own experiences of walking in God’s instruction  brought peace to my heart. It was clearly the Holy Spirit in him bearing witness to what my spirit already knew.

After the discussion, as I settled in the place of my communion, I suddenly received a deeper understanding from scriptures that tied up to our discussion. It was so real. Those scriptures practically jumped right out of the pages of the Word. My struggle over that area ended.

Please stay with me. I’m going somewhere.

A similar situation happened yesterday. For some months now, I’ve been penning down the thoughts I perceive in my heart, whether or not I heard clearly.  I believed that with time, I’d be able to sift the chaff from the wheat.

What was this perception all about? An outreach had been ringing in my heart as part of the instructions for my life but I’d been doubting if it was birthed by the Holy Spirit or just a conception of my mind.

I wrote the details down in my journal and forgot about it. Because of some past experiences that didn’t go well, I didn’t believe that what I heard was from God.

Just yesterday, after church, I had lunch with my friend and you won’t believe she talked about the outreach using words similar to what I’d received. Immediately, my heart went back to what God said to me. I was stunned beyond words. I just sat there staring at her mouth.  How did she know I’d been battling with questions on this issue?

You know the interesting part. As we kept talking about purpose and life in general, I felt led to share a scripture with her and immediately I did, my friend almost jumped out of her seat. I had given her a scripture that settled a lingering issue in her heart. That meeting was a blessing to both of us.

These were just my friends. Imagine if you had a partner who is God’s means of confirming his thoughts on critical matters as you walk this journey of life.

While I understand that having a partner who is sold out to God contributes to your spiritual growth and makes it easy to fight spiritual warfare, one of the greatest benefits I am seeing about partnerships like this, is the role played in pulling your thoughts back on track when self becomes dominant.

I also see it as God’s instruments in providing clarity during the times when your mind is clogged and you can’t seem to draw from the leading in your spirit

Here is the gospel truth; in this world, we will be faced with many challenges. There will be days when we want to jump out when God wants us to wait.

There will be days when we know what God is saying to us in our spirit but our minds can’t properly conceive it.

But this man, your spouse, who has trained his senses to receive from the Holy Spirit will be right there reminding you of God’s revealed word.

Even when you don’t want to listen to God’s voice because your heart calls for something else, that woman knows how to go on her knees on your behalf praying that your eyes be enlightened and that you’ll come to your senses.

Have you not heard of a believer bent on walking out of God’s will but one morning, he wakes up and suddenly realizes he’s been going the wrong path? The wife just looks up and says, ‘thank you Jesus.’

However this can only become a reality when the lovebirds are deliberate about their personal relationship with God and not just dependent on the other for their spiritual walk. When your quiet time with God is not dependent on his or when we don’t only find you praying because bro dished out prayer points.

Do you know what happens when only one party in the relationship is deliberate about the pursuit of a deep relationship with God? It becomes a daunting task to stay afloat when the strong party feels down and weak.

I saw this as I meditated on the story of the children of Israel in the wilderness.

When God provided manna for them, they were excited but along the way, the foreigners they had brought with them from Egypt rose up and began to complain about the manna. The Israelites who were already weary joined in.

Then the Egyptians who had come with them began to long for the good things of Egypt. This added to the discontent of the people and they wept! ‘Oh for the few bites of meat! Oh that we had some of the delicious fish we enjoyed so much in Egypt…now our strength is gone, and day after day, we have to face this manna. Numbers 11:4,5 LB

Dear singles, If that relationship you are in is constantly pulling you out of trust and confidence in God, maybe it’s time to let it go.

We are products of influence. When you have a partner whose eyes are fixed on Christ, serving Jesus becomes easier.

When the storms come and there is a great temptation to step away, one person has enough grace to pull the other back on track.

Why do you want to end up with a man who constantly sneers at your decision to stay with God’s instruction?

I believe strongly that, where individuals in a relationship are actively allowing the Holy Spirit bear roots in their hearts, at different stages of their lives when one party does not seem to hold up, the other person can stand in the gap.

Singles, we need men who will hold our hands and together live the Spirit-filled life. We need ladies who rather than gossip and nag about a situation will stay in the place of communion and seek wisdom on what to do.

How do you find a partner whose heart is committed to the Lord?

How do you avoid ending up with a carnal, professing Christian who has nothing at the roots except that they are diligent workers in the church, breathes exegesis and have acquired an amazing track record of prayer life while their  hearts are stubborn and hardened.

The answer lies with you. Yes, you. It is not enough to pray for a man like this. Be a woman chasing after God. It is not sufficient to desire a woman who will help you fulfil God’s promises, your communion and relationship with your Father must be consistent too.

This consistent relationship with the Lord is the key to discernment. You will not be carried away by words, charm, position because your heart is fixed on Him. You’d have trained your senses to discern the right from wrong through feeding on the solid meat (Hebrews 5:14)

Even when your emotions seem to be moving you towards a wrong direction, because your heart is surrendered to God’s will, walls will be erected as obstacles and you’ll find yourself turning your focus back to the Lord.

As singles, our business is not to chase after some man in clean tuxedo outfit. We are not commissioned to jump from one person to another, figuring with our head who looks like wife material.

Run after God. Crave a relationship with him. You’ll be amazed at the God-chasing, warm hearted, heaven minded, God’s love carrier, broken spirited gentleman or lady God will bring to your doorstop.

You can never go wrong with God behind the wheels of your life.

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A letter to the Christian single girl

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