What kind of person is Ife-Grace? Who really is the person behind this blog? What are you going to see when you get to know her?

I’m still learning so much about her too and watching as she improves day by day. However here’s a little something just for you. *winks. 

Can we just get this enigma out of the way already?

1. Don’t judge a book by the cover. That’s how I’ll ask you to see Ife Grace. If the reason you actually want to come close is because of the charming talker you see, the hugger who can laugh for Africa, you might be disappointed to find a completely different person when you step into her closet. 

Let me give you a practical example. When my friend and I just starting hanging out, as usual, I would jump, play, laugh and talk for a long time but a time came when I had to spend some days in her house and she was shocked to see another version of me. A very reserved, calm, introverted lady. It was a complete contrast to what she knew. She calls it my alter ego. The thing is, after exuding so much energy outside, I need to recuperate and usually I do that by getting into my shell to reflect, read and think. Sometimes I go overboard by shutting everyone out completely but I am learning to push past my feeling to enjoy the company of others at such times. 

One of the reasons my best friend and I enjoyed our many years of staying together was that we were fine with not always talking. We could be in the house for the greater part of the day and yet not say anything beyond perfunctory greetings. We were cool with it.

2. I love man gist. When stories about relationships and love come up, my ears tingle, but if that’s happens repeatedly,  It is only a matter of time before I get bored and walk away.

You have my ears every time discussions are intellectually and spiritually driven. Gists with no head or tail turn me off. Even comedy must have small sense. Reason Trevor Noah and Maraji hold my attention every time. Same go for the way I enjoy events. The mere excitement and pleasure of the moment does not thrill me as much as the connection I’m going to have with the people I meet. 

3.  M.C is one job I can never do. Making me anchor a program is like taking a fish out of the river. Leave jobs like that for Victor Wahab and Pat Yemco. I can help create suggestions on paper, assist in the running around and background prep, but when the day comes, just leave me at the background 

It just occurred to me that I have never planned a birthday party in my life. Not even a small one where I get friends together to celebrate with me. Whatever fun time I had for my birthday was planned by a someone else. I’m weird, I know. Because how do you explain someone who wants to escape wedding reception and stick to only church wedding so that at the end of the service, caterer share the food at the entrance of the church and everyone returns to their houses. I can just imagine the kain eye my mum will give me if I tell her this. 

I’m ready to get out of my shell this year. I’m planning a hangout with some of the kids I taught during my service year. They are all in the university and we’ve talked about this. If I’m able to do this, omo, that’ll be a feather in my cap. 

4. Flowing from point 3 above, you must have guessed that I don’t like attending parties where there is a crowd. Birthday, wedding…any kind of party. Seeing a crowd freaks me out especially when I don’t have friends around. I love small gatherings. I thrive well there.

5. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people. I don beg tire. I keep procrastinating until the other person calls and then I feel guilty. Thanks to WhatsApp status. It has helped me to stay constantly in touch with some of my friends. Yet there is nothing as great as having to hear the voice on the other end. 

6. I am a gospel music freak. This has nothing to do with ‘overspirituality’.. I just don’t know how to listen to secular songs. I know there are good songs that are not sensually motivated. You know those love songs with beautiful lyrics. It just never appeals to me. I need to learn some of these love songs so I can sing them to my husband when I finally get married. Abi?  Those sweet romantic moments when he lies down on the bed and I sing him to sleep..How can I be singing, ‘What a beautiful name it is by Hillsong.’  I’ll keep trying but for now, na Jesus song full my head. 

Still on that, someone asked if I had one Don Moen’s song…It occurred to me how long I listened to songs like that.  It’s so hard to listen to any song that’s not rock. Classics, mba, except for specific times when it pops up in my mind. People say the slow and steady helps the words sink in faster but for me, that’s when the wandering spirit stands at attention to take charge of my mind. 

7. 2017 was a great year for me. You know why? I read so many expository christian literatures than I’ve done in my life. I get bored in the middle of reading books like that and many times had to force myself to finish reading them. Recently a friend brought three powerful expository Christian literatures. I was really excited when I started but all the plenty explanations just tire me. I’m still trying to finish the first one. It’s a big struggle especially when it’s over 100 pages. Many times I just pick what I’m looking for and move on.

Give me great stories laden with spiritual truths and I’ll finish it in less than a week. 

I have a similar experience with sermons. It is one reason I was able to sit under Bro Gbile Akanni for almost three hours without having my mind wander. I’m not a fan of abstract or thesis kind of sermons. They makes my mind run and I’ll have to keep  running after my mind to bring it back. During my childhood days, morning devotion  was never boring when Dad was in charge. The man can tell biblical truths using stories ehn…

8. My friend was watching ‘Agent of Shield’ one evening and I decided to also see the movie that kept her glued to her laptop screen. By the time I would sleep that night, I was chased around with guns and bullets while I ran for my dear life. Yes, my imagination is that active. Apart from the movie 24, every time I watched very action packed movie, my dreams are horrible.

The worst is when the movie has creatures flying up and down like dinosaurs or dragons. Those creatures will find their way into my dreams especially when I watch such movies towards the evening time. It annoys me that my friends do not experience this. Same applies to books. Till date, I’ve not been able to finish Angels and Demons by Dan Brown because of the nightmares I began to have when I started reading it. I am fine with family drama. 

9. I like beans. Beans and plantain makes me happy especially when prepared by me. I also like Garri (a.k.a eba). I can eat it everyday if complemented with different soup delicacies. If you have been following my stories, you can tell that I like pizza, cold stone icecream, shawama and chicken very much.

This is how you ruin my day. Serve me amala and gbegiri soup. 

10. Jesus means everything to me. You can’t come with the kind of experiences I’ve had and not love him for staying by you and loving you when nothing made sense

11. Writing stories is how I ease tension. It is a part of my life. It is the way of escape when I don’t feel so good. I don’t like being interrupted in the middle of writing a story. Of course I can’t rule out emergencies. When I frown and seem upset at such times, It’s not personal. It’s just that my emotions are always involved when I’m writing. Interrupting my thought process is like punching a tyre with a nail. 

Thank you for reading

*takes a bow* 

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About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Wow everything about you, is beautiful except for the fact that you did not indicate something about you dancing lol don’t mind me. How i wish i could descibe myself sometimes its just as if i don’t know who am i something like a creature who decided to exist don’t mind me just thinking out loud. Thanks

    • Lol…dancing keh…I’m one very funny dancer o.

      Patience, if you can take time to reflect you should be able to figure out certain things about you. Another way is to seek honest opinion from people around you.

      You are God’s masterpiece, please don’t ever forget that.

  • This is really nice. Thanks for sharing with us. We have some things in common though. I love beans and plaintain. I love quietness too, going to party without my friends are turn off for me. I pray next time i come in contact with you, i will have the boldness to approach you. If you don’t mind i have a blog where i share my lessons from christian literature and fictions. Thanks for never giving up on writing. My comment is long already.

  • I can relate with expending so much energy outside and coiling back to one’s shell afterwards. Thanks for sharing.

  • Obviously, there’s no perfect one. We are only made perfect in Christ.Keep doing God’s and being you ma’am,God bless.

    • Thanks Esther. Indeed, it’s in Christ we are perfect and as we behold Him everyday, we are continually transformed into his own image…

  • Wao.
    I fit in into some of your above description.

    But one thing that has really been affecting me recently,is people around me especially brethren imposing been outspoken on me,which is tearing me down!

    Moreao,about the romantic songs…… Christian gospel singers will began to release romantic songs for us.

    Love you always!
    You are one of the woman I treasure and love from afar.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Keep moving ma.

    • There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. Not all of us are wired to be outspoken. Don’t let anyone force you to be what you are not. If God is calling you into tasks that require you to be out there, then He’ll give you the grace to speak when you need to. Be comfortable in your introverted skin.

      Gospel artistes releasing romantic songs..lol…not sure how that is possible. That may be going outside their purpose.

      Much love too. 😊😊

  • Let me give you a practical example. When my friend and I just starting hanging out, as usual, I would jump, play, laugh and talk for a long time but a time came when I had to spend some days in her house and she was shocked to see another version of me. A very reserved, calm, introverted lady. It was a complete contrast to what she knew. …
    This is just the picture of Mayor explained here😊 ,I once told my classmates too not to expect much from me too,cos I can shy for africa.
    Just be yourself dear,you are the best.God bless you Love.😊 👍

    • The Mayowa I know is introverted in and out o except if she has changed.😊😊 You are right dear. It’s best to be ourselves while we cooperate with God as He does his work in us.

  • This is great, guess I’m goan write something about me too, maybe I will call it ‘All weirdness’ lol.
    We have one thing in common though, I don’t like big gathering too, I’m sure I will wanna opt for a small wedding, I don’t thing I can handle the noise and hullabaloo. I wish I could be calm enough to write like you though.

    • I’ll love to read your write-up. You can do this of it’s what you really want to do because writing like this comes straight out of your heart.

  • This is so nice. Wawu.
    But how come you love Beans? Hain! I was glued to my phone, reading with all enthusiasm until I saw that. How can you love what I hate?

    Expect a letter on this. Okay, bye!

    • Eunice, why won’t you like beans? Are you sure we can still be friends like this? I’m kuku waiting for the letter. 😎😎

  • Wow. Good to know more about you.

    We have some similarities except the food choices. I’ll prefer Amala to garri…

    Love you sis.

  • Wonderful, oh I mean “elevenderful”. Just a peep into your world and special things about you are seen.

    God bless you Sis and thanks for always writing. There is always a peculiar touch in every of your post. It can only be God.

  • Thanks so much for sharing! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, sis! Funny enough, we have a couple things in common:))

    • True o…sometimes that silence is necessary. Listening skills become activated. I enjoy those times too when I don’t have to say anything but just listen and laugh and observe.

  • I wish I can write about myself like this too.
    Most times I only end up writing some write-ups in my imagination, or worse still left in my books. Most times I don’t get to share many write-ups because they’re somehow linked to my personal experiences.
    The thought of sharing makes me feel like I’m trying to strip myself naked.
    I give you kudos. Actually, one thing I’ve learnt is that sharing personal experiences helps readers to connect more and learn. And they’ll be like oh! I’m not the only one passing through this?

    I hope one day, I’ll be able to bring myself to share many of my ‘unshared’ write-ups.

    • It’s fine if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences. But as time goes on and you reach a wider audience, some of those experiences may need to get out because it is through that someone else might be strengthened. Still, wisdom is required in putting out your life’s experiences in public glare.

  • Beautiful things about you

    Uhmmm… If I can improve I think I’ll make a good writer like you sha *covers face*

    Your stories intrigues and blesses me. More grace ma

  • Oh Ife Grace am overwhelmed with this write up, as i was reading it i was just picturing myself in the same situation, we have so much in common. For the CROWD and the LEAVE ME IN THE BACKGROUND i can relate to that, i thought i was the only one this was happening to, at a time i thought something was wrong with me, i was losing my mind. But now i understand better. Infact lemme not bore you with my story. We are UNIQUE just the way we are.

  • All we beans lovers…… I hail thee, I can eat beans all day long. I just knew we had to have something in common. Yaaaaaaaayyyyy

  • I laughed out loud when I read the dislike for action movies, an overactive imagination etc… I remember u preferring to watch a Korean movie (which u didn’t have much love for) instead of an action movie… Just to tell how desperate you were for a sound sleep devoid of flying creatures and a ‘self-turned gun shooter’. Ha! You are unique and interesting..

    • My best friend of life… And those days I was just annoyed that you could comfortably watch those movies and nothing would happen…😁😁😁

  • I can totally relate to some of this traits.

    Most times I laugh to get over myself..It’s like medicine… Just like someone said one time,we all should embrace our uniqueness and channel it to God’s purpose….

    And I hate action film ehn but I love fantasy😊….

    Growing up people will tell me that I am old because of my love for intelligent talks😂😂..

    And ahhh reading is my escape just like writing is yours….
    How can Jesus not be everything,when he chased us down till he found us??.
    Thanks for sharing ma’am. I do love you alot from afar and cannot wait to have an inspiring conversation about Jesus with you..

    • Reading this made me smile. We obviously have a lot in common. I also look forward to having that talk. God bless you😊

  • Wow!
    It’s quite amazing knowing this little stuffs about you.
    Well I’ve always thought of you as an introvert.

    I’m also happy, I’m not the only one with a vivid imagination, I sabi the kind tinz I fit imagine so I don’t even near terrifying movies or even attempt to read horror books.

    Much love😍😍

    From a distant fan.

  • What a beautiful piece. Want to follow ur blog. I am challenged by ur courage. Did not see u during Mercy’s wedding in kano. How are u.

  • You got me laughing.
    You’re YOU, unique and beautiful.
    Don’t try changing the beautiful things about you.
    But you’ll have to hangout sometimes, in crowd. And I make get to make you a wonderful amala and gbegiri😂😂😂😂

  • My sister you are right I can sit under Bro Gbile’s sermons for a long time and never get tired. Kudos, you are unique


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