A wife after God’s own heart by Elizabeth George is one of the few books on relationship that has blessed me tremendously.

Written by a woman married for about four decades, it gives practical ideas and principles on a woman’s role in building a solid relationship, all from a biblical standpoint.

Here are a few nuggets that stayed with me as I read A wife after God’s heart by Elizabeth George.

1. Do you know how some wives follow God’s plan? They become husband-watchers. They know what God says their husbands are supposed to do or be. They know how their husbands are supposed to treat them. And instead of taking care of their own faithfulness to their God-given assignment, they take on self appointed role of playing ‘Holy Spirit’ in their husband’s lives, pointing out their faults and shortcomings. Instead of rating our husbands, let’s check our own score in the wife’s department.

2. I have learnt that whenever there is a disagreement between Jim and me, everything else gets on hold until we get things settled. No progress is made, nor is there energy to make any progress. So we’ve both learned to be quick to say sorry.

3. Take your calendar in hand and schedule sex. How does that sound to you? Cold? Sterile? Unemotional? (I will say weird. lol.) Talking openly with your husband about sex will revolutionize your sex life. Take time to prepare for sex. Just like a gourmet meal takes time in preparation, so do your intimate times together.

4. Create a budget with your spouse. Get into the habit of checking up with your spouse before you make purchase or order repairs. Your shopping, spending should not be a covert operation, or a surprise. Ask him, show him and inform him about your plans. Always seek to know his wishes, and honour them.

5. Start keeping up your home in this small, simple, time-tested way. Make a to-do list. Write down what you hope or need to get done each day that will enhance your home and family..and do it. As you begin to master this little thing, you’ll want to begin working on a master plan for caring for your home that includes, a weekly, monthly, annual plan.

6. I know every married woman’s situation is different. Many work outside the home, many don’t. But every woman is called to practice her priorities, which as a woman after God’s own heart are God’s priorities.

Therefore you and I must ever and always remember this- No price can be put on doing God’s will. No paycheck can substitute for living your life according to God’s will. You may have a job but your home is always to be priority over any profession.

7. Plan one fun activity a week. Someone needs to be in charge of the Fun Department and maybe that someone can be you! It doesn’t have to cost a lot- or even cost anything. See how many things you can come up with for fun that costs little or nothing.

Keep a list going so you never lose a great idea for fun. You can also add some big things into your list too. What fun the two of you will have making your list- a list that spans the globe and unites your hearts, even if you never actually do most of the things on it.

8. Think of something you and your husband both enjoyed in the past and try to recreate it. Keep the memory alive. Let the good old days roll again.

9. For the woman in ministry, check your heart and check your schedule. Are your family members at home happy with the care and attention they are receiving? Is your husband fully supportive of your involvement at church? Don’t be like the woman who found directing a full blown ministry to the women in her church easier than caring for her husband and little ones. Don’t have your priorities backward and overindulge in ministry.

10. Pray for your husband everyday. Thank him for living out his roles. Instead of complaining when he puts in extra hours or goes the extra mile at work, praise him for his diligence and his efforts in providing for you and your family. Keep your eyes and ears and your heart open so they catch the ways that he does express his love. Then, of course thank him.

11. Take your time and express your heart to God. Make your commitments and purpose in your heart to pursue God’s plan for you in every area and then move ahead through your day seeking to comply with God’s blueprint for a wife. To stay on your wifely toes, pray everyday to be a wife after God’s heart.

Are you really desiring to be a wife after God’s heart? Are you a woman desiring guidance and practical insights into a fun-filled Jesus centered marital relationship? Then this book is for you. To purchase this book, visit the nearest christian bookstore.

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It’s more than a wedding. 

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