This is a word for the broken hearted.

For the man weighed down by guilt. For that believer who has become a laughing stock because of something that you did, something that has weakened and brought a halt in your Christian walk. I hope you find comfort in these words.

For a long time whenever I read the story of Samson, I saw a careless man. A man who couldn’t control his libido. I spoke so much about his unhealthy passion for women and the way he wasted the grace of God upon his life.

For goodness sake, how can a man of God be attracted to harlots? How can a grace filled man be so foolish to allow a lady bring him down? How can he be mumu like that?

Why didn’t he just push the useless woman out of his house or would he say he didn’t notice her moves? Couldn’t he have noticed the way she played him just to get the secret. Why didn’t he play along to find out why she kept pressing him daily about the secret. Two can play this game abi?

So that cool evening, he whispered his life’s secret to her, and probably got her to vow never to tell anyone. Ode, she must have muttered beneath her breath as she caressed him to sleep.

I imagined the Philistines taking turns to carve out those beautiful eyes, each fighting to take ownership of the eyeballs, hoping to place them in a glass case in their living rooms so they can proudly tell the tale of their involvement in the downfall of the mighty.

I wondered what kind of sport blind Samson played for the Lords and Princes of the Philistines. Did they tie a rope around his waist and drag him back and forth the stage as people cheered? Could he have stumbled on a rod placed in front of him while Delilah sat on the high table sipping wine and laughing hysterically…Just maybe he heard the sound of her laughter, a woman he’d loved with his life.

I see all of this yet I see a hero. A man who wouldn’t stay down when all of his dignity had been stripped off him. A man who remembered He had a father, the Lord of all the universe

There is a danger in sticking to one side of a story. It is unfair to put aside the concluding part of God’s love and grace in the event of Samson’s fall. No good story or sermon ends without the place of Grace, of hope and of love.

Did you see Samson whispering to God in that prison while he carried out his task of breaking those rocky stones?

Did you see God placing fresh strands of hair on his head and commanding them to grow.

Samson’s victory over the Philistines as at the time he died was greater than the victory of twenty years as a Judge in Israel.

To my dear Christian consumed by guilt. Rise. See Samson among the cloud of witnesses cheering you on.

Listen to Him plead with you to shake off that guilt because Jesus through the cross has supplied grace…Grace to stand strong again.

See the heroes of faith telling stories of how their weaknesses were turned to strength. Hear the murderer and adulterer, David, remind you how precious he was to the heart of His Lord.

Stop looking at the place where you slipped.

Stop the ‘shame party’.

It doesn’t matter what others think about you and your past. It doesn’t matter that you are struggling to get a firm grip on your spiritual life. Take your eyes away from that struggle, pain and hurt. Keep your gaze on the cross, on Christ who died and was raised for you.

The Father is waiting patiently to hear you say, ‘Father’.

Receive grace to approach Him today. Amen.

About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • God bless you sis Ife for this wonderful piece

    Give him the fragments of your broken life!!

  • What will a believer do if she keeps falling into the same sin of fornication over and over again.
    Intentionally, even after repenting a thousand times??

    Will God not leave you to your fate


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