Ife Grace Dada


Welcome to my blog!

Ife Grace is a storyteller. She is also the author of four books: Lekki Sisi, Before we got married, The Reunion and Spring.

She loves to tell stories that address different life issues all from a biblical perspective and this is one of the reasons that informed her decision to take a journey into blogging. As an adolescent, she found comfort and joy scribbling stories which she shared with her other classmates. Her journey into writing took serious turn when she accepted Christ into her life. She became passionate about spreading God’s word through intriguing spirit-filled fictional pieces drawn from day-to-day events.

Her mission is in two words! Words she received from the Holy Bible some years ago. It is a verse where Jesus shared the reason why He told stories:

Receptive insight. (Matthew 13:13 message version)

And this is what ife-grace hopes to give to you. Receptive insight into different issues: from relationship, lifestyle, spiritual matters, career, name it…through  the medium of story telling. Here on this blog, you will find Interesting, engaging and refreshing stories that will inspire you.

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