After reading Monster by Frank Peretti, I saw another section at the back of the book titled ‘Behind the Scenes’ and I was excited to find that it was an interview that centered on Frank Peretti’s life as a writer.

Frank Peretti is a leading novelist in christian fiction. He is the author of books like, This Present Darkness, Piercing the darkness, The Prophet and many other novels.  Here is an excerpt from that Interview. You can read the full interview at the back of Frank Peretti’s ‘Monster’

Here is an excerpt.

Question: How did you start writing? What was the first piece of writing like?

Frank Peretti: I’ve always been a writer. My first piece of writing was a comic strip called Tony the Terrier. I went from there to tapping out stories on my Mom’s portable typewriter. Storytelling was in me, no doubt. Years later, I made up a story at a junior high Bible camp and it went so well I actually wrote it all down and submitted to a publisher. That was the first story I ever published.

Question: Why do you write fiction?

Frank Peretti: The best way to convey a spiritual truth is by telling a story because stories work. It struck me one day and I said, ‘You know, we’ve got five days in camp. I can give those kids 10 sermons that they’re probably not going to remember or I can give them one big effect that they are going to remember.’ So I devised a story that conveyed spiritual truth. I have met some of those kids, who are now grown up with kids of their own and they remember that camp and remember what they learnt.

Question: What do you hope readers should get out of your novels?

Frank Peretti: I am a builder. The Lord says, ‘Frank, you just build. Build the Body of Christ. You equip them. Help them to walk closer to the Lord. You help them to think- That’s what good fiction ought to do-just to get you thinking.

Question: Your stories have a strong visual element. How do you write for the reader to “see” the story.

Frank Peretti: Classic Novels are written for the love of words, the richness of the language. And while there is a place for that style of writing, the bulk of today’s readers want a story that create vivid images in the mind. I try to write for our present culture which is visually oriented.

Question: What is the process for writing your novels?

Frank Peretti: It is always the same four-step process: brain spilling, outlining, writing and rewriting. Any novel I write takes a full two years to complete. I outline thoroughly and plan the book carefully even before I begin to write. I try to put in five hours a day and I use a kitchen timer to keep track of my time.

Final words: (Frank Peretti): When I consider testimonies of countless folks who have found Jesus as their Saviour as a result of reading my work, well, what could be more rewarding?

This is the excerpt from the life of a man, a christian writer, whose books as at 2005 sold more than twelve million copies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do share with other writers who may need to learn from this.

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