When I started blogging over two years ago, I had one goal in mind: I wanted to have my stories in one location. I had started writing stories in episodes on my facebook wall and some of my friends were finding it difficult to access past episodes except when I tagged them and so I thought, why not have a place where they can easily find my stories at any point in time.

For two years I went on like that, posting only when I was inspired and when I liked. It never occurred to me that there was a greater outlook to blogging and that it was a large field with millions of people cultivating their own portion diligently and watching their ‘crops’ grow and bear fruit.

June last year, I stopped blogging. I mean I didn’t even see it as something important in the first place so stopping it wasn’t a problem but some weeks later, precisely in August, I suddenly had a strong urge to get back into this field and see what was in it for me. The urge was so intense that I could almost not think of anything else.

It started with a strong desire to move from the free wordpress site where my blog was located. That meant one thing: I would have to buy a domain name.  When I contacted a blog consultant and she told me how much It would cost me to make that move, I lost interest and didn’t pursue it again. It was a difficult time for me at that time because I had relocated and was trying to get my bearing in my new location- getting a place to stay, making it habitable and meeting some other needs that wolf down my finances.

Shortly after my book was published in November, money from sales of the book began to come in. The nudge returned again and I knew this time, I had no excuse. That’s how I got this blog up and running.

As God began to lead me on what form my blog was to take, It became clear to me that as a Christian blogger, hobby isn’t the right word to describe what I do. It’s more like a ministry. It is the voice through which I can reach nations right in my bedroom with just a laptop connected to the internet.

Is God calling you to this great online ministry? You never can tell the lives you will touch by sharing what God is placing in your heart.

There are certain things you need to know if you are already sensing the call to blog.

1. You are just a vessel in God’s house.

Never forget this salient truth. You will come to a point in your blogging journey when you will want to give up. I came to that point myself. I sat back and wondered why I was even doing this. The hours I put in to write a post, the sacrifice, the quest to monetize my blog, the peek into what the gurus were doing…

2. There is spiritual warfare here too.

The devil will fight you really hard. If you don’t know, spiritual warfare occurs in this blogsphere. I can’t begin to talk about the battles I have faced since I took blogging seriously. It was as if the devil wanted to prove that what I am doing is rubbish.

This has nothing to do with numbers or stats, it was a direct attack on the principles I held strongly to, many of which I have begun to share on this platform.

My heart has cried for a christian blogger who blessed the lives of married women and mothers but got into so strong a marital storm that it tore her family apart. I’m glad God is helping her sort things out. Just know this from the start, If God has really called you to be a voice on this platform, the devil will not sit and watch people receive freedom from your blog.

 It is at such times you should remember that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

3. Where are God’s labourers?

God is on the look out for more faith bloggers. The harvest is plenteous but the labourers are few. If you are already sensing in your heart that God wants to work through you, then step out. More people stay online than they do in their churches. Thousands sit with their phones on Sunday morning.   If they will not attend church, we can block them here.

Again, Blogging has gone beyond just penning down articles. There is the video blogging(vblogging), art blogging (comics and sketches), podcast blogging(audio basically), photo blogging…Prayerfully define what kind of blog you want to set up.

4. You are not alone. 

This is one of the greatest comforts I have  received as a christian blogger.

Yeah, I was pretty much like Elijah who believed he was the only prophet left in the land of Israel. You are not alone in reaching out for Christ through your blog.

 There are some who have taken this as a full time job. Yeah, writing faith based blog posts is all they do.  Sometimes, I am amazed at their zeal and resilient spirit. A community of vibrant christian bloggers is building. We are growing.

5. The temptation is real.

You will be tempted to divert from your call as a christian blogger. When you see bloggers making 29,000 dollars per day, while in five years you’ve not made up to 1,000 dollars from your blog, there is a tendency to be discouraged.

You will find hundreds of articles by bloggers who claimed they made thousands of dollars from their blog in three months and you will wonder if you are actually not wasting your time.

Some will point you to blog niches that bring more money than others and give you a step-by-step process on how to make a switch. As much as there is nothing wrong in making money from your blog, remember, we have established from the beginning, that this isn’t about us.

Again, the statistics can be scary. There are 3.7 billion internet users, 1.2 billion websites, 1 million plus blog posts per day. It can seem we are lost in the crowd. Imagine, it has been discovered that out of those who give up blogging, faith based blogs top the list. We must not be allow these facts discourage us.

6. Practice God’s Presence.

 Carrying out a research on the net regarding the topics you want to blog about is good but it’s not enough. You must allow God direct you on what post to put up. You are not just a motivational speaker trying to stir up men’s emotions, your blog is God’s way of reaching people’s heart.

7. Learn to hear God per time. 

When I started blogging, my focus was on writing fiction to edify the body of Christ but as I allowed God lead me, I began to tilt towards blogging on christian lifestyle issues rather than just focusing on fiction. The more I looked in that direction, the more ideas I got.

Be flexible. If you already have a blog, learn to commit your blog to God and allow Him lead you each step of the way.

8. Watch out for pride.

When God begins to cause you to expand, watch out for pride. Blogging is one place where you can get so influential that people send you gifts, leave you breathtaking messages in your mailbox so much that your head swells…

Always remember who you work for. So when the applause come, return all to God.

Most of these principles cuts across every area God is calling His children to function. Have you discovered your calling yet? If you have, what steps have you taken to see it come to fulfilment. I’d love to hear from you in the Comment Section below. 

About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • thanks for this. I was blessed by it.
    I am feeling that am called to blogging but the motivation comes and goes.

    • Hmmm…Peace, motivation will always come and go but taking a step whether of not you feel motivated is what matters. If this is call, go right into it.

  • Thanks for this insightful piece. It reached my heart at its core and answered some of my questions.

    “A community of vibrant christian bloggers is building. We are growing.”
    Please how can I get connected with this community… What does it take?

  • I can’t not leave this page without leaving a comment.
    This was timely. I have a plan to start up my blog in a few months time and I’ve been confused on what exactly to focus on. This piece was really helpful.

  • Wow. Thanks so much for this ma’am. Two years gone, and it’s still very relevant. Would love to please ask ma’am, what hosting platform you use. I’m currently working on a blog and the loading time is so slow. I look forward to hearing your suggestion ma’am. Thank you.


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