Few months ago, I watched a video where a young man in a music competition performed beautifully. Even though something was missing, you could tell he knew the chords. At the end, his rendition was rejected. What surprised me was the discussion that went on between the judges as he left the stage. They said he knew all the technicalities. He probably attended a good music school and went through serious music education. Still, there was no connection. You couldn’t feel the music. It was all in the head. It didn’t get to the soul.

I was amazed at their responses. I mean, this was not even a gospel performance and yet technicalities were not enough for this young dude to move to the next level.

It made me think about the life of the Spirit. Zoe. That God-life that takes a person messed up beyond repair to a solid vibrant individual with indescribable strength of character.

I have learnt over time that at the heart of any divine assignment is transformation. You can learn all the skills along with the ten thousand rule of practice. You can become so technical with fine-tuning your ministerial call and yes, you may be applauded for a job well done, but you might never reach the hearts of men.

Long before I knew my core drive was to impact, I already settled it in my heart that I was going to do transformation the right way. Every time I have tried to make great feats outside of the Spirit’s leading, I have felt dissatisfied or discouraged, no matter how much applause I received for it.

Here’s what I’m trying to say. If God has shown you certain things He wants you to do, you must allow Him lead you via the various channels and resources you need to run with your assignment. You may get men’s applause by emotional and intellectual arrangements but where lasting transformation is concerned, it comes only by the Spirit.

We don’t receive visions from the throne room and then run by our strength. Whatever is birthed by the Spirit must be completed by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the all-time equipper and it is from His step-by-step leading that the nitty-gritty of your purpose finds expression.

Your success in life is not primarily dependent on the big results that attends the things you do, it is based on your obedience per time to the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

Can I quickly share a few things about being equipped for your assignment?

1. Guard your intimacy with the Holy Spirit more than anything else.

Sometimes, it may seem that I’ve over flogged this matter of intimacy with the Lord. I know I talk about it a lot and I don’t think I’m going to ever stop. I want to be your alarm clock over this matter because I believe strongly that the sacredness of fellowship calls for constant reminders.

Can we talk about intimacy again?

Don’t spend time in prayers and in the Word only for your assignment. The focus should be on enjoying the Father-child relationship. We have been adopted as children into the family of God right? Get to know your Father.

Some are so wrapped up in “God, what’s my purpose, what’s my calling?” and all God wants is for them to spend time getting to know Him. We were called first to be with Him before the assignments.

I have had several encounters where the details of my assignment came outside of my prayer and study time. Some of the tools I needed for my assignment came to my awareness while I was busy with mundane stuff. However, because I have been soaked in prayers and the Word as a routine, I carried this sensitivity in my daily affairs of life.

Our first point of call in ministry is to the Lord. As you do this, you do not only create an avenue to receive details for God’s plan for your life, you also learn more about your Father and what He has provided for you in Christ.

Understand that you can’t run that vision without a fervent prayer life and attendance to the Word. In prayers you build convictions. You set the pace for what God wants to do through you. By deliberate declarations and attendance to the Word, wisdom flows.

The transformation you desire to see in the lives of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people through your hands must first start with your .

2. Acknowledge that you can build a stable relationship with the Lord.

Yesterday, while having a beautiful conversation with one of my covenant friends, she made a statement that held my heart. In her words, your relationship with God must move from duty to delight. While there is a place for duty and routine, at the heart of it must be a hunger for the Word. As you carry out that accountability structure, understand that it is not a religious obligation that you are being marked for, like an attendance for an award. You can’t impress God. He desires a sincere relationship with you. Do not rest in your pursuit of God until you hit that gusher…that place where you become an addict to the things of the Spirit.

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3. The classroom of the Spirit is where the release of life occurs.

For a man to fulfil all that God intends for him, He must train himself on how to draw wisdom from his spirit to his mind where such wisdom can be applied. I call this training the classroom of the Spirit.

How does this training happen? By meditation. You are missing out if you have not started employing deliberate meditation on God’s Word.

I know there is the place of meditation when you keep muttering God’s words as you move around, carrying your chores. However, there is actually the place of intense meditation that happens with your phones turned off and your gaze focused on God’s Word. Where you have your writing materials set and a heart ready to juice out light from scriptures. So much is birthed during times like that.

In this classroom, we receive directions per time on the steps to take for the fulfillment of God’s plan. In this place of training, we become highly sensitive and discerning. We know when God says, stop and when He is asking us to press further. Here, we recognize the difference between urgency and a rush of emotions.


Some months ago, I felt a nudging in my heart to read a book I’ve had in my e-library for while. It’s titled, The 5a.m club. I ignored the nudging at first but when it stayed stuck on my heart, I went for it. I was amazed at how the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see certain principles He wanted me to apply in the area of consistency.

I have had several experiences with the leading of the Spirit where He specifically guides me to certain intellectual resources that answered disturbing questions. I thought I was the only one with experiences like that until my friend shared her struggles with running an NGO for small business owners and how God opened her eyes to see specifically the eternal value that would arise from her obedience to that instruction.

Let’s be truthful, religion has been a big curse to many of us. We have limited ourselves because we think the Holy Spirit will only guide when it comes to spiritual matters. We forget that God is interested in every aspect of our lives and our assignments will require platforms to thrive.

While God’s eternal plan is that men be saved, He understands how influence in various fields and sectors can produce great opportunities and resources for the spread of the gospel.

Our direction is fixed on getting men saved and edifying believers, yeah? However, God wants you to excel in your sphere of influence. Intellectualism is not against faith. As long as you do not replace leading of the Spirit with the search for intellectual knowledge, God will lead you to specific resources that can further your career and make you a great influence in your industry.

I’ll end by saying…

We make impacts by the Spirit of God. Getting the needed equipping required for the vision God is placing before you requires listening per time to the Holy Spirit and making quick corrections when you veer off the track.

God will bring people around you will similar assignments. While they model the possibilities of what God can do through you, our part is to learn from their stories and patterns and from there build your own uniqueness.

I must also remind you that fulfilling God’s plan is established on trust. You must trust that when you yield to the Holy Spirit, you will receive the things you need per time to run with the plan of God for your life. Fear will bring you into the place of comparisons and get you worried and anxious unnecessary.

Will you just stay heavily and absolutely dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead you per time into God’s plan for your life?

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