At the moment I’m reading Francine Rivers latest book, ‘The Masterpiece.’ This is the second time I’ll be reading it and this time, I noticed some details I missed out at the first.

Anyway, I got to this part where the friends of the main character, Grace, registered her on a christian dating site without her consent. In another part of town, some of the youth members of a church set up their youth Pastor, a young widower, on that same dating site. Without knowing what was going on, the two of them had a date already fixed at a restaurant.

It was at the restaurant that Grace informed the Pastor about the set up and the Youth Pastor also explained that he had been set up too. From the story, the Pastor happened to be a genuine loving christian and as time went by, Grace got to meet and bond with his youth members and a strong friendship between the two was built.

At that moment it occurred to me, ‘Was it possible that if I googled Christian dating sites, something would come up? It had never occurred to me that such was possible. I knew there were general dating sites open to all but for sites set aside for christian singles, I wasn’t sure it existed. I decided to find out.

Before I could finish typing the words on the search bar, google brought up ‘christian dating sites in Nigeria.’

In my mind, I also shouted, ‘Are you kidding me? There was a site like this right here at home?’

It was a site for Nigerian christian singles to connect and build relationships. There were success testimonies, profiles of men and women, many of them seeking godly spouses and friendships. The Nigerian site isn’t as popular as the foreign ones. For most of the christian sites, their mission was to connect godly singles.

Looking beyond dating sites, I have heard and seen believers connect with their spouses for the first time via Facebook, Instagram and through some other online tools. A friendship was built and it graduated into an amazing relationship. Many of the friendships I have now started virtually. Still, we have heard of relationships that started online which ended with emotions messed up and hearts broken.

What do you think? Can God’s leading be found on social media where you’ve never met the other person physically?

Is it ok for believers to register and connect with others via these Christian dating sites? Is social media one of the ways God can connect godly Christian singles together? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments below.

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Does God’s will really exist?


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  • Well…..I know that God’s ways are past finding…..A sincere Christian should limit God in all areas of his life. In as much as we know that God could lead us as he pleases, we must be extra careful when it comes to social media connect. Physical features of whoever we meet should be a least deciding factor.
    My recommendation also is that the moments we begin to feel connect, we should give time to pray and make thorough background findings about family, principles of life, visions, aspirations etc of the person we are connecting with because we have so many wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    May God lead us aright.

  • Trust me I have never been a fan of meeting friend online not to talk of dating people online until some months back, my idealogy changed totally, God is the master Match maker, He works in mysterious ways you never can never tell.

  • Well, not that I’m being confined to morals, I don’t really find dating sites as something I would want to plunge into knowing how sour it usually turn into 😥. Although, I have had several testimonies from people finding their spouses on such platform 😁
    Only time will tell sha

  • God’s ways are past human imaginations. Therefore we can’t limit God.

    As believers, we should be directed by the Holy Spirit. If a believer feels led to go to the site…fine.
    The kind of counsel and advise the person will hear (no be for here sha😂😂😂)

  • I met you on social media, I could meet my man there too.

    The question now is about intentionally positioninh yourself on dating sites and how Christianly that is.

    I believe that as long as you don’t lose the basis of general Christian dating guidelines, why not?

    I won’t, for example, agree to a first date in his house, etc…

  • Well, for me I think one should be cautious about social media and online relationships. However, There are still very many Christian genuine relationships that have been birthed this way and are thriving. God can lead in any way. Someone like me, I’ve made friends and even getting married to someone that I never knew in person until after we’d prayed and were led to each other. So it happens. People who type behind screens are also real people. We must give a chance for the Holy Spirit to do His work & let God have His way

  • it is good and bad, it is good and OK if, even when we have know someone with intention of getting married to that person. We still allow God to have his way, but it is bad if we hopefully and limited God’s answer to our prayer of he bringing our life partner to us, to the internet. But may God guild and help us.
    My elder brother met his wife through Facebook and they are now legally and happily married.

  • We have met very wonderful people on social media why not our prospective spouse. He is still God that rules and reigns in all affairs of men

  • One of the many purposes social media exists is to build friendships. And whether on a physical or internet plane, friendships often start with the individuals being total strangers, then acquaintances, and then friends as their interests in each other build. Some of these friendships bud into marriage naturally.

    For the Christian, just as we let the Holy Spirit guide our choice of friends, we’re also expected to allow Him guide our choice of marriage partners. And if an individual we grow fond of via internet relations happens to fit our idea of ‘the one’, we must needs subject this fondness to the Spirit’s check as well, with all sincerity and lots of mature godly counsel. “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Prov. 3:6)

    Should Christians register and connect with others via Christian dating sites? Well, I believe that the goal of such registration would be to find someone you can connect with and, possibly, get married to. As much as the Bible neither condones nor condemns such sites, I truly believe that the originators of such sites had the pure motive (maybe Spirit-inspired, who knows???) of bringing men and women of like precious faith together to build godly relationships that MAY lead to marriage – pretty much the same reasons many believers date in the real world. That the purpose of such sites have sometimes been abused by unadvised persons does not make them ungodly. It is true that many people have been scammed via dating sites, but the same is true of real life dating too. At the end of the day, if one chooses to go through such sites, one should ensure that it is with pure motives and without a restraint by the Holy Spirit, for sometimes ‘what we seek in Sokoto is actually in our ṣòkòtò.’


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