I was lying down on the bed when I heard voices. I stopped to listen. It was the voice of a little girl and that of an adult.

‘Rita is very nice o.’ the girl was saying. ‘She gave me biscuit but I did not collect it. I tell her that-

‘I told her-‘ the man corrected.

‘I told her that my mummy say I should not collect anything from anybody.’

Peter chuckled.

‘Aunty Bimpe is my teacher. She has a tiny body, tiny like this.’ She stopped talking. I supposed she was gesturing with her hands. The man laughed.

‘Angel, go inside and see what mum is up too.I’ll join you soon.

She tottered and ran into the house shouting, ‘Mummy! Mummy! Daddy said I should see what you are up to. Where are you?’

I smiled. Someone coughed. I turned towards the face peering into my room from the window. Peter was standing there, beaming with smiles.

‘My love. You’ve been indoors for too long. Stand up and let’s go have fun together. I promise you, you’ll never forget this experience. C’mon.’

The door flung open. The little girl entered, holding a boy much smaller than she was.

‘Mummy!’ They chorused.

I woke up, beads of sweats covered my face.

Where am I? I whirled and behind me, there were Bibles scattered on the bed. Beside the pillow was an opened journal.Then I remembered that I had lodged into a hotel the previous night.

Lord, what are you saying? I muttered as my head touched the bed. My hands went behind my head and I played back the dream.

I will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me because she trusteth in me. 

Lord, I love Peter very much. Since I arrived here, he’s been in my thoughts but I’m afraid. Does he still loves me?

Trust me.

Strengthen my faith, oh Lord.

Songs of Solomon 2.

I reached for my Bible and flipped the pages till I got to the chapter impressed on my heart. I began to read the verses slowly. My eyes caught a verse. I stopped.

My lover is like a swift gazelle…Look, there he is, behind the wall, looking through the window, peering into the room.

I sat up. The dream. I continued reading.

My lover said to me, Rise up, my darling! Come away with me fair one. Look the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds have come…

I jumped from the bed, threw my things into my box and left the hotel. It was dark outside and quickly I boarded a taxi that pulled up in front of the house I have lived for the about five years. When I walked into the house, Peter and Yetunde were in the dining room. There were empty plates in front of them. Obviously, they had just finished dinner.

I frowned.

Have I made a mistake? Did I really hear God or was it my flesh that has been communicating with me and taking me through those scriptures? After all, Satan quoted the scriptures when he came to tempt Jesus. What do I do now?

They were shocked to see me standing at the entrance. Yetunde approached me and I didn’t know if I should be ready for another brawling session.

What she did next caught me unawares.

‘I’m sorry. Please forgive me.’ She was on her knees.

I pulled her up. She couldn’t look at my face. I hugged her and patted her gently.

‘Welcome back.’ She said, pulling my luggage away from my side and heading for my room. Peter stood in front of me, lost for words.

I looked around, a warm smile on my lips. ‘Hmmm…I’ve missed my house. I’m glad to be back.’

Peter grabbed me. I almost fell. I hugged him back and we stayed that way for some minutes. He turned his face away from me, glanced at me, sniffed, turned his back at me. I could see he was fighting tears. I hugged him from behind.

‘I love you.’

He faced me. ‘Kike, what if I’m not able to give you a child. What if we die, childless. I don’t trust this science thing. It’s going to be a miracle.’

I wrapped my fingers around his folded arms.’ As much as we want children, we can still be fulfilled without them.’

Peter’s lips trembled. I stilled my hands with his.

‘Peter, every child is a blessing, whether biological or not. If God chooses to send us children that aren’t our blood, they deserve to be loved.’

‘But you know how our society is. Adopted children do not the same recognition as the biological kids.’

‘We cannot allow the society dictate what is right or wrong for us. We trust God and allow Him lead us in whatever way he chooses.’

Locked heads. Jammed eyes. Flowing tears.

‘Kike, I love you. I pray God help me love you passionately till I breath my last.’

I smiled. My heart felt light, as if a heavy burden had been taken away.

And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your heart and your mind.

‘I love you too dear. Let’s go inside. I want the full gist of what you’ve been up since I left.’

As he chased me to the bedroom, I saw a grinning Yetunde standing at the feet of the staircase. She stepped away quickly as I ran up the stairs with Peter in hot pursuit.

That night we danced and jumped on the bed till the wooden structure that held the mattress gave way.

I’m glad to be home.

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Thanks for reading Dark Walls. I hope you’ve learnt something from this story. God still speaks…even when our walls are dark…

…And God said, ‘Let there be light…’

Surrender to God today and allow Him guide your heart aright.


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