I was standing by the window when Peter entered the room. His sister, Yetunde followed behind, holding his briefcase. I didn’t wait for Yetunde to leave before I exploded.

“Segun said you refused to run the tests.”

Peter fidgeted with his shirt buttons and pretended he didn’t hear me.

“Is that true?”

“I didn’t see the need to.” He faced me. “Why should I run the tests?”

“Why shouldn’t you?” I retorted. “I cannot carry a baby without the activation of an active sperm.”

Peter’s face went hot. ” what are you trying to say?”

“That it takes two to make a baby. ” I folded my hands and tapped my feet. Yetunde slipped out from the room.

“You must take that test.”

“No. I’m not running the test. I was not the one who slaughtered her foetuses like the butcher in an abattoir. It wasn’t me who slept with every Dick and Harry for goodness sake. Stop pushing the blame on me.”

I was mad with rage. ” if you have nothing to hide, you will run that test.”

Peter sat on the edge of the bed, backing me. “You are lucky I married you.” He muttered.

I stopped to process what I had just heard. What did Peter just say?

“Did you marry me because you felt pity for me?” Tears pressed my eyes.

“I’m sorry that slipped. I didn’t mean it.”

The tears were running down my face. Peter held my shoulders. ” I’m sorry. Baby let’s continue with the procedures. I’m sure things will finally work out. See, I’ve taken four days off work so we can go through this procedure together.”

“No!” I screamed. ” I’m not taking any more treatment.” I pushed his hand away.

The door flung open. Peter’s mother entered, vibrating. Her huge body filled the room.

“You are a fool to think my son is the cause of your barrenness. You should be grateful he married you but since you are stupid enough to think that he is impotent, I will prove it to you.”

“Yes mama, I need the proof. He must run the tests. “

Mama hissed. “Shio. Oniranu.” She turned to her son. “You will do that test and we will put the enemy to shame. After the result comes out, you will send her out of the house.” Mama marched out, raining curses into the air with her gestures.

I threw my black dress, towel and some toiletries into my small box and headed for the door. “Goodnight.”

He didn’t respond.

That night, as I lay back on the bed in the hotel room, Peter’s word played back a hundered times in my head.

You are lucky I married you.

Lord, is this the life you promised me?

I picked up my phone and dialed a number while I wiped away the tears that had formed on my eyelids.

“Hello” A baritone voice said.

My voice was shaky. “I’m in Rolex Hotel. Room 204.”

“Are you crying?” He asked.

“Please come.”

“Hang in there for me ok? I’ll be there shortly. “

The line went dead. My mind too went numb and I broke into heart breaking sobs.

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