I was drifting off to sleep when the intercom rang. I jumped to my feet and grabbed it.

“Hello.” I said, sleepily.

It was the receptionist. She wanted to know if I was expecting Wale. I answered in the affirmative. I sat on the wooden chair beside the bed and waited.

The knock was brief but firm.

I cleared my throat. “Come in.”

Wale entered. His broad body filled the room. I ran into his arms and stayed there as he rocked me gently just the way he’d always done back on campus. It amazed me that the nights I had rushed to his room in tears, he’d never for once made any advancement for sex.

I remembered one unforgettable night I had spent with an obese man whose body stank. He smelled like rotten eggs had been smeared all over his body. It had been an unbearable night. The man had practically raped me. By morning my face was covered in bruises and immediately I had rushed to Wale’s room. When he opened the door, I rushed into his arms and wailed like a baby. He made a warm bath for me and as we lay on the bed, I held him tight till I slept off. I woke up to an empty room and a note stating that he had gone for lectures. Every time I pleaded with him to take me to bed so I could repay his kindness, he would refuse.

As we stood in the center of the hotel room, Wale caressed my hair and whispered the words I had become familiar with.

“You’ll be fine.”

I pulled away and he led me to the bed. We sat still for what looked like eternity, our eyes locked.

“What happened?” He asked, breaking the silence.

I narrated the ordeal I’d been through with my husband and in-laws. My husband’s refusal to take the test, my frustration at the attitude of my mother-in-law and her daughters and my reluctance in continuing with the marriage.

“You should get a divorce. It’s not worth wasting your time on a man that has no value for you. “

I sighed deeply.

“If you need a place to stay, my house is opened.”

I smiled. “Your wife wouldn’t approve of a stranger intruding into her privacy.”

“We are divorced.”

I gaped at my friend. That was impossible. Wale could not hurt a fly. He was a perfect gentleman.

“Don’t ask me the details. I don’t want to talk about it.”

I was lost for words.”I’m sorry about this. You must be going through a tough time now.”

Wale nodded. ” I miss my daughter.”

‘But you could get to see her regularly.”

“That’s difficult now that Jane has moved to Ghana.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you. I didnt-“

He placed his finger on my lips. ” I’m glad I’m here.”

We talked, laughed, played. Wale didn’t leave the room until midnight. As I walked him to the door, he stood in front of me.Electric waves shot through my body. Would he kiss me? I wanted that badly. His eyes were searching mine and he swallowed hard as he cupped my chin in his strong hands. My heart thumped.

He kissed me lightly. I closed my eyes, hoping he’d go deeper. Instead he looked at me longingly.

“I love you Kike. I’ve always loved you.”

My hands trembled. I wanted more than he was offering. If he leads me to the bed, I will not resist, I muttered.

“You deserve the best. Get that divorce settled and let me give what deserve.”

He walked out of the room, leaving me standing at the door helpless. My hormones were restless, very restless.

I didn’t sleep through out that night. Was it a right decision to marry Wale? Doesn’t God frown against divorce? How will I end up with a man who strongly kicks against the existence of God? I battled with those thoughts until I slept off. When I woke up, it was already 10a.m. There was a missed call from my boss. I knew that in order to save my head, I had to turn in sick. I had just ended the call to my boss when my phone rang.

“Kike where are you?”

Kemi. I remained silent.

“I know you can hear me. If you are interested in the results, call me as-“

“I’m right here. “

“You husband is in the hospital. The results of the test should be ready today.”

Later that evening, I walked into Segun’s consulting room. My husband was already seated and I settled for a chair beside him.

“Its good to see you again, Kike” Kemi’s husband uttered.

“How did the test go?” I was ready to get over with it.

“I have a low sperm count.”

I turned to my husband swiftly. What does that mean, I wanted to ask. But I already knew what it meant.

“Your husband needs your support as he goes through the treatment procedure. And there is nothing to worry about. It’s a case that can be handled. You will carry your child soon.”

I glanced from my husband to the doctor. I was dumbstruck. I grabbed my bag and stormed out of the consulting room.

The story continues

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