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In a sermon I listened to, Keith Moore’s wife shared an experience where an old woman hit her several times with a walking stick while she was trying to cast demons out of her. If you’ve followed Kenneth Hagin’s ministry, you might as well have seen Keith Moore minister in songs during Bro Kenneth meetings. This possessed old woman had showed up at the office, causing distractions, and the first thing that came to Phyllis Moore’s mind was to take her to a corner to deal with the devil in her. She eventually had to escape for her dear life.

Phyllis Moore said that as she grew more in the understanding of the working of the Spirit, that she understood how she’d have acted better in that situation.

Many times, certain negative circumstances happen in our lives and we jump at trying things out without first listening to our spirit to know how to address the situation. I have been a victim of attacks that dragged until, in the place of seeking for light, I was able to see what was required to address those attacks.

The devil comes with different strategies, tactics, ploys. He uses fear, discouragement, sicknesses, hopelessness, depression to weaken us and when we respond by our preconceived solutions, we find that for several years, we go round a circle, frustrated, wondering if God really speaks.

Light-That’s how we handle spiritual attacks the right way.

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When a pattern keeps reoccurring for a long time, many times it’s because light into that situation has not been accessed.

There’s a popular story of a lady who had marital delay for several years because of encounters she had with a demonic personality at night. It was so bad that whenever a guy showed interest in her and this demon in a human form appeared, he would lose interest. This went on for years even after she stepped into her 40s. One day, the revelation of a particular scripture hit her…

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.’

The night he showed up again as always, she spoke the word and he disappeared and never returned. She is married now.

Knowledge is a big deal. There was a lady I had several discussions with on our righteousness in Christ and the forgiveness of sins and it ended years of a particular demonic torture. When light shows up, darkness will have to bow.

You can’t go far in dealing with spiritual attacks without a revelation of God’s word.

Meditating on God’s word is how light is birthed forth. You gaze so much on God’s word and light, wisdom will flood your mind.

If you are a believer, you have a responsible father who desires to reveal the tactics of the devil. The foundation for this requires an understanding that God loves you unconditionally…that His desire every time is to rescue you from the arrows of the devil.

When you think that God punished you with sicknesses and he is torturing you with those attacks because of something you did wrong, it actually proves that you have a myopic, distorted understanding of his nature.

The devil is at the center of every evil thing and even if you have exposed yourself to the devil through a sinful lifestyle, God’s thought flows in one direction: Restoration.

More than anything, He wants you to see that He is for you. He wants to show you how to maintain the victory Christ has given to you and how to use your authority.

Maybe you need to flush your mind first if you have believed that the attacks confronting you are a payback by God for your past. God loves you. The Holy Spirit has been waiting for you to respond to him.

Even if you stepped out of God’s covering by disobedience, it’s a matter of renewing your mind and realigning yourself to God’s will. Dig into an understanding of the nature of the Father from the Epistles. Listen to sermons that teach on the unconditional love of God towards us. You need this light to break free. Will you begin to pray Ephesians 3:17-19 daily and give room for the expression of His love?

Let me say that, one of the biggest weapons of the devil against the believer is fear. He wants you to keep running from pillar to post, scrambling for solutions. He actually enjoys it. He loves that you have told everyone about those dreams that scared the hell of you. He loves how your heart beat every night when you can’t sleep because you are afraid. He loves to lay low for a few days and then show up again with his weapons.

He loves when you complain and whine about your financial state, he enjoys the way you suspect almost everyone around you when things aren’t working out. He laughs when you sit in your room, refusing to read the word and rather binge– watch movies for hours because you are looking for ways to suppress that feeling of depression.

Here’s what he does not want you to do. Get into the word and soak it in. He hates when you meditate on God’s word. He is vexed when you pull out scriptures concerning those situations and speak words over them. With weapons of condemnation, guilt, fear, discouragement, he seeks to stand against every desire for intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

You know his plans nevertheless and you’ll kick against them, yeah? You’ll meditate, confess, keep your gaze fixed on God’s word. You pray the Pauline prayers, you listen for wisdom and you follow.

That’s what we do!

Remember 2 Peter 1 verse 3?

According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.

There is no short-cut where spiritual matters are concerned. You can’t win with logic. You can’t rely on the sense realm. Find out what the Holy Spirit is saying. Chase revelation knowledge.

Do you really know who you are?

Do you know that the incredible greatness of God’s power resides in you?

Do you know you can discern properly how to address every situation?

Do you even know there is the law of the Spirit of life?

There are some challenges that should not take so long to deal with when knowledge comes into play.

Revelation knowledge is the light that brings freedom. Stay there enough and you’ll be empowered with the requisite wisdom per time.

Let me just end by saying that,

When a situation seem stubborn and a pattern has continued despite several calls for prayers, ask yourself, could this be a knowledge problem?

You might want to stop shooting shots randomly and find out the mind of God concerning the situation. The way to start is by praying the Pauline prayers regularly. You’ll find them in Ephesians 1:17-19, 3:16-19, Philemon 1:6, Colossians 1:9)

It’s not enough to have faith that God will work in those areas that stands as insurmountable mountains, it is important to know how faith works, and knowledge is how this is done.

…Fill your thoughts with my words until they penetrate deep into your spirit. As you unwrap my words, they will impart true life and radiant health into your being. Proverbs 4:21,22

We have a responsible Father. We are loved by Him.

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