Dear Bisola,

I miss you.

Right now, I’m on my bed thinking of you and wondering when you’ll return from your trip to Kunshawa. It’s been five days since I heard your sweet voice.

Fine, I know you told me to expect a break in communication but I can’t imagine I’ll not be able to talk to you for another two weeks. Which of the villages have you moved to now? When will you be returning to Challawa? At least the network there is still great. How’s the outreach going? I can’t wait to hear the full gist.

I miss our talks, our discussions, and most of all our prayer time.

The day you left for Kunshawa, I woke up the next morning at 6a.m feeling bad that I had slept beyond our regular devotional time. Quickly I dialed your number and when it didn’t go through, I remembered you were far from my reach. It took me three days to realise that of a truth, we won’t be able to spend time together till you return.

Bisola, I’m left with only beautiful memories. Remember when I lost my job last year shortly after dad died and I felt really down? You were with me that evening at the eatery and for hours, we sat in silence. It was as if you knew I just wanted you by my side, not saying a word. When I asked that you pray with me cos I had lost the strength to pray, you held my hands and I saw the tears in your eyes.

Those words you said to God that day brought a sweet calmness to my heart. Remember the next morning, you called and in your soft beautiful voice reminded me of the promises of God. I didn’t want to hear them but then the moment you began to speak, I didn’t want you to stop.

I remember when we had our first misunderstanding. You went to purchase a phone when I’d told you I would get one for you. I was so upset. I wanted to be your man, your provider, at least for some of the things you needed. I knew your concern since I was down on cash but still I wanted you to know that I could take care of you. Well, call it a man’s instinct.

It’s amazing how we have grown to be great friends over the several months we courted. There is always something to talk about. A scripture here, some intimate questions there. It seem we can’t get enough of knowing each other.

How you light up the love for God in my heart amazes me. You make me want to come home from work and sit with the word because I know you’ll be doing same. When we talk, I feel strengthened in my spirit.

Last week, when I visited mum, she looked at me and said, ‘Bayo, there is this glow on your face that I can’t explain.’ But can mum understand? Can she see the deep thirst and longing to know Jesus. Can she understand this love for something unexplainable that you’ve stirred in my heart?

I still remember the words from our last prayer time together…In fact,during my devotion yesterday, I raised those words to God again and I know you would want me to pen them down here: ‘…That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ may give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him. That we may know what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us who believe.’ I can already see these words take shape on your lips.

I can’t wait for you to return back from the medical outreach. Even after two years of courting you, if I had an opportunity to propose again, I’ll choose you again and again. Come back quickly and let’s walk together to the altar doused in God’s grace. With God on our side, we will face every battle, we will fulfil God’s plan together.

I have to end here. Bro Paul is waiting outside. They’ve got all they came for and will have to commence the journey to Kunshawa soon.

Do you know Mr Kalu has been transferred to Lagos branch? I have a new boss now. There are lot of things to talk about. Till you return.

I love you.


It’s OK to hang out, to remind yourselves how much you love each other and to plan for your marriage and future.

But the power of prayer and sharing of the word together…that’s unbeatable. It is awesome. It is fresh air in a polluted world.

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Love that sees beyond the surface

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