Bible Reference:2 Kings 9:6-10, 10:30

There was a time in my life when I was eager to do so many things at almost the same time. I wanted to be a chef,a business guru, a music artiste, a screenplay writer, a film editor, a camera handler, a photographer, an actress, a movie director, and so many other things that I cannot remember at the moment.But as time passed by, I was forced to ask myself; what exactly is my primary assignment? Then I began to talk to the Lord.

Today as we look into Jehu’s pursuit of that specific instruction given to him by God, I am amazed at Jehu’s focus and clear direction. God specifically directed him to utterly deal with the house of Ahab and I noted that Jehu pursued that assignment dilligently and singlemindedly. No wonder God blessed him even to his fourth generation.

It’s good to have a general idea of many things but what God expect from every of His child is a clear focus on their primary assignment or assignments.Remember, assignments have one major purpose: To bring men into a deep connection with God.


Have you found out your purpose for existence?

Do you have scribbled down words, thoughts that God has placed in your heart concerning what your coming days will look like?

What steps are you taking to excel in your area of primary assignment?

You can share your thoughts on the bible references as well as on the questions.

About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.



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