We cannot ignore the fact that the rate of divorce keeps increasing or the fact that there are men and women enduring marriages, crying every night and wishing they had made a better decision. There are also those who have been on fire for the Lord while on campus but after they got into the real world, work and responsibilities took over.

The issues of the heart- relationships, emotions, discerning God’s mind and leading will always remain top on the chart of what gets many young Christians confused. Because we have the tendency to forget, there is the need to find an environment where young people can express themselves and address issues that concerns them.

There are brothers with so much ‘spirikokolism’ in them that they lack the simplest idea of a lady’s make-up. It is not also new to find a sister saying Yes to a proposal on the basis of how affectionately she was treated by a brother who may just know the right buttons to press to get to her heart. It is not uncommon to find singles jumping from one relationship to another in search of a partner

Where there is knowledge, the rooms are furnished with valuable, beautiful things. Proverbs 24:4 (GN)

The other day I was on YouTube and saw so many videos on relationships, tons too numerous to count. Everyone seem to be saying something. We need a place where God’s pattern for marriage will be revealed and an avenue where our hearts will be stirred to seek God more.

In the church I attended during my chambers attachment, we had a solid Singles fellowship with activities that ran from January to December. There were sessions we had with the Senior Pastor of the church, outreaches where we invaded the streets with the gospel, weekly meetings, movie nights, and many other activities.

We had a place to call ours and it was easy to know who attended meetings and who didn’t. Even though I was new there, It created a sense of belonging and helped me to quickly adapt.

Again, activities in singles fellowships are not limited to discussions on human relationships, such gatherings also presents a perfect place to get intimate with the Lord.

I know some assemblies embodied theirs into the Youth arm but there are still other places where young adults do not have a place to fit in.

When prayerfully done, It could be an avenue where deep friendships are built, a place for community, a place where confused singles facing pressure find help and most importantly, a place where spiritual growth, development of prayer life and opportunities for mentoring takes firm roots.

If this burden is already in your heart, why don’t you take a step further by making a proposal to the Senior Pastor of your church.

If you already have one on ground and you are wondering what topics to pick from for the next singles meeting, below are few suggested topics that might be helpful.

1. Why am I still single?

There is the notion that it is shameful if you are single at a certain age. This is wrong. Singleness is a gift. There are impacts that can be made at this phase of singleness. Give practical examples. Talk about purpose and living fully as a single.

2.The real men.

This is a forum for brothers. A detailed discussion on God’s expectations from them and their place in the plan of God.

3. The Godly Single and Spiritual Warfare.

The basis of the study of this text is derived from Ephesians 6: 10-.12.  Young adults need to know what is available to them in Christ and how to use their authority in Christ to resist the devil.

4. Can I ever be free from addictions.

It is no news that porn and masturbation has hit the church real hard. Lots of young adults struggle with this again and again. This is an issue that the church cannot look away from. Covenant Eyes is one great place to get resources on addiction.

5. Building Healthy relationships.

Even in the church of God, we can relate with the opposite sex in a healthy manner. Issues like lusts, emotional attachments can be raised under this topic.

6. Growing spiritually.

This could be a discussion forum where scriptures are laid out on the importance of spiritual growth and how to go about it.

Read: 10 powerful scriptures for your spiritual growth.

7. Does God’s will really exist?

This is one question that has been a controversy within the body of Christ. So many myths flying around. What does God’s word says concerning listening to the voice of God? How can we fulfil God’s will in every area of our lives? How do we follow the plan and leading of God.

8. What many married couples are not telling you.

Couples who have been married for many years can be invited to the meeting where they share some of their experiences and remind singles that marriage goes beyond the fantasy and romance. This should be as practical as possible.

9. The team spirit: Together we can achieve more.

This helps create community spirit in the hearts of the singles. There are lots of things singles can do together. Brainstorm on creative ideas and list out what is needed to achieve them.

10. Trusting God while you wait.

This could include handling pressure from folks as well holding on to God’s promises while you expect God’s manifestation.

11. The truth about falling in love.

What really does falling in love means and how can singles control their emotions. Also included in this topic: importance of letting go quickly and avoiding assumptions.

12. The fruit of the Spirit.

This can be a long study that could take several weeks where practical applications of the components of this fruit is discussed and ways of how to apply them to our lives.

13. Let’s take out the trash: Detox.

Practical ways of letting out those toxic emotions and drinking fresh from the fountain of life again.

14. Maximizing your singleness and staying contented.

What are your gifts and calling? Have you found your purpose and the reason for your existence? What is God’s expectation for singles.

15. Developing a solid relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the spirit and allowing the Holy Spirit lead every step of the way. Also,  what does it take to become familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I believe that with diligent research on these topics and looking intently into the Word, you’ll be able to gain more insights.

Do you have any suggestions you would like to add to this? Is there a singles fellowship in your church? What ideas from your fellowship would you like to share.


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Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.



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