By Princess Faith Thomas 

When I first heard about garri chips, I was thrown into a bout of laughter. ‘How is that even possible? ‘ I asked, my questions were directed to no one in particular but myself.

‘Nigerians and their many inventions!

Anyway, since I’m one given to food experiments, I decided to help myself and believe you me, it ain’t something you gonna regret. The taste was just heavenly.

Garri (a.k. a cassava flakes), principally ingested in West Africa, has been known for its great prowess as it has been used for the production of diverse dishes.

It could be taken as a full meal in its solid form(popularly called ‘Eba’), a cereal or a snack. Garri, as students say, is a life saver.

So without further ado, let’s get to how to prepare scrumptious garri chips.

Ingredients :

2 cups of garri
A pinch of salt
2 table spoonsful of sugar
A cube of maggi
1 large onion
2 fresh pepper (rodo/scotch bonnets)
Vegetable oil
2 eggs

Steps :

1. Pour the garri into a bowl.

2. Add salt, sugar, maggi, diced or grated onions and pepper.

3. Mix the ingredients with the garri thoroughly and set aside.

4. Boil water and pour into the garri and mold it into a solid form(eba) . (It shouldn’t be too soft or too thick)

5. The beaten eggs should come next in the molded garri. Mix evenly with the garri dough.
Wash your hands and mold into desired shape.

6. Fry on low-medium heat. You don’t want your garri chips roasted now, do you?
Ta-da! Your delicious garri chips is ready.
Bon appétit!

P.S: If you discover that the dough became too soft after adding the eggs, prepare another eba and add to it to get your desired thickness.
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