When I first saw this movie in the cinema, I didn’t really connect with the story on a spiritual level. It’s a faith-based movie, right? What else is a Christian movie meant to do if not to draw people to Christ.  It was when I got home and replayed some of the scenes in my head that the real message behind God calling began to make sense.

I must say, the movie has such spiritual depth that the import is not quickly felt. I see the movie as more symbolic than literal. Except you scratch beyond the surface, all you may see at first glance are high quality pictures and beautiful faces.

What exactly is God calling about?

A woman, (Zainab Balogun) suffers a tragedy that turns her life around and gets her on a battle of faith, self- discovery, freedom from drug addiction, discovery of life purpose which not only affects her own life but reflects in the lives of those around her. In the movie, we find healing, hope, call to mission and many of the things God has made available to us in Christ, through the lens of modern technology.

A thousand and one calls rings in my ears as I think about that movie. Here are the salient lessons I pondered on from watching God Calling:

1. God always desires to speak to us even in the midst of those challenges that come unexpectedly. Whether it is in the moment of grief brought by the loss of a dear one or when faced with all forms of adversities, He is right there. The God of the mountain is still God in the valley

2. When we respond to God’s call through meditating on his word and allowing the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts, we find calmness. An unspeakable joy fills our hearts. This was what happened to Sarah, the major character in the movie when she finally picked God’s call after months of helplessness and despair.

My best scene in the movie was the conversation Sarah had with God at the beach. Did you see how her face glowed as she spoke to God on the phone? I know that feeling. I have been in situations where I literally wanted to give up but when I turned to God even when I didn’t feel like it, the joy that flowed afterwards was amazing.

3. Sarah’s fall off that bridge was very significant for me. God is always right there at the valley ready to pick us up. This God never gives up on us. I saw the love of a father, the compassion and the heart that cares. I’m reminded of this verse;

…and that ye may be fully capable of comprehending with all the saints the width, length and height and depth of His love(fully experiencing that amazing, endless love and that ye may come to know the love of Christ which far surpasses mere knowledge…Ephesians 3:18,19 (AMP)

4. The conversation between Sarah and the Pastor clarifies the symbolisms and made it clear how to hear God when He calls us.

The bible was presented as the manual by which every believer could indeed hear God’s voice. How do you find the mission and purpose for your life? By spending time with the Word. How do you let go of anxiety and bring an end to confusion? Renewing your mind with God’s Word. How do you find hope for the journey ahead? Again, God’s Word. Jesus said, the Word I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life.

5. The first call God offers to any human is the call to salvation. A call to begin a relationship with God. While this wasn’t expressed clearly in the movie, it could however be implied.

6. God is calling us to fulfil the purpose for which we have been created. We are his masterpiece created in Christ Jesus unto good works prepared for us long before now. When God called Sarah to become a missionary and she responded, he sorted out the oppositions especially her husband’s reaction to her call. There was healing and unity brought to the extended families as well as a restoration of her friend’s marriage on the verge of divorce. All because she answered the call.

7. I saw a call from God to say No to sexual temptation. A call to say no to earthly gains in neglect of God’s directive. The couple was ready to obey God’s call even if it meant losing everything they had.

8. I saw that call to freedom from drug addiction. In Christ, every form of addiction can give way. I remember when she held that substance and wondered how something so powerless could hold a person captive and afterwards turned it into the toilet bowl. It was a reminder that when Christ went to the cross, addictions was nailed to the cross too.

9. There was a call for couples to be united because once they begin to speak the same language, there is nothing that can stop them. The power of unity was clearly portrayed here.

Personally, I am reminded that those nudges are responses from God who always desires to communicate with me. More than anything, he wants to commune and share deep secrets with me.

While War Room by the Kendrick Brothers opens our eyes to see the benefit of speaking to God concerning the issues we face, God calling by BB Sasore lets us see that God also desires to  speak with us. Are we going to pick his call and listen to what He has to say?

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “ Lord , I am coming.”
Psalms 27:8 NLT


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