I watched God’s not Dead 2 for the fourth time few weeks ago. There is something about that movie that keeps drawing me to see it again and again. I’m not so sure if it’s because the story takes me down memory lane to my days as a secondary school teacher or if it is the protagonist’s resilience in the face of opposition. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed watching this movie.

God’s not dead 2 is nothing compared to the first part.  The first for me was a jumbo of plots that never synched. Not that this movie didn’t come with its flaws, but one could see that the main plot had a consistent flow. God’s not dead 2  has great spiritual depth, reminding every believer saved by Grace what it means to stand as a Christian.

So what exactly is this movie about?

A high school teacher named Grace (Melissan Jaon Hart) is asked a question in her history class relating to Jesus and her response puts her in trouble with the school board who felt the answer she gave was against school policies. She is asked to write an apology letter and make a declaration never to mention the name Jesus in class again. Grace maintains her stand. In her own words,

‘I’ll rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God. I’m not going to be afraid to say the name Jesus.’

The matter is taken to court. If she loses, apart from being fired,her teaching certificate would be revoked.

First of all, the music got me hooked from the beginning. I am a gospel rock fan and so the opening just caught my heart with the Halleluyah song. Oh God! I love, love it.

The scene that first brought a smile to my face was the creativity that played out in Grace’s classroom. It reminded me of my days as teacher and how I disliked the ‘one way traffic’ teaching method. I loved that Grace created a relaxed atmosphere for her students and made learning interesting. A statement she made at the staff room also stuck with me when one of the teachers complained about some of the students.

Grace responded by saying;

‘The difficult students can be a blessing.’ How sweet. Have you ever taught stubborn and naughty teenagers?

Grace’s calmness and courage before the school board as she maintained her stand for Christ is one every believer should draw from. She was a woman of strong conviction. All through the movie, she maintained a confidence that’s rare. Even when the case was going against her badly, she refused to back down.

In her private corner, when despair seemed to kick in, she showed me what God expects of every believer in the face of difficult situations: Turn to his Word. Never for once did she whine or curse or grumble against her accusers.

When the press joined in by supporting her opponents, she was so discouraged but God raised encouragements for her. Some students showed up at her door singing, ‘How great Thou art.’  Ok, I cried at that point. I learnt something strong there. In our difficult moments, God sends encouragements to us

God’s Not Dead 2 is a movie you just have to see. However, this movie will only sit with believers. Atheists will hate this movie with every breath in them especially as it presents them as cruel, uncaring to their families, and every shade of evil.

The subplots seemed rushed, especially the appearance of the journalist who got healed of cancer. I could barely connect to her appearance in the movie.

God’s not dead 2, a 2016 movie, was shot with a budget of 5 million dollars and made a sum of 24 million dollars. The third part of this movie was released early this year. Critics for the first time since the production of the God’s not dead series seemed to embrace the third part. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

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Below is the trailer of God’s not dead 2. 




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