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I don’t get it. When I said No to Bro Yemi’s proposal, most of the sisters in the Executive unit took the matter personally…One even rolled her eyes at me in disgust.

Abeg, can’t I make my choice?

Hear what one sister said.

‘Who in her right frame of mind would say No to the Papa of the second largest campus fellowship in Uniben.’

This was my blunt response. ‘He is Papa, so what?’

Even my friends did not back me up.

‘Babe, are you okay?’

Another one said, ‘Girl, forget all that God isn’t leading me speech you’ve been giving us. Let’s be practical. This is what every christian girl wants. He loves God, he is friendly, he is… Do you know his father is a top management staff in Chevron?’

My friends took the matter to Mummy Dickson, the wife of my fellowship patron. She sat me down and launched into a long story of her seven years of marital bliss before pointing out that  I was making a mistake by rejecting Yemi’s proposal.

I left her house dejected and confused. But as I knelt beside my bed, God spoke again. The same words I have heard over and over.

They that are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

I knew at that moment that no matter what, I was going to follow God’s leading. I had a strong relationship with Him. Right from SS2, I had known what university to attend, the course to study…I was familiar with his voice.

So when David approached me and made his intentions known to me several months after Yemi’s proposal, I just smiled. Everything was falling into place just as God said it would.

That happened last year. I wonder why the incident flashed through my mind as I studied at the faculty of social sciences. It was already 9p.m and the students on ‘night duty’ were already trooping in. Some would hit the sack before midnight, their notebooks opened in front of them, only to wake up at dawn. They would return to the hostels, basking in the cheers by roommates who called them ‘scholars’ ‘bookworm’ ‘efiwe.’ But the semester results always exposed the truth. With carryovers slapped on their palms, you’d find them crying. It wasn’t uncommon yo hear words like ‘And I read every night.’ ‘Why is God so wicked. I can count the number of times I slept on my bed.’

Closing my textbook, I decided it was time to return to the hostel. Just then, a young boy walked in. Fine. Tall. Confident. He reminded me of my younger brother who had died some years back from cerebral malaria. I had seen him in my fellowship but never gave him any thought whatsoever.

He stood in front of the class and began to preach. He spoke with so much passion that almost everyone stopped to listen to him. It was obvious God’s grace was on his life.

When he finished preaching and left the lecture hall, I stood up and decided to talk to him, to encourage him and establish friendship with him.

As I stepped out, I saw he was already talking to a lady, slender, dark skinned and really beautiful. I passed by them and heard her saying she had a little problem and needed his help. Later, I approached him and got to know his name. Oluwasegun.

Over the next few months, I saw Segun and this lady together every time. There was something about her that disturbed my spirit.

But how’s this my business. Campus is a different world and I was not sent to monitor anyone. Yet, I couldn’t get Segun out of my mind.

I told David about it. He advised that I pray and allow God teach me what to do. That was exactly what I did. I prayed.

One evening, at the fellowship secretariat, some of the Exco members were talking about Segun.

‘That brother is a deceiver. I hear he sleeps with some of the girls in Hall 2. They meet in the love gutter around 1a.m.’

‘You are right o. I pity him. He just wants to ruin his future.’

‘He is using his academic prowess to get hold of these girls. I hear he is the best in his class.’

‘There is one particular girl he is always walking with. I’m very sure they have been committing fornication. That brother is an achan in our camp.’

‘Exactly, I have told Pelumi and Biodun to stay away from him.’

Angry, I excused myself and left the secretariat. I prayed as I walked to my hostel. My heart was burdened for him that  I felt so much pain in my chest.

I was just about flagging down a taxi when I saw him standing in front of a classroom. He turned his face away the moment he sighted me but I smiled and walked up to him. I asked him about his studies and was going to fix a time for a private chat when the dark skinned lady came out of a class. She looked more beautiful than the night I had seen her with Segun.

Our eyes locked and immediately, I felt a strong evil presence like thick darkness descending and trying to choke me. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the car park.

‘Sis Bola, I don’t want to talk to Eseosa again but every time I see her, I feel so weak. My prayer life has gone down. I can’t remember when last I read my bible. Each time I open the bible, my mind goes to our first kiss.’ Segun said to me some weeks after we began to talk.

I knew he was new in the faith, having just met Christ some months ago. I opened the bible, showed him scriptures, prayed with him and assured him that he had the strength to break away from her.

But just a week later, in Ekosodin, I saw Segun heading walking towards a building. I followed him.

When he turned and saw me, he sighed.

‘I’m sorry, Sis Bola. I-‘

‘Call her. Tell her you are around. ‘

He did.

‘She said I should come to her room. I refused the first time. I’m not comfortable going in.’

‘You have to be bold. I’ll be standing at the entrance. Tell her you are not interested anymore.’

When we got to the building, he exhaled before stepping in front of her door. I stopped him. Sincerely, I don’t know what was controlling my actions. He stepped aside and I exhaled, opening the door slowly.  When I entered the room, she stood up from the bed, stark naked. Shocked, she grabbed a blanket and covered herself.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘Stay away from my brother. Whoever sent you, tell them your mission has failed.’

It never occurred to me that the battle was not over.

At 3a.m, I woke up panting. In a dream, I had seen this lady take a keg of petrol and a box of matches and was walking towards Segun’s room. I stood in her way right at his entrance and we fought. She grabbed my hand to bite me and I kicked her hard. She fell and her head landed on the floor. I woke up.

I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and called David. Thankfully, he had just finished praying and was getting ready for bed.

With the speakerphone turned on, we prayed in tongues.

Early the next morning, Segun called. His voice shook so much that I could barely hear him. A python had entered his room and just as it charged at him, it disappeared. Few minutes later, the lady entered with a club and as she made to hit him, she slipped and fell. She screamed and disappeared.

‘Sis Bola, I am afraid. This girl will ruin me. I’ll never be able to get away from her.’

I smiled. For a baby in Christ, I knew there was so much to learn. It was time to introduce him to Femi and Uyi who were specialists in raising healthy baby boys. I dialed Femi’s number.

‘Hello Femi. I have a baby for you.’


And a certain Jew named Apollos, an eloquent man and mighty in the scriptures came to Ephesus… and he began to speak boldly in the synagogue; whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took unto him and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. Acts 18:24,28

…As new born babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby. 2 Peter 2:2

In the coming year, more hearts will be turned to the Lord. More hungry babies who have been fed with junks and religious nonsense will desire the pure milk of the Word. But how can we present fresh milk to these babies when we are starved of spiritual food ourselves.

2019 is calling believers to seek and long for a revelation knowledge of Jesus. It is a call to push aside traditions and religion and settle for a real relationship with Jesus. It is a year to get addicted to communion with the Holy Spirit who is our seal and hope of eternal redemption.

In the coming year, There are people God will bring our way to help foster their growth. There are articles, movies, words, sermons that’ll cause lots of fainting believers to take their stand against the deception of the devil. The question will be..will God be able to count on us?

Merry Christmas. As always, Jesus is the reason for the season.

@Ife Grace.

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