On this particular night, Yetunde went for a prayer vigil. The venue of the meeting was her prayer partner’s house. She left behind her husband, Yemi, a 22 year old spiritual daughter and two kids.

Her spiritual daughter, Opeoluwa, has a very beautiful body. Front-set. Back- enormous. Hips-on point. Face-attractive.

The kids were fast asleep while Ope washed the dishes that night. She had just reached for a napkin to clean the kitchen table when she felt hands on her waist. Startled, she turned. Yetunde’s husband stood behind her, a broad grin on his face. Ope smiled back and continued with her work.

He stood beside her and allowed his hands slide down her back. Ope, uncomfortable moved to the other side of the kitchen where a dish rack stood. She began to arrange the dishes from a big bowl to the rack

Yemi still wouldn’t get the message. He moved closer again and this time touched her cheeks.

‘I’m really taking care of you here. Look at your cheeks.’ He laughed. After she placed the last plate on the rack, she decided it was time to get out of the kitchen.

‘Sir, I have to go to bed now.’

Her heart pounded as he moved closer. She remembered many times he had hugged her so tightly whenever Yetunde was out of the house. She’d watched him steal glances at her chest when his wife wasn’t looking. What would he do now?

Lord, please get me out of this. I’m not coming to this house ever again. 

His eyes burned with lust. ‘It’s still early joor. Let’s talk.’

‘Sir, I have to go and read my books.’

As she hurried out of the kitchen, Yemi pulled her back. Before she could protest, he covered her mouth with his and pushed her towards the wall. She struggled but his hands were strong.

‘Please Ope, stop fighting me. You know I love you so much. I want you like crazy right now and I promise nobody will know about this.’

The more he played rough with her, the harder it was for her to get away from him.


Yemi stopped, the voice quenching the passion that had consumed him. He pulled away quickly.

His six year old daughter was standing at the entrance, watching them.

‘Go to your room now!’ Yemi barked at Ope. She ran into her room and locked the door.

The next morning, the girl spilled the news to her mother in very clear terms.

‘Mummy, I saw Daddy kissing Sis Ope.’

Yetunde was mad with fury. For the first time, Ope saw a side of her spiritual mentor she never knew existed.

Yetunde called her a seducer and a witch. She rained curses on her before throwing her things out of the house.

Yemi stood behind his wife, folding his hands and watching the drama between his Yetunde and Ope.

Yetunde swore never to allow any young lady into her house again.


First question, is that going to stop him from having sex if another opportunity outside of his familiar environment shows up?

I have discovered, there is a root to every sexual pervasion that God’s Word kicks against.

It is Lust.

Lust is the reason a married man will have sex outside of marriage.

Lust is the platform upon which porn, masturbation and every form of sexual sin thrives.

Lust is the reason behind rapes, sexual abuse, and all form of lasciviousness.

Evidence abound that marriage does not cure lust. It may be supressed at the sight of something exciting but as usual with every form of lust, the excitement dies and new desires are sought for. So if as a single, lust is not dealt with, a change of status will not cure it.

Coming soon!

A tree with lust at its root will produce impure fruits. Always, a fruit is known by the tree. So can we just turn our attention for a moment from the fruit to the root? Because if you pluck out all of the fruits, there is 100% possibility that more fruits will spring forth in no time.

We miss it when we think the problem is with the lady whose laps are revealed to all to see or the woman whose breasts are almost falling out. We think the real issue is how corrupt the world is, and if the world would be morally ok, then we will be fine.

Sorry o… The world cannot be fine. It’s like asking the devil to submit to God’s law.

Porn sites are on the increase with porn producers making billions per year.

Sexual contents have continue to infiltrate the media, sex will be screamed at christian singles day and night, movie producers will present sexual immorality as harmless and ok, our teen girls will continue to be laughed at for keeping their virginity, sex will continue to be displayed on reality shows…

Believers have no business trying to change the world’s ways of seeing sex conform to God’s clear instruction. A goat will always be a goat. Fighting the world’s identity is a whole waste of time. How else is it supposed to act?

But we, the redeemed of the Lord, belong to a realm where lust has been dealt with on the cross. Lust should not have dominion over any of us because on that cross, Christ dealt with its power.

We must let this sink in. We must deal with this root continually as the world throws those sexual suggestions at you.

Realise that lust is embedded in your thought life. It comes subtly and takes charge of your mind. The exact place to deal with lust is in the mind.

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

You take hold of lust by the same process it comes in.

The mind.

What are you filling your mind with? What consumes your thoughts from day to day? How much of God’s Word are you allowing to fill your mind? Are you giving space to the Holy Spirit to transform you?

Are you deliberately looking up scriptures on your identity and confessing them until they become your reality?

Do you know that as Christ is, so are you in this world and that since Christ has no lust, it is also not part of your nature?

20 scriptures on your identity in Christ

If as a christian, in this end time, God’s word does not fill your mind, it will be difficult to stay away from sexual sin. There is a spiritual warfare, people. Singles, our mind is the battlefield.

You’ve got to let God’s word change that thought process that causes you to want to grab a lady and take her to bed at the very sight of her.

You’ve got to be conscious of the Holy Spirit when he says, run.

Learn to resist the devil from your thought level by immediately shifting your thoughts to the reality of your new life and confessing scriptures that speak against sexual impurity.

You’ve got to remind yourself again and again who you are in Christ and the fact that sexual purity is part of your natural habitat.

Your crying and getting depressed every time you fall into sexual sin is not the solution o.

Self righteous acts, preaching so powerfully while you suppress these desires will only complicate issues for you. The flesh will disgrace you very soon.

If you do not do something about your mind by deliberately giving space to the Holy Spirit to root out lust and replace with God’s love, nothing will change. You’ll keep repenting and confessing and you might come to a point when it’ll become a secret stronghold that nobody knows about.

You have to take charge of your mind. That’s our battlefield. That memory card filled with sexual images in your mind can be wiped clean and replaced with thoughts about God and your new life in Christ…if you will just stay with the Word.

But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. Romans 13:14

Deal with the root.

Choose to spend time with the Word, asking the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with love that transcends human knowledge

Be willing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as he teaches us how to deal with the opposite sex from the place of love and not of lust.

I end with these words drawn from Romans 8:12-14.

…Therefore, you have no obligation to do what sexual desires urges you to do.
If through the power of the Spirit you put to death the temptation to commit sexual sins, you will live life fully.

You are a son. Take your rightful position as a joint-heir with Christ. Victory is yours.

I’m really sorry the blog story series couldn’t kick off today as promised. Hopefully by next week, Episode 1 will be up on the blog.

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