Since I relocated to Ibadan, I’ve been battling with my health. I seriously don’t understand what I did to this land o. I’ve fallen in and out of sickness and at a point I just stopped going to the hospital and resorted to self medication.

I didn’t know how much damage I was doing to myself until this Typhoid reoccurred again and when the test results would come out, it was really high even though over the last 7 months, I’ve treated it again and again.

The memory of a young man in my neigbourhood who died from typhoid prompted me to take my health seriously..

So I’m told I need to flush the stuff out and that may require me being admitted in the hospital while I am placed on drips and given injections.

Because I want to serve you better, and remain fruitful in God’s service, I need to be away for a while to recuperate and get energised for the work ahead.

I don’t even know how I’m going to survive two weeks(I strongly believe it can’t be more than that) without blogging.. That’s like depriving a baby of breast milk.

While I’m away, you can check out the posts in the different categories. There are lots of short stories, articles on christian living, relationship, and many others.. Make your choice..

I’ll be back before you know it. Again, thank you for reading and engaging on my posts here… Much love.


About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


    • I’m out of the hospital strong and ready to get back to work. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • The Lord is your strength… His Grace shallbe sufficient for you. Take care Sis, expecting you soon in sound health.

  • The Lord give you sound health.
    He sends his word, and deliver them from their destruction.
    The Lord stand by you throughput the treatment.

  • It is well with you Aunty Ife..

    Psalm 107:20
    He sent forth his word, and healed them, and delivered them from destruction.

    Your health is restored in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • The great Physician will perfect that great work he has started with your health in Jesus name.
    Take care of yorself ma. Praying for you. I can’t wait to have you back.
    God bless you.

  • I will love each of us who have one time or the other benefitted and blessed by her post to talk to Jesus personally on her behalf.
    We have an anchor that keeps the soul.
    She needs our love and prayers.
    God bless you all.
    I trust she will be back to give us a testimony.

    • Awww…Faith. Thank you. I am back with the testimony of God’s faithfulness. I really appreciate this.

  • Just seeing this… Thank God for the healing and that you are back. Please do ensure you get proper rest and stay healthy… May God strengthen you physically, spiritually and all round.

    • Believe me, I’m resting as much as I can.😀😀…thank you so much sis. I say amen to your prayers.

  • Oh-oh, Just reading this.. I wonder why I didn’t get to see it on time. The Joy of our GOD remains your eternal strength Dear Sist. GOD BLESS &KEEP YOU IN PERFECT HEALTH &WEALTH… STRENGTHENED WITH HIS GRACE ALWAYS BELOVED SIST.


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