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Six months ago, Dabira had sex with Rotimi. Gbam!

A seed was immediately dropped into her fertile womb. Because Dabira is a well respected Sunday school teacher, to save her face, she decided to abort the child and in the process almost lost her life.

Let’s hear what some members of the youth department have to say concerning this matter.

‘I am so disappointed in Sis Dabira. How could she stoop so low for a man like Rotimi. This is shameful.’

‘I hope she has not caught HIV o. Because everybody knows that Rotimi is a playboy. It’s a pity that her relationship with Bro Yemi will have to come to an end.’

‘That’s why I keep saying that all these sisters are pretenders. Look at the way she leaves people mesmerized during her Sunday school classes. I’m just going to pick a wife from the village. I can’t deal with all these hypocrites.’

‘I cried the day I heard about this. Sis Dabira is my mentor. It’s a pity that this has happened to her.’

‘No comment.’

Dabira slipped quietly into a seat at the back. She could feel heat pouring into her face as heads turned to stare at her. It’s been months since she’d step into any church. From a distance, she could see the Pastor’s wife curl her lips to one side. Dabira lowered her head and wished she was back in the safety of her duvet.

She didn’t wait for the announcements that preceded the closing prayer. Quietly again, she sneaked out.  As she got close to the gate, Rotimi blocked her path.

He clenched his teeth as he stood in front of her. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?’

Dabira hissed, clearly irritated. ‘Stop acting like a responsible man. It doesn’t fit you.’

‘I’ll let that insult pass. Dabira, you know I love you. I would have married you.’.
Dabira looked towards the large entrance door of the church and saw the seeming crowd trooping out of the entrance.

‘I have to get out of here.’ She began to walk away.

‘I’ll never forgive you for killing my child.’

Dabira froze. She swung around and faced him. ‘Who told you I had an abortion? How did you even  know I was pregnant? ‘.

‘You thought you could keep it a secret? Everyone knows about it. We also know the abortion ruptured your womb. If you really wanted an abortion, you would have told me and I’d have recommended a pro.’

Dabira wanted to punch him in the face but she restrained herself and hurried out of the church compound.

Her friend had enough explanation to do, Dabira muttered as she sat on a slab in front of Eunice’s house, boiling with rage. How could Eunice betray her? In the letter she had written to the Pastor, she had explained her affair with Rotimi and the need to get out of town for a while but then she had kept the details of the abortion away from him.


Dabira turned to see her friend walking towards her. She wasted no time in lashing out at her.

‘Thank you for betraying me. Are you satisfied now that my name has made it to the front page of the church’s newsletter?’

Eunice held Dabira’s hand but she yanked it away.

‘I didn’t spread any news. The Pastor called me to ask if you actually travelled out of town and I couldn’t lie. You should have seen the way he looked straight into my eyes. I had to tell him everything. The only regret I have is that his wife entered when I was talking to him.’

Dabira let out a quick breath. ‘Yeah ..and I know the sting her mouth is capable of producing.’

Tears welled up in Eunice’s eyes. ‘I’m sorry. Please.’

Dabira was about to walk away when she remembered the question that had been burning in her heart.

‘What’s this about the abortion rupturing my womb.’

Eunice hesitated. ‘The doctor said you won’t be able to have a child. That the evacuation process destroyed your womb. He didn’t know how to tell you.’

Dabira sat on the floor and wept.


When Yemi returned from the U.K, the joy of bagging a Doctorate was dampened by the news of his fiance’s involvement with Rotimi. When she had called him some months ago and said the relationship was over, he had been confused and angry. How could she just say something like that without any explanation? How could she throw their seven years away?

Funmi, a member of the ushering team had spill everything and he had not been able to sleep well afterwards. Funmi had thanked God he didn’t settle with a fornicator and when she continued to make moves and to send him love messages on WhatsApp, he had been forced to use the ‘block button.

Now that he was home, he was torn between paying her a visit and staying away from her. But he’d missed her so much. Her laughter. The deep words. The heart to heart talk.

‘I love her, he muttered to himself. But she choose a man over me. She doesn’t care about me.

He gave in to the urge to see her for the last time. He wanted to give her a piece of his mind. To rant and ask her how she could quickly throw away all they had built in seven years for five minutes of sex. Was it even up to five minutes?

When he stood in front of her door, he wondered if he was making a good decision. Didn’t the Bible say, the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God? Should he wait until he was calm? No. He had to let this burden off his chest once and for all. So he knocked on her door.

The door opened. Dabira stood there staring at the man she’s deeply hurt. The anger dissipated the moment Yemi set his eyes on her. She was thin, weak, haggard and helpless. Without thinking, he pulled her into his arms. With trembling hands, Dabira held on to his shirt, burying her tear-soaked face into it.

‘I’m sorry.’ Dabira cried.

Oh God, why did this have to happen? Yemi said as he led her into the dusty living room. He tried to relax as he listened to the story of her ‘illicit’ affair. But his heart broke and he couldn’t bear the pain that was rising to his throat. He stood up to leave. Dabira grabbed his hand.

‘I have applied to CAPRO. I’ll join their short term mission school. Hopefully after the training, I’ll be posted to one of the villages where I’ll serve as a missionary. God is teaching me to trust Him again. Yemi, I pray you find a virtuous woman. You deserve the best.’

Yemi tipped her chin up. ‘I’m hurt Dabira. For months now, I’ve been thinking and praying about this. And when I thought I was going to finally end this relationship, I see you and I know deep in my heart that I can never let you go. This relationship is not over. Okay?’

Dabira stared at him shocked. ‘Are you out of your mind? I can’t give you a child!’

He squeezed her hand. ‘Let’s leave that to God to decide.’

Yemi returned home and throughout the night couldn’t sleep. What was wrong with him? How could he make such a decision to stay in the relationship with all that had happened? Was this not foolish?

As he knelt beside his bed to pray, he felt a deep love for Dabira envelope his heart.. He wanted to scream at God, but he knew what God wanted him to do. He could see God pointing at Dabira and saying, She is part of my plan.

Hell was let loose when Yemi announced his decision to marry Dabira. His mother pleaded. The Pastor’s wife ranted. His friends tried to dissuade him. But the more time he spent with Dabira, the stronger his resolve to marry her.

Six months had passed when the Pastor rushed out to stop Dabira just as she was about to sneak out of the church after the sermon. He wanted her back at her post as a sunday school teacher.

‘Nobody will listen to me.’

The Pastor insisted.

The following Sunday, as Dabira sat beside a board inscribed, ‘Victory class’, she kept her eyes on the ground.

‘Lord just send two persons to my class. Don’t let me leave this place in shame!’

The opening prayer ended and the members of the church began to move around, searching for their class locations.

Dabira raised her head. She gasped when she saw the small crowd sitting before her, waiting for her to commence the Bible class.

When she finally opened her mouth, her words flowed so effortlessly.  She could feel her heart on fire as she moved from one verse to another. A lady in front of her sighed. Another had tears running down her eyes. They were all listening with rapt attention. Yemi stood at the back smiling. He couldn’t wait to marry this wonderful woman who was better to him than ten sons.

After the service, Eunice walked up to Dabira, a troubled look on her face.

‘The doctor didn’t say anything about the abortion destroying your womb.’

Dabira stared at her friend. ‘What?’

Eunice stared at the floor as she spoke. ‘While you were in the evacuation room, I heard a man tell one of the nurses that 70% of women who come to the clinic never give birth to children after the evacuation . He said the doctor was a quack and he had opened the clinic shortly after he was sent out of medical school. I thought you might be among the 70%. I wanted to save the hurt for now in case you eventually discover you can’t bear a child.’

Dabira glared at her friend, speechless.

Breaking News.

On the 6th of July 2016, Yemi took Dabira to the altar. And you know what, nine months afterwards, she gave birth to a cute baby girl. (Awwwww….isn’t that sweet😘😘😘)..

Come and see how Yemi stood in front of her beaming with smiles as he watched his daughter suck hungrily. The new mother couldn’t stop the tears that ran down her face. (If you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you shed a few tears?). They have decided to name their daughter Grace.

I wish this beautiful family God’s best.

Until I come your way again, I remain, Amebo!

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