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(Dunni and Morayo’s room. Two beds are separated by a reading table. On the table is an HP laptop and a blue clear file containing some documents. A tall young man, Israel, with neatly trimmed beards sits on a chair facing on of the beds. Dunni serves him snacks and a bottle of drink. The door opens. Morayo enters)

DUNNI: (smiles) My roommate is here, finally.

MORAYO: (drops her bag on her bed and turns to Israel) Good afternoon.

ISRAEL: (grins) Good to finally meet Dunni’s roommate. My name is Israel.

MORAYO: (eyes widens) Oh my God! you are the Israel my roommate has been talking about. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. Our wonderful prophet.

ISRAEL: (burst into laughter) I am not a prophet. I’m just God’s servant conveying the assignment of the master. I’d wanted to leave for a meeting thirty minutes ago but I knew I had to see you.

MORAYO: Thank you Israel. I’m glad we met. (stares at the tray) Dunni, donuts and pepsi, really? Is that what you offered your guest? What happened to jollof rice or semovita and efo riro.

DUNNI: Ask Israel o. I suggested semo and eguisi.. He said he ate heavy before leaving the house this morning.

ISRAEL: I’m fine, really. Next time, I’ll come with an empty stomach

MORAYO: (sits beside Dunni) Alright.

ISRAEL: I have a word from the Lord for you.

MORAYO: (eyes lightens up) I’m all ears sir.

ISRAEL: Are you in a relationship with a guy called Michael?

Morayo looks from Israel to Dunni.

DUNNI: I didn’t tell him anything.

ISRAEL: Dunni has never discussed your relationship with me. What I’m about to say is not to scare you. I just want you to be careful and pray more concerning your relationship. (pauses) I saw rats eating at everything Michael puts his hands into. He’s been jobless for five years and only just got a nine months ago right?

MORAYO: (opens her mouth) Yes! How did you know? Oh my God! I didn’t even tell Dunni about it.

ISRAEL: I’m sorry to say this but he’s not going to last in this job. There is an ancestral curse roaming over his life. His destiny and glory has been hijacked by some wicked people. I’m saying this because I think God wants to deliver you from an endless life of suffering. It is well with you. I think I have delivered my message.

Israel stands and pats Morayo gently on the shoulder. Morayo clenches her hand under her chin, lost in thoughts

DUNNI: I’ll be right back. Let me see him off.

They exit the room.

MORAYO: (soliloquizes)God, what am supposed to do now? How do I break up with him? I love Michael very much. I don’t know what to do. I’m so afraid.

Morayo’s phone rings. She stares at her phone screen and turns her face away.


(A well-furnished office. A plumb woman, Madam Chioma, the Branch Manager of Tee Communications, sits behind a large table and types quickly on a laptop. There is a knock on the door.


Michael, a young man in his early thirties enters. He looks troubled. There is a letter in his hand.

MICHAEL: Good morning ma’am. I don’t understand why you fired me. What did I do wrong?

MADAM CHIOMA: (fumes) You are very stupid for asking me that question. We need capable hands in this company and you have not proven to be one of them.

MICHAEL: (shocked)You know that’s not true. I joined this firm barely a year ago and I have poured my heart into this work. Shortly before you made me assistant operations head, you called me to your office to commend my work. You know I am diligent. Please tell me, what did I do?

MADAM CHIOMA: (adjusts her round spectacles) Okay, I’ll tell you if you really want to know. I hate you!

MICHAEL: (astounded) Ma?

MADAM CHIOMA: I read your comment on Instagram.

MICHAEL: Comment? Which comment?

MADAM CHIOMA: Stop pretending like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You were congratulating your useless cousin for stealing what belonged to me.


MADAM CHIOMA: Your cousin is a gold digger! Where was she when I stood by my husband while he built his importation business from scratch? I emptied my savings, stood by him when his first business crashed, paid the rent for the house for two years and now that his business is established, the witch came on board and snatched him away from me.


MADAM CHIOMA: I saw your comment and I remember every word of it. You said, My sweet coz is married! Congrats girl! I’m so happy for you. The Lord bless your home.

MICHAEL: (puts his hand on his head) I didn’t know he was your husband.

MADAM CHIOMA: Point of correction, ex-husband!

MICHAEL: I’m sorry ma’am.

MADAM CHIOMA: (at the top of her voice) Sorry for yourself. Get out of my office!

MICHAEL: (falls to his knees) Please, I will go and remove the comment. I need this job. Forgive me.

MADAM CHIOMA: I said Get out before I call the security. Get out!

Michael leaves the office with his shoulders slumped and his eyes filled with tears. As he shuts the door behind him the Branch Manager begins to pace around.

MADAM CHIOMA: Men are fools! Yemi threw fifteen years of our marriage away because of that fool. He left me for that bitch! He left me! (flings her phone against the wall) It’s all my fault. I didn’t give him a child. I am a worthless woman! I am worthless!

The door opened. The Branch Manager’s secretary enters.

BM’s SECRETARY: Ma’am, are you okay?

MADAM CHIOMA: (furious) Get the hell out of my office!

The secretary disappears out of sight. Madam Chioma sits on the floor and covered her tear-smeared face with her hands.


A restaurant. Michael sits, his mind is far away. Morayo enters the restaurant, sees him seated at the far back and hurries to his table.

MORAYO: (slides into the seat opposite Michael) Sorry I’m late. The P.T.A meeting was annoyingly long. I had to sneak out. How are you doing?

MICHAEL: Not good.

MORAYO: What happened?

MICHAEL: I just lost my job.

MORAYO: What happened? You were just promoted a few weeks ago.

MICHAEL: You remember Lolade? My cousin sister that I told you got married last week without informing my family. Apparently, she married a divorcee and my boss is his ex-wife.

MORAYO: What does that have to do with this?

MICHAEL: I saw her wedding picture on instagram. You know I don’t usually leave comments. This time I did because I wanted her to know that even though she didn’t invite us, I was happy for her all the same.

MORAYO: (sighs) Your boss saw the comment, got angry and fired you.

MICHAEL: Exactly! I was shocked. I explained that I didn’t know my cousin married her ex-husband. She told me to get out of her office. I called the head of operations and asked him to plead with her. She still didn’t listen to him. I love this job. I knew God wanted me there. Why is this happening to me now? Look at what a comment on instagram has cost me. If I had just allowed it slide.

MORAYO: You still would have lost the job anyway.

MICHAEL: (angry) What’s that supposed to mean?

MORAYO: Michael, there is a curse on your head. Somebody is sitting over your glory. No matter what you put your hands on, it won’t prosper. I got that revelation some days back through one of Dunni’s friends. He knew your name without Dunni telling him, he knew how many years you’ve been looking for a job. He said you won’t last on this job and that’s exactly what happened. Someone is feeding on your prosperity Michael.

MICHAEL: (teary) Ah! God…Oh God..

MORAYO: Every time I think about us, I’m afraid. I don’t want to go into marriage with this fear. With what has happened now, I’m really scared. Michael, I don’t want to be a thorn in your flesh. I can’t go on with this.

Morayo stands up. Michael grabs her hand.

MICHAEL: Don’t leave me please.

MORAYO: (tries to pull away) Michael, please let’s not create a scene here.

Michael releases her hand. Morayo picks her bag and walks out of the eatery. Michael sits back staring blankly into space.


(An empty street. Michael walks slowly, a tie in one hand, a brown envelope in the other. Tears pour down his face.)

MICHAEL: What is it God! Why don’t you just kill me? What’s the poing living when I am cursed and I can’t prosper. I thought you are great. If you really love me like you say you do, why did you allow all of these things happen to me. For two weeks now, I’ve been trying to get another job. Even if I get it, I’d have to live in fear of losing it. Why are you treating me like this? Kill me! Let me just go!

Michael falls on his knees.

MICHAEL: I am tired! Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!


Morayo’s room. Morayo is sitting on her bed holding a plate of noddles. She turn the fork around the meal in away that showed she had no appetite. Dunni stands in front of her.

DUNNI: You did the right thing Morayo. Do you want enter into marriage with baggage of battles? God showed this to you so that you could quickly pull away because He has seen danger ahead. I know it’s painful and I know how much you love Michael, but love has sense. Please eat. For days now you’ve not been eating well.

MORAYO: I’m restless Dunni. The moment I ended that relationship, I felt like I stopped hearing God. I am just very restless.

DUNNI: It’s your emotions at work. Your subconscious mind has always held the emotion of love you had towards Michael. After a while, the restlessness will disappear and you’ll move on. It’s not going to be easy but you will get through this. Israel is on his way. He has been asking after you. He’ll be here soon.

A knock on the door.

MORAYO: (look towards the door) I think he is here.

(Dunni opens the door. Israel enters with his hands thrust into his pockets. Morayo puts the food on the bed beside her and folds her hand around her chest. Israel turns the chair to face Morayo, sitting at a very close distance to her.)

ISRAEL: Dunni says you have not been eating. Morayo, why now? Can you see God’s hand in all of these? All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

DUNNI: Help me tell her o. She just want to starve herself for nothing. We should be thanking God for deliverance.

ISRAEL: (places his hands on Morayo’s knees) Every time I look at you I see a woman commissioned to do great things for the Lord. I see a woman the devil wants to ruin because of the havoc she will do to his kingdom. I see God using different means to deliver you from the hands of the devil so that this mission he wants to birth through you will come to reality. You carry nations in your bosom Morayo. Hear the word of the Lord. Your name will be heard far and wide. Nations come to your rising. Kings are nursed at your side


ISRAEL: Eat your food or should I feed you?

MORAYO: (smiles and holds the fork.) I’ll eat.

Israel squeezes her hand gently and watches as she eats.


(Outside a eatery. Morayo and Israel walk down the road holding hands.)

MORAYO: Thank you for lunch.

ISRAEL: Can I have lunch with you next weekend? I really want to know you more Morayo. Sitting across from you and sharing my heart with you gave me so much joy. You are as deep as an ocean. With a woman like you, a man has rest of mind.

MORAYO: (laughs) Stop with the flatteries.

ISRAEL stops walking and faces her.

ISRAEL: I’m not flattering you Morayo. I mean every word. You have such a beautiful heart. Listen I’m not saying this to woo you. I’m just stating the fact. You have a beautiful heart. A heart that a man can trust.

MORAYO: (continues walking) Thanks for the compliments. I’ll think about the lunch.

ISRAEL: (pulls out his phone) I wish I brought my car but it’s at the mechanic. Let me get a cab to take you home.

MORAYO: I’m not going home yet. I want to stop at my parents’ place.

ISRAEL: Oh that’s great. I’d love to meet them, especially your mum. Tell her that you have a friend called Israel who longs to see her.

ISRAEL stands in front of Morayo again and holds her hand. He gazes into her eyes.

ISRAEL: (sighs) Morayo…


(A cozy living room. Morayo’s parents sits on the sofa, watching their daughter pace the living room.

MORAYO: I’m not happy and God is not telling me what I did wrong. It’s like I’m walking into an endless tunnel that’s dark and scary. A whole storm is raging in my head. What’s happening to me. (sits) I miss Michael.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: Let’s get back to the main issue. So, a friend to your roommate prophesied that Michael was cursed and he was not going to last in any job he finds. True to his words, Michael lost his job. He also said some people are sitting over Michael’s glory. So you walked out on him because of that?

MORAYO: But what Israel said about Michael happened. The guy knew information about Michael and what he said played out.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: Clap for yourself. You know the funniest part of this prophecy. People are sitting on Michael’s glory and destiny. Ehnn…I did not know that as a believer you have a glory or destiny different from the one Christ offered by redemption. Wait first, when you gave us those testimonies about God leading you to Michael, were you joking?

MORAYO’S FATHER: Why are you even restless and confused. You should be rejoicing that you have been delivered from the trap of the devil.

MORAYO: (wipes her tears) Mum, dad, why are you people interrogating me like this. It’s not fair.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: This guy, I mean your roommate’s friend. What’s his name again?

MORAYO: Israel.

MORAYO’S FATHER: Is he interested in you? Has he taken you out for lunch? How often does he call you? does he visit regularly?

MORAYO: (looks down) Yes. He has taken me out for lunch. He calls me everyday. He visits every week.

MORAYO’S FATHER: Sharp guy! bombarded your mind with word of k and got you where he wanted you to be. You and Michael are not serious at all.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: Morayo, Let’s say it is true that someone related to him cursed him or that he came from a generation who have opened themselves up to demonic influences, for goodness sake, what does the blood of Jesus mean to you? Do you and Michael understand redemption at all.

MORAYO’S FATHER: I don’t think so.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: What did God say about those who belong to his family, do they still belong to the kingdom of darkness? How did the defeated Satan who was shamed openly become more powerful than than the man in Christ? So they throw something at you, and immediately you cower and accept it as your reality.

MORAYO: But mum, what Israel said, happened. Michael lost his job. I’m not doubting God’s word but if truly a change has happened, then why did he lose his job?

MORAYO’S FATHER: The devil will always test your convictions. He will use every weapon, every contradiction, family lineage, ancestral patterns to shift your gaze away from God’s word. When you notice the recurrence of a bad pattern or repeated cycle, what do you do?

MORAYO: (looks down) I stand on what God says about me and insist on my authority in Christ.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: Two of you are now shaking up and down like sick chickens. What’s now the difference between you and the unbeliever?

MORAYO: (teary) I don’t even know what to do now. Michael will never listen to me again. I just walked out of him like that.

MORAYO’S FATHER: We had a long talk and a prayer session with Michael yesterday. You need to get your mind in shape. Spend sometime in prayers and let the Holy Spirit dominate your consciousness not fear.

MORAYO stands up.

MORAYO’S MOTHER: Where are you going to?

MORAYO: I think I still have my room in this house. I want to pray.


(Front of Michael’s house. Michael stands, waiting. MORAYO walks towards him)

MORAYO: (morose) I’m sorry. Can I get another chance? I don’t know what I’m supposed- I’m-I’m.

MICHAEL: (pulls her into his arms) It’s okay.

MORAYO (wraps her hand around Michael’s neck) I’ve missed you. Oh God! I love you.

MICHAEL: (swallowed hard) I love you too. Your Dad talked sense in my head so much I couldn’t sleep all night

MORAYO: (laughs) My parents are a different breed.

MICHAEL: (holds her hand) I’m famished. Let’s get something to eat.

Morayo: (laughs heartily) I feel so relieved and light.

They laugh as they hold hands and walk down the street.


Morayo’s house. The atmosphere is tense. Israel sits on the chair, playing with his finger.

DUNNI: Morayo, you are very funny. How could you do this to yourself? You ran back into the arms of that man. You are playing with your destiny. Don’t ever call me if anything evil happens. You have gotten enough warnings from the Lord.

ISRAEL: (chuckles) Does it mean we are not having our lunch this weekend?

MORAYO: No, we aren’t. I’m sorry. (grabs her bag) I have to leave now. I have prayer meeting with Michael.

DUNNI: Morayo! When you start fighting the battles, love will fly out of the window. I’m saying it now in front of Israel. If you come running to me for money, I will not listen to you. That man is going to make you poor for life. Why can’t even think for a moment. Why do you want to put yourself in this kind of unfortunate situation. One of my friend’s father has been praying for twenty years, he is still as poor as ever. Nothing he does prosper.

MORAYO: (smiles) I choose to believe God’s word. We will have enough to give out and to distribute. As the Lord liveth, I will never run to you begging for money. See Dunni, I have to go. Israel, I’ll see you later.

Morayo exits the room.

DUNNI: (to Israel) You didn’t even say anything?

ISRAEL: What do you want me to say? Somebody is walking towards the fire. You’ve warned her several times, she has refused to listen. Let her taste the fire, she might have some sense then even though it might be too late. Dunni, leave Morayo matter, can I have that semovita and efo-riro.

Dunni sighs and goes into the kitchen.

Scene 11

(Church altar. Michael and Morayo are standing on the altar, praying.)

MICHAEL: Yesterday, while I was praying. God said this to me. You are a child of light. Darkness should not mess with you. It should disappear when you show up. So show up! Walk in the reality of who you are.

MORAYO: Halleluyah. The Lord also reminded me that all power has been given unto me by virtue of my union with Christ. All means all, not some. We have the power to call forth what we want to see. We stand on the authority of God’s word until we see the results we desire. He said a double minded man will not receive anything from Him. Our words must unite with the thoughts of our hearts.

MICHAEL: (raises his hands) Oh thank you Father! Your word is final authority in our lives.

MORAYO: (paces) Christ has been made us free. We stand in our freedom. Lines are fallen unto us in pleasant places!

MICHAEL: (prays fervently) I have a right standing with God. Every pattern set against me has been broken. I enjoy the favour of God! Doors are opened for me!

MORAYO: Thank you Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit. We enjoy divine provision. Our barns are full. Light shines on our paths.

MICHAEL: (jumps and laughs) I am perfectly loved by the Father. I have a Father who takes care of me. His plans for me are for good and not for evil. Fear is dispelled from my life. I walk in faith like my Father. Lord you watch your word to bring it to pass. Thank you Jesus.

MORAYO: Unto him who is able to do exceeding, abundantly, far above all we can ask or think, according to his power that is at work in me.

They switch to praying in tongues while they take different positions in prayers.


Restaurant. Morayo and Michael are facing each other, their palms clenched together ready for a table fight. Morayo tries to push his hand to the right direction, Michael tries to push hers to the left. They struggle until Michael deliberately loses his grip and his hand falls in Morayo’s direction.

MORAYO: Stop nah! Don’t make me win this. Let me win on my own merit.

MICHAEL: (laughs) Okay, ma’am.

They struggle again, harder this time. Morayo covers her mouth to prevent a cry from spilling out. Her hands falls to Michael’s side. Michael wins. Morayo picks the fork and hit Michael’s shoulder playfully.

MICHAEL: (shifts his body away) Morayo (laughs) Oya, sorry. You will win next time.

MORAYO: (sits and passes him an envelope) For you.

MICHAEL: (looks into the envelope) Baby, you can’t keep doing this. For two months now, you’ve been giving me money. I told you I’m already making a few bucks from that online business. I’m feeling bad that I should be the one taking care of you.

MORAYO: Sweetheart, please. This is just a phase. God is working out something.

MICHAEL: (sighs) While I was praying yesterday, I saw myself back in my former place of work. I saw it again this morning.

MORAYO: Wow. Well, we keep trusting God. Where is your phone? Let’s take some pictures together.

MICHAEL: You and pictures. Use your phone.

MORAYO: My battery is down. Stop with the shakara and give me phone jare.

MICHAEL smiles and pulls out the phone from his pocket. As he taps the phone screen. His eyes widens.

MORAYO: What’s that?

MICHAEL: The H.O.P of my former place of work has been calling me. My phone has been on silence. 5 missed calls. He left me a messa- (Michael’s mouth opens. Morayo stands up and walks over to Michael sits.

MORAYO: (reads message aloud) Michael, How far? Wanted to ask if you’ve gotten another job, If you haven’t, I’d love to have you back at the office. Madam Chioma specifically ask that I speak with you and ask for your forgiveness. She has been dismissed and is presently receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital in the United States. I am the BM now. I want you to handle the operations department. There is a two weeks training starting tomorrow. If you are willing to take the offer, please be at the office at eight. We miss you here. Dayo.

MICHAEL: What! This is unbelievable. My hands are literally shaking.

MORAYO: (holds his hands) Your hands are sweaty too. Michael, calm down. God always takes care of his own.

MICHAEL: (lets out two deep breath) I’m worried for Madam Chioma.

MORAYO: She is going to be fine. We’ll keep praying for her. We should celebrate this.

(They order drinks)

MORAYO: (raises her glass cup) Cheers to greater heights.

MICHAEL: (raises his glass) Cheers to the restoration of Madam Chioma’s health.



IFE GRACE: The devil will always seek to test your convictions. It’s not enough to claim you are a child of God, you must be able to stand firm against contradictions. No matter what the world says, we refuse to take it. We stand on God’s word always.

We were not instructed to ignore the devil. We are not supposed to just watch repeated cycles or patterns continue in our lives and family. We declare and we stand on the word. We seek for light concerning the contrary situations and we take our authority in Christ. The life of faith is not passive. It is active. We pray not out of fear, but in confidence of who we are in Christ.

No matter what is going on right now, stay expectant. We have overcome.

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