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God does not owe any one of us an explanation for the instructions He gives to us. Sometimes, you may want to take a step that seem really legitimate but there is a restraint in your heart, what then do you do? You leave it.

Imagine this. A sister, trusting God for a life partner, gets a marriage proposal by this very nice brother. This brother is very responsible, accountable to a spiritual authority, character proven…the first instinct of this sister is; this is God! I mean, this is a brother she knows very well. She has interacted with him, she has seen him act in different circumstances. But as she prayed, she started to feel a restraint she couldn’t explain. The more she prayed about this, the stronger it was impressed in her heart to say No.

For two months, she didn’t give him a reply, not because she didn’t know what to tell him, but she wanted to be sure it was not her emotions playing games with her. It was when she responded in the negative that she had peace of mind.

Here’s the real gist. Few months after she said no, he proposed to her friend and a relationship started and a year later they got married. This sister became really sad and felt depressed. She wondered, had she made a wrong decision? Was she a fool to let that brother go like that? Why was she so peaceful after saying No to his proposal.

Two years later, after she got into a relationship, she still couldn’t explain why she had been moved to reject his proposal because his marriage was doing really well. 

Many times, when we think about stuff like this, we conclude that the restraint may be as a result of something in the brother that’s dangerous which God was protecting her from.

But that’s not always the case. -That brother may be as wonderful as any God-loving man yet for whatever reason she lost her peace, that’s not hers to figure out. The brother is simply not God’s will for her. Her place was to trust God and stay opened to him.

God can stop you from taking a step that seem really good even after several observations and research. He is our father and He knows what is best for us.

There are times when it is after years that God would pull your heart towards the same thing you had been stopped from getting into. My point, Our father knows what’s best for us. We are his masterpiece and it is our duty to stay put as He molds us into what He wants us to be.

Following God is primarily about obeying His instructions which sometimes would require letting go of some legit actions. We don’t live our Christian life by ignoring restraints because we believe whatever we want to do is not wrong scripturally.

Again, there may be believers who have been restrained from taking a job but they went ahead to take it. Well, is it possible to find them moving up the ladder in that instance? Of course, but you see, result is not the first proof of following God’s leading.

There are believers God will never commit any great kingdom agenda because where they are right now is outside of God’s will even though they seem to be prospering there.

Responsible sons move only as God moves. No matter the pressure, they’d rather stay alone than step out of the leading of the Spirit. They are not move by the crowd or by people’s opinion.

These sons are quick to recognize when they have stepped out of God’s will because their hearts yearn for the father. They repent quickly and realign immediately.

David’s motive to build a temple for the ark was legitimate. I mean, his heart was so in love with God that he felt bad that the ark was in a tent. I love the way the Living Bible puts it in 2 Sam 7 verse 2

David said to Nathan the prophet, “Look! Here I am living in this beautiful cedar palace while the ark of God is out in a tent!”

So legitimate. Such great intentions.

But here is God’s reply in verse 4

But that night, the Lord said to Nathan, “Tell my servant David not to do it!”

Not every thought or idea that crosses your mind, as legitimate as it may sound is in alignment with God’s will. That thought may make a lot of sense but the question is, is that what God wants? 

An issue breaks out in your local assembly and people are moving away, most times because every other person is moving away to what seem like a great alternative. The question is, what’s God saying? Have you come to the point where you’d rather be alone if that’s what God wants you to do.

That teen ministry you just kicked off, did you bring God on board?

Knowing what God wants you to do at every point in time will not be difficult where communion with the Father is consistent.

Here’s what following God really mean. Obedience to his instructions whether or not we understand it. That restraint, that restlessness, that spontaneous outburst that makes you want to jump out without seeking direction..they should make us stop in our track and cause us to get down on our knees in prayers.

Following God’s leading is not primarily about those dance steps you make towards praise and worship song on a Sunday morning. It’s not by powerfully answering questions during Sunday school sessions. It’s not by writing powerful posts on Facebook.

What about the nudges of the Spirit that you are vehemently ignoring?

We receive strength to follow God and to do His biddings.


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