We’ve been home for how many weeks now?

I still remember the week I stopped going to work. I got hungry every other minute and I stayed in bed for several hours, pressing my phone and rolling from one side of the bed to the other. I was too lazy to do anything productive. This was me the day I left the office basking with such confidence that working from home would be easy. I was so sure I’d be up and running with my tasks.

Anyway, I had to talk sense to my head and right now, I get up 6a.m on most days and won’t get back on bed until midnight.

What is a regular day in the life of Ife Grace during this lock down? What activities do I engage in?

  1. I work out.

I have to start with this activity because this Ife lady does not like to exercise. The last time I worked out, before lockdown, I was walking around the house like an invalid. My thighs were on fire and I could hardly move my legs. For goodness sake, I couldn’t sit properly on the toilet bowl! I stopped. But when quarantine started, I knew I had to start exercising. I cannot come out of lockdown and be looking like buffalo.

This time, I went for a female workout app. I have been consistent with exercising every day. Although I missed one or two days sha. But so far I have done well. This is a big achievement for me. You guys won’t understand.

But those exercises ehn, you guys need to see me sweating like anything. There was this particular day, I couldn’t stand up from the floor. I was so tired. There is one particular exercise I don’t like at all. Mountain climbing. Every time I engage in that exercise, my thighs literally plead for help.

I must confess, I like how my body feels since I started this exercise. I get out of bed easily. My movements are quick. I also noticed that I don’t get hungry that much. I’m not sure if exercise has anything to do with my eating habits anyway.

You can work out even while at home. There are lots of workout apps on different play stores. The one I use is the 3D female workout app.

Have I been tempted to abandon my routine workout? Of course! But I have a goal. This body has to stay on point even after this lockdown is over. It is only a healthy man that can fulfil purpose abi?

2. I write.

A lot of you know this by now that writing is synonymous to Ife Grace. During this lockdown, I have been pursuing this diligently. Even though I’ve not pushed myself as hard as I would desire, I’m happy with my progress so far. There is hardly a day that I don’t sit before my laptop to write for at least an hour at a stretch. I doubt if any day has passed since this lockdown that I didn’t pen anything down. There is always something to pen down. The diary of a Nigerian Christian Girl is enough to keep my hands busy.

So this is for writers during this lockdown. This lockdown is the best time to practice consistency in your writing career. It is very important you build a routine around it if you are indeed serious about pursuing a career as a writer. You can start writing for thirty minutes daily and increase gradually.

3.I pray and study the Word.

This is the greatest benefit this quarantine season has offered me as far as my life is concerned. I have learnt to deepen my communion with God, not just alone but with others. I have learnt about building a structure by setting out time to for intensive prayers daily. This period has offered me daily opportunities to spend time in the Word with other brethren.

It is very clear that we can’t depend on our feeling to pray or dig into God’s word. Practicing a lifestyle of prayer and the study of the word must be intention and deliberate. .

Here’s one thing I’ll say about maintaining a practice of reading the word and developing a prayer lifestyle:

Set up an accountability WhatsApp group with some friends during this period. I’m talking about friends who are passionate about their spiritual growth. Set a specific minimum time for the study. It could be 30 mins or 1 hr. Every member of the group should give a time report to the group every day for their prayer and study. Let me give you a format of two WhatsApp groups I belong to with similar accountability schedule.  When a member is ready to study the word, they leave a chat on the group saying,

Clock in.

At the end of the study, they get back to the group and type,

Clock out- signifying that they have finished up with their study

If for any reason any member has to stay off WhatsApp for a certain length of time, they must state the time they signed in on the days they missed. If we do not hear from them for a certain period of time, we check up on them to know why they are not studying.

For the other group, at the end of individual prayers and study, they respond daily to the group by typing,

Prayer and study observed.

Whatever style you want to use, the most important thing is that you know you have to pray and read the word daily.

It’s also important to carve out time in the week to meditate on the things you are learning. Remember consistent meditation on God’s Word brings about greater revelations into the deep things of God.

Commentaries are a great way to help your study. At the moment I’m using Andrew Wommack’s Commentary on Colossians. It has been a beautiful study. I think one of your goals for this lockdown should be that you read the epistles of Paul. How marvelous!

You can download Andrew Wommack’s Commentaries. However to access the commentaries, you’ll have to download the file containing his books. Download here.

At the end of this lockdown, our testimony must be that there was an evident increase in our prayer and study life.

4. I read books.

I completed Francine Rivers’ Her mother’s hope and daughter’s dream around the first few weeks in the lockdown. That would be my third time reading that book series. I also finished reading, Aphesis by Reverend Peter Alabi. Recently, I started reading ‘The people in the trees’ by Hanya Yanagihara but I got bored and dropped it. At the moment, I’m reading The fishermen by Chigozie Obioma. I’m also reading, This is Marketing by Seth Godin.

What are you reading?

Click picture for more details

5. I take online courses.

I registered for the basic course in the School of Ministry organized by Reverend Peter Alabi. It ran for three weeks. Trust me, those teachings were heavy. My eyes were opened to a greater understanding of what ministry entailed. At the end of the course, we had one hot exam like that that had you thinking on your feet. We await the advanced course though. I have also selected two online courses I hope to commence by Monday. One is on screenwriting and the other on podcast storytelling.  \

Did you take any online class during this lockdown?

6. I listen to sermons.

This is one profitable way I have kept myself busy this season. I listen to sermons by Reverend Peter Alabi, the Senior Pastor of Rhemaword International Christian Centre. I must confess that much of the speed I have seen in my walk with God came through his teachings. I join the morning devotions by 6.am, Rhematined teachings at 10.45 and the evening devotions at 6p.m. Apart from these daily teachings, I also have sermons that I download from the site.

7. I take breaks.

Apart from sleeping at night, I take breaks during the day but for some time it’s not been consistent. But I hope to relax more during the day. Once in a while I watch TV. Last week Sunday, I saw a part of the movie Train. I can’t wait to finish the movie and do a review on my blog. Rest is important, my friends keep reminding me. Work can always wait, right?

8. I spend time with family.

So my family here are my flat mates. My parents and siblings are far away from where I am.  We make do with calls. Every day, at least for half an hour, we spend time together in  a time of fellowship and when my head is doing gbas gbos! because of plenty work, their laughter and cheerfulness help me unwind.

So, what is that one powerful tip that can keep you productive?

Have a structure.

  • During this lock down, build a system around your time. If you wake up everyday without a written plan, the day will just pass by without you doing anything productive.
  • Have a routine for your day in this lockdown. It will help your mind to be organized.
  • What goals do you want to achieve this month? Narrow it down to your weekly and then daily goals. All these things are not motivational nonsense. They really help to keep your life in shape. Go over your plans before the following day and mentally assimilate them.
  • You don’t have to feel guilty if you didn’t achieve your daily goals. Just evaluate and push on from there. Give room for breaks in your schedule.
  • If you get easily distracted by your phone like I do, become an expert at setting your phone on airplane mode.

I must say this too,

There is no pressure in this lockdown. What each of us seek to achieve differs. Some persons may need to rest a lot this season for certain reasons. For others, they need to sit down and work!

There are some persons who should be spending lots of time with God to find out their purpose rather than jump all over social media.

Whatever stage of our lives we find ourselves, the most important thing is that we are making moves towards our future. The responsibility for our lives is in our hands.

How has this lockdown being for you? Would you like to share your thoughts with me?

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About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Wow!!!

    When the lockdown started, I was gingered about online courses but I realized, they weren’t for me for now. 🤣. I tried, I couldn’t assimilate or keep up, I had to abandon them.

    I’ve been keen on applying all I’ve learnt through the years, I made few live videos.
    I edited books,
    I wrote a book and still working on others.
    I learnt graphics designing, logo and flyer making, animations-3D,2D and video texts.

    I have not been sleeping well though,
    I need to do better.

    I haven’t read like I do always, I guess, this time, my brain just wants to rest.

    And yes, I’ve been praying and studying the word, I’ve been listening to messages too.

    I have been doing well.

    Thanks for sharing , sis.

  • Thanks Dear Ife for sharing, this just gave me insights and I will definitely follow through by pressing the reset button…For me the lockdown is partial cos I have to go to work on some days and work from home other days and when I am working from home I am really working cos before I say jack the whole day is gone,so I just make excuse next day and do nothing…I will start working out tomorrow to start with. You are always an Inspiration,God Bless you.

    • Wow!
      Thanks for this Ma’am!
      Here is my progress so far!
      1 Reading books- I read Silent labours by Bro Gbile Akanni
      Deborah Announcing by Michelle McClain Walters
      The smart money woman by Areas Ugwu
      The final quest by Rick Joyner
      What every woman wants in a man by Diana Hagee
      What every man wants in a woman by John
      Currently I’m reading saving your marriage before it starts
      2. Online courses- I did an online course on public speaking and graphic design
      3. Prayers, fasting and studying the bible- I just downloaded some Andrew Wommacks commentaries now on the book of Esther and Ruth and the book of Ephesians. Thanks so much!
      Gathering topics to work on and materials for my final year project too!
      4. Listening to messages too especially from bro Gbile Akanni, Apostle Arome Osayi and Apostle Joshua Selman

      5. Studying devotionals on You version alone and with Friends too . Thanks for introducing the You version Bible app sis,, is enriching! Looking forward to reading a plan with you someday!😊

      God bless you Ma’am

  • Been struggling with my thesis. I don’t even want to hear or see anything online courses. Been consistent with my praying and Bible study time. I spend time on phone with my family too. Thank God I moved to a friend’s house, I probably would have lost it.🤭

  • There are people who should be spending lots of time with God.


    Understanding times and seasons.

    Thanks Aunty Ife.

  • Whaooooooo.
    No wonder ,you are looking canadianismm…lolllll.
    The Lord is our strength …
    Thanks for anchoring the program ma

  • This lock down ehn. I truly want to achieve a lot but dunno if I am…

    God help me abeg…
    Thank you so much Aunty Ife. God bless you Ma.

    • Fujiri, you can achieve a lot.

      Sit and reflect on the things that matter to you. If you have doubts on your what path to take, then you may want to spend a lot of time praying and studying to discover it.

      When you do, build a routine around the various tasks and revist them from time to time.

  • The craze for online courses ehnnn. It was as if ,if you don’t do you would be left behind. After attempting a few .I knew I didn’t need those for now.
    Understanding times and seasons is key.
    For me ,purpose discovery and realization has been serious on my mind . I’ve studied the Word, I’m amazed by all I’ve discovered . We hold daily Bible study at home too.
    I know I still need to do more and in prayers .
    I listen to messages too and also study a course to help me in my career.
    Thanks Sis Ife ,God bless you.
    * I tried checking that Andrew’s commentaries, I only saw some of his books nothing on commentaries,pls could you help out.

    • same here i checked out the site via the link you shared and saw only his books.

      By the way thanks for the site Ma

    • It was good you stopped that chase for online courses. Sometimes, you’l be doing more harm than good jumping from course to another. For every online course I pick, the aim is to have it push me towards my long term goal.

      I’m glad you are enjoying your bible study time. More grace.

      Andrew Wommack Commentaries are in a book format. Just type Ephesians by Andrew Wommack or whatever epistles you want to study on. Again on the page you will find a collection of 34 books by Andrew. All of his commentaries are inside that collection

  • I like the part of(paraphrased)
    As we are different ,so is God’s time table or say ,schedule plan for us all different

    Stick to what God wants you to achieve this holiday as much as He can help you,don’t go ahead to do what others are doing just to feel ‘great!’

    Awon Jack of all trade master of non

    Weldone Sis Ife,God’s Grace!

    Fruitful lockdown

    • Waoooooo…
      You have done so much and I do admire that a lot. Well, sometimes I write too, I also listen to messages, I pray, I sing or listen to music because I am a singer, I spend time with family and I do little stuffs around that could fetch me money.

  • I’ve been a lot of writing, praying study of God’s word, and making videos plus basic video editing.

    I’ve not been reading o. I hope to do better though.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Mine has been reading,reading and reading. Knowing that I have exams coming up on may . I wouldn’t want to hear story,story.
    I have also been studying the word of God. But I know I have not been doing so well in that area.i have tried to finish a book but I have not been consistent on that.

    • That’s great! All the best in your exams.

      For the other things you are not yet consistent with, write out daily plans for them and go over those plans to get your mind acquainted with them. It might help

  • I really wish I could start exercising but I’m so slim!!!

    I love your schedule breakdown. It’s filled with a lot of powerful stuff.

    I have not been having a separate time for listening to sermons and intensive prayers. I will think of how to incorporate that.

    Also, I must write everyday. I have my reminder set but I keep postponing it.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m trying to imagine how slim you are and wondering if you are as slim as my flatmate. She’s all bones and no flesh. Lol

      Exercising isn’t just to lose weight. It’s to stay fit.

      I’m glad you got some ideas from this post….keep writing!

  • The only book I’ve finished reading is Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury. I do e-learning, write, and I’m also writing my project work too. Thank you sister Ife for the eye opener. I need to make good use of this lockdown period very well. I have to maximize my time.

  • Thank you for sharing with us, ma.

    Since the lockdown, I’ve been
    * spending time with God’s word and prayer
    * writing more
    * recently, I’ve taken to taking a stroll in the evening for exercise
    * I’m also rereading Good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn

    Learning from you ma, I’ll put ‘workout’ as part of the lockdown routine 😊.

    • I love the strolling part. I do that once in a while. I’m glad to hear that you are making profitable use of this season. Weldone Esther

  • Thanks for sharing.

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about this WhatsApp something. I’d give it a try.

    I’ve been reading, facilitating online training, doing online business, doing a lot of research, formulating and testing new products.

    I have not been writing😭. A lot of things to record in my journal but, 😭

    Exercise ke😂 my thighs were on fire the day I tried it. See, I cannot comman goan kee myself jare. There’s kukuma no fat anywhere to burnout🙈

    My study time, I really hunger for more depths. I need more time than my norm. I’d try out the WhatsApp group method! I’m sure my small circle would like the idea too. Whoop💃
    The secret place! Oh! The fragrance of the place sef, we live here!

    Sis Ife, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ibukun,

      Yes, you should give the WhatsApp group a try. Depth comes by consistency.

      Lol @writing… You may not be writing but I can see that you are busy with your business. Weldone😊

  • This lockdown has been okay for me and tiresome. I have improved in my English and writing skills although no data to continue watching YouTube videos. I have been praying also and listening to messages. Please, i will like to join the group you spoke about to help my bible study which has been poor on my side.


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