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This second part of the story is told by the brother himself.


After that encounter with Cecilia, she never called me again and I was so happy that finally, I could stand my ground and overcome this thing called sexual sin.

I became zealous for God. I was active in the corpers fellowship. The brother that played their piano left the week before I became active in the fellowship. Thankfully, I’ve been playing the piano all my life so It was easy to take over.

Anyway, I was so glad to be up and doing for God and almost every evening, I was at the family house either for rehearsal, bible study, prayer meeting, evangelism..I was involved in every activity that took place there. Most importantly, It was beautiful to be living a life pleasing to God.

It was at the family house that I met Chidinma. From the first time I attended the bible study, I was attracted to her. She was in the bible study unit and I was amazed at how much of God’s word she knew. She was very deep. She was the kind of woman I wanted. A woman of the Word. A woman, beautiful in many ways. Anytime she led the prayers during the prayer meeting, I went home renewed and energized.

Many times, at home I would sit with the scriptures she had mentioned and pray them into my life. I could see that some of the brothers were attracted to her too. But who wouldn’t be? It had been a tug of war when she decided to leave the family house for the apartment her school gave her but she needed to make that move. The family house was too far from her p.p.a. Whenever I went to play with my friends at the family house, they talked so much about her humility and maturity.

God, this is what I want. A woman after your heart.

The attraction for her grew and I began to see us fulfilling God’s purpose together. We had talked on many occasions and in many ways we connected. Every time we ended our conversation, I felt lifted. It was obvious she was attracted to me too and for me that was a huge privilege.

Who am I to win the heart of this jewel. Why would Chidinma say Yes to me when Prayo and rugged evangelism papa were silently making their moves, where the G-papa had stayed back for another 3 months just to convince her. He had left when her answered remained No.

And when she said Yes to me, I bought drinks for all the students I taught. From SS1-3.

One asked me, ‘Uncle, is today your birthday?’

We began to talk every night. Sometimes till 3, 4 a.m. spiritual discussions began to take the backstage and we spent more time talking about the future, our love for each other and my body began to feel a certain desire, a familiar one.

One night, as I picked up my phone, I had a nudge in my spirit.

Call her tomorrow morning.

But I went on to call her that night. Her voice called forth serious fire in my body. Some butterflies were dancing to the beat of a drum in my stomach.

This is not Cecilia, I reminded myself. Chidinma is a woman of the Spirit.

Believe me, I can’t remember what discussion led me to ask her if she had been kissed before and how it felt like for her. Chidinma practically aroused me by describing the experience. She didn’t even stop there, she gave me a visual representation of how she almost had sex and then ended the discussion with,

‘Omg! Did I really say that? Let’s talk about something else.’

We laughed but the picture stayed. The only difference was that I was the man in the picture instead of her ex.

Because we have made a commitment to abstinence, anytime I visited her place, we made sure the door was opened. I never sat on her bed and I left before 6p.m.

On this Saturday afternoon, We were talking and laughing and the atmosphere was so relaxed and I could feel the chemistry so strongly between us. It was just 2p.m but I sensed that I should leave.

Again, my thoughts. We were fervent believers. We knew God’s expectations. I stayed.

Brethren, how Chidinma’s clothes came off her body
so fast and at 2p.m baffled me. When we kissed and finally landed on the bed, for one moment I couldn’t think straight. All I remember was that as I wanted to unstrap her bra, she said,

‘Daniel, stop.’

For some seconds, my brain didn’t understand English so I couldn’t hear her clearly until she said it again. Then I came to my senses.

‘Jesus.’ I whispered and let out a quick breath. How did this happen? Then I remembered everything.
For the first time in a long time, Luke 4 v 13 made real sense to me.

‘And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.

So I learnt, the devil does not really go after a victory. He is always lurking around somewhere. It was sweet that I rejoiced at taking my stand against him but I have learnt never to trust in my victories. I am learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, to be alert, to be watchful.

Chidinma and I are still very much together. But this time we have chosen not to be ignorant of the devices of the devil.

…Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walks about, seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist steadfast in the faith. 1 Peter 5:9

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