Happy new year!

I’m so happy to be back here on the blog. We had a fruitful 2019, yeah? Believe me when I say we are going to have a swell time right on this platform this year.

How did the first few weeks of the year go? Have you started working on those goals you set for yourself?

My prayer as you visit this blog weekly is that through the stories and articles here, the questions burning in your heart will receive answers. God’s wisdom finds expression in every decision you make.

I’m trusting God that the stories here will be reference points from which bible studies will spring forth.

I believe part of your goals for the year is to press into a deeper fellowship with Jesus. Oh yes, this is another year to enjoy sweet communion with the Father. We want to know him deeply. We desire to see him more clearly, to love him more dearly, to follow him more nearly. We desire to enjoy the warmth of his loving arms around us.

There is so much God wants to teach us this year. Don’t miss out on our weekly articles here. We’ll be publishing posts here twice or three times a week as we have consistently done for the past two years.

There’ll be solid teachings of the Word shared on the blog via the medium of storytelling. Just so you know, a new series will be kicking off very soon. I’m excited already.

This is a year of maintaining momentum in the things of the Spirit. We are going higher, Amen!

This year….

1.We take deliberate steps to spend more time with God. We become addicted to a life of prayer by praying consistently. We remind ourselves that social media has a voice and we will never let it drown out the voice of the one who has called us.

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2. We are deliberate about stretching in our prayer time. If thirty minutes was the longest time we spent last year in the place of prayers, we aim for more. We discipline our body to respond consistently to spiritual realities. We make plans to hold personal vigils. God’s word is our delight. We are deliberate about our spiritual growth

3.We choose our associations wisely. There is no room for sentiments in 2020. We flush out of our inner circle friends who push us into discussions that excite fleshy lusts. We call forth supernatural relationships. Relationships that challenge us towards greater accomplishment of our purposes.

4.We build knowledge and skills. There is a drive within us to get to the top of our different careers. We stay clear of whatever draws us away from accomplishing our goals.

5.We watch our words. We do not speak faith based words one minute and doubt the next. The Word of God will continually remain on our lips.

6.We understand that prophecies come with instructions. We take heed to the instructions God will bring our way at every season in the year.

7.We are careful of what we listen to. We say No to every voice of condemnation and words that pull down our faith. We give no room to fear. We confess the word more and more. Our convictions on eternal realities gets stronger. We are deliberate about what we feed on.

8.We are quick to forgive. We forgive in advance every hurt done against us. There is no room for bitterness and resentment. We let things go as quickly as possible.

9.We walk by the Spirit. We bear the fruits of righteousness. There is a continual hatred for iniquity. We live out our true nature. Our love increases more and more in knowledge and discernment.

10.Our eyes are opened to divine leading. There is no confusion on our path. Our path shines brighter and brighter. We make the right decisions.

We declare that…

1.In 2020, we grow in the knowledge of Christ. Our perception of Christ increase. There is a release of hunger and thirst for a deep intimacy with the Father.

2.Our heart bears the capacity to do all that God will have us do in 2020. Our capacity expands. We are opened much more to receive all that God has designed for us this year

3.We will not be stranded this year. There is no lack in our lives. Windows of abundant provisions are opened to us. Our needs are met.

4.We return from every journey safely. We are kept safe from the snares of the fowler. With long life He satisfies us. No death in our path. Only life!

5.Our members are instruments of righteousness. We love righteousness. We hate iniquity.

6.We love prayers. We are addicted to the study of the word. There is no place for laziness in our spiritual work. We live everyday of 2020 with great momentum. We refuse to be distracted from the will of God. We stand firm in his will.

7.Clarity and direction comes swiftly to us . We work with accuracy and precision.

8.We have a sound mind. Oh yes, We have the mind of Christ. We know the thoughts of God.

Oh yes, we expect great things to happen to us this year. We look forward to the manifestations of the things God is saying about you.

This is our best year yet!

Welcome to a fruitful 2020. Do I have a witness here?

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I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.



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