Some days ago, I finished reading Karen Kingsbury’s ‘One Tuesday morning’. I mean, I got to the last page and turned to the next only to discover the story had ended.

That book kept me awake till the early hours of the morning. I kept telling myself that I would stop at the end of a chapter and continue later in the day, but I found myself staying glued every time.

The lessons in the story are so deep and beautiful. It’s funny how lately, I have begun to enjoy reading books by Karen Kingsbury.

I remember my best friend spoke so highly of this woman but each time I picked up her novels, especially the one in parts,I got bored and lost interest. Only her stand alone novels fascinates me and till date, I still can’t get to read her stories written in several parts.

One Tuesday morning tells the story of two men who lived in different parts of the United States but never knew they were identical twins until September 11 at the World Trade Center.

One of the men, Jake, was a firefighter whose life oozed out the character of Christ, and his twin, Eric Michael, a business man, had no time for the family and had lost his faith in God right after the death of his daughter. Eric’s wife was frustrated by his attitude and his son was always disappointed by his father’s unfulfilled  promises to spend time with him, a man who more than anything was bent on getting to the top of the corporate ladder very quickly.

On this Tuesday, the 11th of September, Eric Michael was in the World Trade Center when the planes flown by the terrorist hit. While everyone was rushing to get out of the building, Eric Michael and his boss stayed back to finish up a big deal. But another plane hit and the building began to shake.

Eric ran out and it was there for the first time he met a replica of himself: Jakes, a fire fighter who was running up the stairs to do his job of rescuing lives. The two stopped to stare at each other. But the unfortunate incident didn’t make them stay long enough to ask questions.

Much later when the building collapsed, one of the men was found alive, but he had lost his memory. Who could this be? Jake or Eric. The confusion led to a new path that explained the power of God’s love and grace and healing.

One Tuesday Morning reminds me of the day the World Trader Center collapsed.  I was in my class when the news reached us that the World Trade Center had been hit. I mean I never knew it existed before then and so I didn’t realise the intensity of the pain some of the people who lost loved ones during the crash would have felt until I read this book. Karen’s words are quite evocative and draws you into the scene of the incident and make you feel like you are right at the Center when the building crashed.

She makes you see the words in pictures and does not give your mind a moment to wander from the story but holds you from start to finish.

There is a sequel to One Tuesday Morning. I don’t like Karen Kingsbury’s sequels, I must confess. She leaves me struggling to get to the end of the book because of the way the characters go over their thoughts repetitively. It’s beautiful to see into the mind of the character but when a character shares his thoughts or fears over and over on the same issue, it makes one wonder if the author has nothing else to say. In my mind, I’m like, ‘Karen, can we just go on with the story please?’

For instance, while reading ‘Beyond Tomorrow’ a whole chapter was devoted to explaining and going over something we were already aware of. I had been tempted to drop the book and the only reason I’m stuck with it was because of a character I fell in love with. Clay Michaels.  I wanted badly to see how he’d turn out at the end. Now I hear there is a third part, ‘Remember Tuesday morning.’

That said, Grab a copy of ‘One Tuesday morning’ from the nearest Christian bookstore and settle down for an interesting read.

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  • Lol…her sequels can be somehow I agree. But my first encounter with Karen’s books are those ones about the Baxter family and contains over 20 books. And I must confess it was a good read, I couldn’t put it down, just went in and on.

    Thanks also for your other recommendations…”When joy came to stay” I loved it. Keep recommending oh…I read on recommendations. Thank you sis.

    • I’m glad you connect with her series…about the recommendations, I’ll keep putting there here from time to time..

  • The series are a good read. Maybe it’s because I started with the first book. I really enjoyed it. The early books are really affordable now. Some years ago, I got the complete Sunrise series at a used books place for about 2k. I have the soft copy of the Redemption series if you are interested. Ok. I’ll go now before people think Kingsbury pays me for advertising.

  • Wow.. This your summary is so apt. It’s been over a year since I read this book but the story is still fresh. Karen Kingsbury is specially anointed. She makes you fall in love with her characters so much that you can’t drop the book until you are done reading. I’m

  • Ife!! You didn’t put a disclaimer for a spoiler. I had to jump some of the paragraphs o 😁.

    Karen’s books can be “somehow” sometimes, I agree. But I still don’t understand how I eventually enjoy even the books that get a little boring in the middle. There is a way her story always addresses something for me. And since I started her book. I have been sucked. I’m not her 9th book already. And I just started reading her books this year.

    No you are making me really interested in this particular one. I must read it! Lol.

    • Why did you jump the paragraphs nah…😀😀..

      To be candid, Karen is a great writer and yes you have to read One Tuesday Morning…


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