PROVERBS 6:6-11 (The Passion Translation)

Written by Ife Grace

Gone are the days when jobs were committed into the hands of men based on their active attendance to church or their commitment to the things of God. It’s really sad to hear people say they can’t trust a christian to carry out top-notch tasks. In fact the moment you refer to yourself as a believer or a Pastor, there is an hesitation and the fear of the likelihood of producing a shoddy task or neglecting it all the same.

God’s word clearly tells us that the Father we have detests lopsidedness and complacency. If we will carefully read the word, we will see that the new creation man is smart and hardworking. There is no room for laziness at all.

In a post, What the Holy Spirit will not do for you, I explained that God is deliberate about processes. Why else will God’s word command us to learn from the ant. It is a lack of understanding for a believer to be fervent in the things of God and yet in his career and personal development, weeds scattered here and there.

So wake up, sleepy head. How long will you lie there? When will you wake up and get out of bed? If you keep nodding off and thinking, I’ll just sit back awhile and take it easy,’ just watch how the future will unfold… Proverbs 6:9 TPT

There is a call to diligence this year. Many believers live on miracles, waiting on God to do everything for them. The life of faith does not call for complacency and it is clear from the key text that for lazybones, poverty will pounce on them like a bandit and move in as their roommate for life. You ask God for cake and He gives you butter, egg, mixer, raisins, cake pan, sugar and still you are there crying for cake. Again, God is interested in processes. You are created unto good works. There is a part of responsibility for the believer.

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Dedication and discipline is the hallmark of a representative of God in the market place. This discipline must begin from the place of applying the right knowledge. It is a waste of time to be dedicated to what you don’t know.

Know who you are. Find out your strengths and weaknesses, seek light into the plans God has for your life, dig into resources from which you can grow your competence and build capacity.

Productivity as against busyness is a focused, clear headed way of pressing into the area you are cut out for. It will take your time and money. You will find yourself cutting down on entertainment. A desire to excel will be stirred.

If all you’ll achieve in 2021 is discover your path and develop your knowledge base, you’d have done great justice to the year. As we press further into the year, you may want to take sometime to reflect and find out if you are truly productive or just merely flowing with the motions of life.

The month of January is almost gone, are you already walking in alignment with God’s will?

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Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • I am created unto good works. I take responsibility of all that God has entrusted into my hands. I am diligent and committed.

    Thank you so much for this timely reminder that we must represent God effectively wherever we find ourselves.

    God bless you, Sister Ife.


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