The first time I stumbled on any of Mitchelle’s book was some 10 years ago. At that time, I had no interest whatsoever in Christian Literature or relationship books and so I dropped it almost at the same time as I picked it.

Fast forward to many years later, I was battling with an emotional issue when out of the blues, she suddenly flashed across my mind.

What was it about this woman that drew a longing in my heart to search for her books?  I rushed to a bookshop and asked to be given any of her books.

Secrets of an Irresistible woman quickly caught my attention when the book seller placed it in front of me and I’m grateful I bought that book.

Apart from the fact that, reading that book held me glued from start to finish, it also answered the many questions that bothered my heart.

Recently, I picked up the book again and went through some of the things I noted down. Can I share some of those nuggets with you?


1. Never ever go shopping while you are hungry! You are bound to scoop up something you don’t need. Recognise when you are feeling desperate and give up shopping until the hunger pain fades away. When your soul is full, even the juiciest looking male won’t tempt you to impulse shop.

2. Your conversation should make the man in your life thirsty for more of you. It should be the ingredient that makes a bland, unexciting day come alive for him. If you can’t think of anything positive off the cuff, give him an uplifting scripture. It will be like a glass of cool water refreshing his soul. Your words should minister to him on three levels: Mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


3. I spent five years waiting for a man I believed God told me was my husband. At the end of the devastating experience, I stood humiliated before everyone who had tried to gently share their doubts with me. Be willing to confess that you made a mistake in discernment and let it go so you can receive the one God really has for you.

4. There is something pretty irresistible about a man who can pray. A man whose heart is tender, who walks in spiritual sensitivity. You know you are covered. He’s got your back. He can love you like no other because he is manifesting the love of God that the world cannot comprehend.

5. Set your standards for the future man. The man you are interested in should never get the impression that you’ve been sitting by the phone praying for his call. This is not good, Ladies! He should know that he needs to plan ahead when it comes to seeing you because your life is full and your time is valuable.

6. Stop force-fitting yourself into a situation that God wants to shield you from. When you get out from under his umbrella of protection, guess what? You get rained on. And that’s not his fault, it’s yours.

7. God cannot make him treat you special when you act cheap.

8. There is a place for sharing things that will directly affect your relationship down the road should you get married. Don’t share these things in the early stages of forming friendship.

Do not sit him down and unravel every horror story of rejection you’ve ever experienced. Don’t give him too much responsibility of your heart too soon. If he hasn’t decided to be committed to you, it will be too much weight for him to carry.

9. The man God has for you will not leave you guessing. Your heart will be full of the things he has poured into you. You won’t have to go asking friends to dissect every little thing he said or did to find the clue to his intention. His actions as well as words would be very clear.

10. Don’t fall down on the job because you’ve signed a contract and have begun to experience the benefits of marriage. If you want him to be romantic, you must continue to inspire him. Life will always only be as good as you make it, and that sure is true with marriage.

I can go on and on…but I’ll stop here. Go grab a copy. There are more nuggets and life changing words loaded in that book.

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The Power of being a woman by Mitchell’s McKinney Hammond

Which of these nuggets struck your heart?


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Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Number 9 got me, He would not keep you guessing, thanks for sharing dear, been a while I read the book, touched to read it over again, thank you

  • They all struck my heart.. I have always had the opportunity to read her two of her books (diva principle and secrets of an irresistible woman) but I guess I lost interest in the titles… Thanks for this tip. i’ll go get these books.

  • I was just going through these powerful nuggets, got to the end and found the link to my own lesson notes, thanks for sharing.

    I have been on this particular page for only God knows how long. These things are powerful. Been internalizing and pondering on them.

    So, number 2! Nugget Number 2! This is what I have come to discover. Women, we all are doing well, all strong, inspiring and having everything going great for us. We fall in love and then forget all of the things that have made us so attractive to him in the first place. We begin to rely on his energy, his strength and become a little too vulnerable and eventually lose ourselves.

    Sometimes this man needs an arm too. He needs strength, help, advice. But alas, we are lost in love and can’t even think solely. If we are going to make a bland, unexciting day come alive for him, make him long after being with us, we have to be strong spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This one is an intentional process, we have to remind ourselves that we were first individuals before we fell in crazy love.

    • Esther, your comment is insightful… So that means in order to be mentally, spiritual and emotionally beneficial to him, it has to start from us. We can’t give what we don’t have. There is a need to concentrate on us and how we can build strength first because only then can we pour out something powerful into his life…Hmmm…thanks for sharing this…


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