It happened at our annual singles summit. I was sitting on the third row sad that the worship session had ended so quickly when Pastor Henry smiled and said;

‘Shake the hands of three persons and welcome them to the house of God.’

That was when I saw her. Nike. Our eyes met and then I heard a small still voice, ‘this is your wife.’

I returned my attention to Pastor Henry who was now reading his welcome address but his voice was drown out by the hullabaloo going on in my mind.

Could this be possible? Nike, my wife? Has God finally answered my prayer?

Then I heard a scripture that had been impressed in my heart the previous night.

He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

Could this be true or is my head playing pranks with my body? I stole a quick glance at her again.

Oh Lord she looks really beautiful. Why have I not noticed her all these years.

He makes everything beautiful in his time, the still small voice whispered again..

I sighed. I stole another glance and many other glances-during the offering time, the Thanksgiving session and when I pretended to stretch my neck. When Pastor said something I thought was funny, I chuckled and turned to the person beside me but my eyes went somewhere else.

After the summit, I sat my friends down and shared the good news. They slapped me hard on my back, congratulated me and advised me to relax and give it time. But every day that passed, Nike stayed on my heart. The more I prayed, the stronger the affection. By the following month, I was convinced I had met my wife.

Brothers and sisters, the day came when I decided to take the bold step of proposing to her. Of course I was nervous. Even though we’ve been chatting on Facebook and on WhatsApp, it was different now that I had to make a definite move.

I rehearsed before the mirror and in front of my friends and finally that evening after the Bible study, I approached her. She welcomed me with a warm smile and that calmed my racing pulse.

I cleared my throat and sighed deeply. ‘Sis Nike, Ehmm….I.’

‘Jide! Something is burning.’

I was jolted to reality. ‘Oh no!’

How could I have daydreamed for so long. I ran into the kitchen and lifted the pot of burnt stew from the gas cooker and dumped it into the sink.

‘What were you thinking about for goodness sake?’ Gbenga, my roommate, was clearly upset. ‘Do you know how much it cost me to prepare that stew. Guy, tinz don cost o’

I realized I was still holding the cooking spoon and dropped it in the sink. The stew was completely burnt. ‘I’m sorry. I’ll stop by the market tomorrow on my way back from work.’

I scratched my head and dragged myself out of the kitchen. We settled for a bowl of garri soaked in cold water and groundnuts. It was not a bad idea for dinner sha..

…sometimes when we remember the love stories that played out in our heads, pictures of things we hope for and how we watched them come into fulfilment, our faces lit up with smiles.

Some singles ladies have married and given birth to kids in their minds before Prince charming showed up.

Different shades of proposals, responses and the excitement accompanying them have crossed minds years before any step was taken.

Wedding ceremonies-dancing steps, wedding gown design, wedding vows- have been registered in our imaginative minds before the d-day

Business start ups, published books, brand new cars, dream houses, bagging of doctorate degree…. have been completed in the soul realm before the physical…

Again, I am reminded of God’s word:

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. But a dream fulfilled is a tree of life…

May our dreams find fulfilment in accordance with His perfect will…

©Ife Grace 2018

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