How far has your fight against pornography helped you? With your clenched fist and legs stamping in rage, why are you not winning?

You make decisions, set rules, pen down resolutions just so this can come to an end, but somehow, your desire to view nude videos, to rush into the bathroom with your magazine, to touch yourself as the images rush through your mind is  constantly being fueled.

Afterwards, the guilt comes, you become depressed for some days, new resolutions are made, you rise, gingered by your resolutions, few days later you are back to the square one. So your weekly match is like this.

Sunday-Tuesday. You: 1.   Porn:0

Wednessday- Thursday. You:  0.    Porn:2

Friday. (No match). (Guilt throws hard punches at you)

Saturday: New resolutions are made. Example-‘This is the last time this will happen to me!’

The following week, Your eyes are glued to YouTube. You keep running around in circles.

And you wonder if when you surrendered your life to Christ, God heard you.

As long as you continue to see your porn addiction as a battle you must fight, you will continue to struggle with it. It’s ok to know that the devil seeks to draw you away from a victorious life- a life Christ offers- but it’s not cool to believe you have to continuously tussle with the devil. It’s time to set your mind and thoughts on a lasting solution.

Now, let me remind you about this basic truth as we commence this Journey Series.

When you became born again, something definite happened. Your sin nature, also called the old man, was removed completely and replaced with the nature of Christ. You became a new creature. The nature that produced porn, masturbation and all other sins, was uprooted. You became the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You were justified. The Holy Spirit took charge of your spirit.God recognised you as His child.

However, the nature left behind those images, pictures, and other properties of his which Paul referred to as, ‘things that belong to your earthly nature’ must be mortified. It is therefore your duty to renew your mind, to sanctify yourself through the Word. Much later in the series, we shall look deeply into this.

For some who first encountered porn after they surrendered to Christ, it is important at this point to note that, even though you have become a Christian, you live in a world ruled by the devil. Your body is still your body. Your mind is still active.

I was already a disciple of Christ, when I first got into masturbation, (same goes with my addiction to porn videos). I prayed and cried and got depressed and made decisions, yet after a while, I was back to it again. But then my eyes became enlightened. I began to discover that my struggling, my fight, my focus on winning a battle was creating an hinderance for me.

You must begin to see that porn free life you desire, as a journey, rather than a battle. See God holding your hands and walking you through this recovery process. See His love. See the victory already won. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen and risen several times. I just need you to change your focus. I want you to see the Jesus reaching out to help you. Some have been involved in this for over a decade, some marriages are at the verge of collapsing because of this matter…If only you can trust God and allow Him work through you as we press on in this series. 

Are you ready for this journey?

Will you surrender your will, your methods, your mind to Him?

If your answer is in the affirmative, make that declaration to God this moment. Let Him know that you are ready to do whatever He requires as you commence this journey.


The Journey to Recovery Series continues. As much as our concentration is on sexual habits, the principles cut across every area of Christian living. You can follow this blog to receive notifications of upcoming posts.


About the author

Ife Grace

I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


  • Many sincere Christians entered 'Porn world' through this seemingly justifiable but deceptive reason. But a godly newly married couple realizes this deception early and totally put a stop to it.

  • Ife, have you realized the great gift God has endowed on you? as i read through this write-up , i kept on imagining, if we can still have such godly youth in this generation. i doubt it, the 'dying' youths have not discover you, but God who equipped you with this rare gift will surely promote you and reveal you to the 'dying' world. Keep it up!

  • Thank you for this. I have been waiting for someone who would bring this perspective into the natter, because in my own experience also, this is the only and the correct way. It took a while for me to come to this understanding too, after so much so called "victories" and defeat. I'm still learning this way better too. Thanks for been a voice.

  • You know what? I encountered Porn after marriage after long years of being born again. I was searching for sex videos that can help my sex life as a newly wedded wife and from there I discovered that I keep going to YouTube or any other sites that have those videos. I kept making resolutions time after time not to look at those videos again though I felt I have a genuine reason for indulging in such and the struggle was so real. I handed my thoughts over to God entirely and I can say I'm totally free after several years of been addicted to that. Let me know when the series starts. May God continue to us you the more in liberating Satan's captives.

  • Exactly what I told a friend some time ago. Porn videos will do more harm than good in spicing up couples sex life. I'm glad to hear that God has help you deal with this. I hope many believers will also be liberated…Thanks for commenting.


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