As I marched through the narrow path flanked by neatly mowed lawns, to the front door, I could hear laughter, and loud chattering. I burst into the living room, fuming with anger. There was a large sponge cake on the center table and a bottle of wine stood beside it. Mum was taking short dance steps as she swung her hands back and forth with Dad. Femi, my elder brother, reclined against the wall, a cork opener in his hand as he firmly held the bottle of grape wine.

Shade’s smile disappeared the moment she saw me. Slowly she turned her back against me and faced Cynthia, my brother’s wife.

“Shade. ” I called out

She didn’t turn. I could hear Cynthia pointing her attention to me.She just stood there, laughing and talking, like I was a piece of shit. Cynthia looked worried.

“You look like a balloon ready to burst” Femi said.”Come give your brother a hug.”

Instead I walked over to Shade. “You are not even ashamed of yourself. So you have not learnt your lesson.” My heart was pounding hard. “I think we should all get ready for another baby because my slut of a sister is not done chasing the thing between a man’s legs.

Shade slapped me. I returned the slap. She raised her hand to give me another slap. Femi held her hand.

” What’s wrong with both of you?” Mum shouted.

“Can you believe, Shade has been having sex with my fiancé”

” You are a liar.” Shade barked. I could feel her veins tense.

I shook my head, allowing the tears run down my face. “so this is reason you’ve been acting all up. I have been foolish to think it was because you were still hurt from your past.You disgust me.”

“Shade, is it true? Have you been sleeping with Lanre?” My father asked, in a quiet but firm voice.

“I-I don’t know what she’s talking about?” Shade said, stuttering.

My vision was blurred by my tears. I wiped them away and faced my sister. “I was the one who picked the call today. It was me who made those whispers. I was the one you asked if Lanre was going to be at the hotel where you plan to give it to him hot. Shade, you’ve lost the respect I have for you. I’d prefer to be alone than have a knife stabbing sister for a friend.”

Shade’s face went white. I walked away.

“Come back here! ” Mum barked.

I returned to the living room and stood in front of her.

“So both of you spoilt my private celebration ceremony because of a man.”

Mum faced Shade. “Did I raise a stupid daughter for God’s sake? This is so appalling. Now, Go and wait for me in my room.”

I hugged her.”I’m sorry mum. Congrats on your appointment as a judge of the High Court.” Mum frowned. I pulled away quickly and rushed upstairs to her room.

“Funmi I’m sorry.” Shade said, standing beside the dressing table. I settled comfortably on the soft bed and began to fiddle with the blue duvet that had flowery designs scattered on it.

“I’m sorry.” Shade repeated.

I looked at my sister, my only sister. “Why did you do it?

” I was jealous that you had everything going for you. A face that left men with longing stares and a personality so charming, it weakened even married men while I had to struggle to be accepted and loved. I’ve always wished I was beautiful like you.

I stood in front of my sister. “You draw, you write, you’ve won cake icing awards, you run three catering businesses in two different states, your orphanage establishment is recognized internationally. You have travelled several times outside the shores of this country for summits and conferences. You pull stunts that I can’t even dare. For goodness sake, You should be grateful.”

“I don’t know why I still feel so empty and dry.”

I sighed. “When are you going to give your life over to Christ?” I shook my head. “I’m not the best Christian myself. I need to get back to Him.”

The door opened. Mum entered. She walked over to the bed and sat down. Her eyes darted from me to Shade. Then she stretched out on the bed, picked the T.V remote and turned it on.

“Get out of my room.”

I looked at my sister puzzled. “But you-“

” Go!”

We filed out of the room quietly and closed the door. My phone rang.


“You are a fool to walk out of my car like that. How dare you?”

“Lanre, it’s over between us. Goodbye.”

“You are a wretched-“

I disconnected the line.

Two weeks later, I got a job at the admin department of the Ministry of Works. Chuks, (can you remember him?) has been coming frequently to my mind. And surprisingly , he’s been calling me more regularly… Yesterday, when He called, He said there was something important he wanted to tell me.( Could it be what I think it is?) We will be meeting at Dominos Pizza Ikeja next weekend, so I guess we have to wait till then.


I look forward to next week. Anyway, my heart is calm because I know deep down that no matter what happens, God’s got my back.

Next week….


Watch out for Episode 4.

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