“Guy, see as you dirty my shirt. No be so I give you o.” Tunji said as he perched on the bench. They are sitting in front of Gbenga’s house, between Iya Laide’s akara spot and Kenny’s kiosk.

“How was the interview?”

Gbenga hissed. “Mehn, I flopped it sha.”

“What happened?”

“No experience.” Gbenga replied. “I told them I will learn on the job but the woman clearly told me I didn’t fit it. She was so blunt and heartless. The way she even rolled her eyes at me as if I’m one piece of shit.”

“At least she came out clearly. See me, I’ve been waiting three months for a man who promised to get back to me.”

“All my-“

Two dark skinned men-Deji and Wale- ran towards them, laughing.

“Omo, Deji don hammer.” Wale shouted.

The news was short and precise. Deji had landed a job with an I.T firm.

“How much is the pay?”


The three men stared at him, their mouth opened wide.

“How did you do it.”

Deji grinned. “Simple logic.” He pulled his CV from a brown envelope and showed them.

Work Experience

1999-2002- Accountant, Russel Nigeria Ltd

2002-2004 Chief Accountant, Telloite Telecoms

2005-2006 Finance Officer, Metro Microfinace Bank.

“Deji, are you out of your mind?”

Wale and Tunji burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Chei. See as my guy forge work experience. If they catch you, na prison straight.” Wale said.

“No way, i’m too smart for that. They’ve asked me to come for my appointment letter on Monday. I-.”

Deji’s phone rang.

“Its the HR woman. I need absolute silence. ” Deji stated pointedly.

“Hello. Good evening.” He started, trying his best to hide his thick Yoruba accent.

“Mr Gbenga Ayodele?” The voice on the other line said.

“Yes please.” he said, his light brown eyes alert.

“We need you to send us two contacts of your past employers as soon as possible. You can text the numbers to me. “

Deji frowned.


Two months later, Gbenga called for an emergency meeting in the room he shared with his three siblings. Something has to be done to this unfortunate predicament. They can’t continue this way.

At the end of the meeting, they agreed to an idea that would barely cost much. They further delibrated on the sharing technique to be employed. The following week, the posters are ready and on it was written in bold letters.




TIME: 8:00a.m prompt.

God is waiting to receive you!

Deji’s white shirt turned brown by the time he finished mopping the floor and cleaning the windows of the wooden makeshift that Gbenga’s mother used for her food business.

” What’s the topic of your sermon?” Wale asked. Gbenga looked up from the bible. “Jericho has fallen.”

“That title is not strong enough.” Deji declared.

“I agree.” Tunji added. “We need people to drop as much money as they can today.”


Tunji sister arrived. She has been recruited to welcome the guests. She positioned herself by the door waiting.


Nobody showed up. Gbenga drops the bible on the chair. Wale prays vigorously, he is kneeling on one of the tables at the extreme end. Deji flings his tie in frustration. Tunji’s sister resigns and returns to her church. Tunji strums his guitar.

11:15 a.m

The sound of footsteps are heard. They all jump to their feet. Tunji struggles with his tie. Gbenga rushes to the altar with his Bible. Wale and Deji sit on the chair.

“Praise the Lord.” Gbenga shouted


Gbenga continued. “As I was saying, God loves a cheerful giver. He-“

Gbenga stopped as children, probably between 4 and 7 filed in.

Wale was on his feet. “What the heck-“

Gbenga’s mother entered. She smiled. “So how was service today?”

They remained silent.

“The children love Feast is holding here soon. So you will have to excuse us please.”

Slowly, they walked out of the BUKA, frustrated.

God, please show us your mercy. We need your help badly,  Gbenga muttered.

Suddenly he stopped. “Guys, I have an idea.”


Two weeks later, The four men took charge of the BUKA. Gbenga as Managing director/ Creative Director, Wale -Head of Logistics, Deji-Chief Accountant and Tunji-Marketing executive.

Fastforward three years later, ADUKE BUKA moved to its permanent location and was renamed ADUKE RESTUARANT. If you reside in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin and Abuja, I have no doubt that you must have stopped by this restaurant for as little as its home-made yoghurt.

These four men- MD’s of the various branches- will be meeting tomorrow at Royal Palm Hotel to discuss the future of the business.

Hear what Gbenga said to a radio presenter on the TV show when he was called to talk about entrepreneurship.”I can never work for any man in my life. I am my own boss.”


Opportunities are everywhere if God can open your eyes to see them. Ask God today for insight.


This is a pure work of fiction.


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