When Ada told me early last year that she was getting married, I was so excited.

Two years before that time, I had been with her the night Francis called to say he was no longer interested in the relationship, and that was a few days to the introduction ceremony.

She had cried throughout the night and my comforting words seemed like water poured on a rock.

Ada’s cousin, Becky, is my close friend. I had led her to Christ shortly after we met in Port Harcourt. She would come to my house and we would read and discuss scriptures together. You can imagine how surprised I was when I discovered she was related to Ada.

The eve of Ada’s trad, we left Port Harcourt for Lagos. Becky and I. In the bus, we chatted excitedly until a woman raised prayers and preached. Our Amen seemed the loudest as others in the bus kept mute. She smiled at us and we chatted a little before she dozed off.

I was reading ‘A woman after God’s heart’ by Elizabeth George, when a woman in front of me screamed, ‘Jesus!’

Before I could raise my head, I was flung out of the bus. I can still hear the screams and wails from the passengers.

I saw myself standing by a tree. There were bodies cut into different shapes, scattered in different directions. Cars stopped and people rushed towards a small ditch to see the situation of things. It was then I saw the bus. A blood stained hand hung limp from the driver’s door.

‘Where is Becky?’

I began to search around for my friend. It was then I saw something that surprised me. Someone that looked so much like me was on the floor just where I stood.

“Who is this?’ I bent to peer closely. It was me. I stepped back puzzled and just then, I felt a strong wind rushing towards my direction. In a twinkle, I had been whisked from my position.

The next thing I saw was a gate, larger than any I had ever seen. I could hear loud melodious voices coming from behind the gate. As I approached the gate, It opened and I walked in. What surprised me was that I knew the song even though I had never really learnt it. My heart bubbled with joy.

There were people moving around, laughing and singing. The place was so bright even though I didn’t see any sun.

I can’t explain how that place looks like but I have never seen a place like it.


I turned. A man was standing smiling at me.

‘I am Paul.’

I froze. ‘You mean Paul the Apostle? The writer of Ephesians.’

He smiled. I covered my mouth with my hands.

‘Welcome home.’ He said and patted me gently on my back.

As I walked on, I saw Becky. She was sitting down with someone dressed in bright sparkling garment. She was laughing and enjoying herself.

‘So Becky is here too.’ I increased my pace. She raised her head and saw me.

‘Lola!’ She stood up and rushed to hug me. I could see the tears in her eyes. She laughed and cried at the same time. We hugged and she led me to the person she had been talking to.

This person is familiar. I know him, I muttered.

‘Jesus, Lola is here.’

My eyes widened as he smiled and opened his arms. I ran into his embrace and this time I cried. He pulled away enough to see my face and wiped the tears from my eyes.’

‘You see, here, there is no pain, no suffering. You are going to live the rest of your life in complete pleasure.’

His voice was the coolest I had ever heard. It was familiar all the same.

I laughed and jumped and laughed again and joined in the singing.

Then I woke up.

Do you know how I felt when I saw myself back in my cubicle with the noise from car horns and angry Mushin boys coming from the street?

For some minutes I couldn’t stand up from the bed, not until I heard the knock.

When I opened the door, Becky was at the door, eyes red. A box stood beside her.

‘My father disowned me. He said since I have decided to be a christian, I should get out of his house. Look, he hit me with his fist.’

I saw she covered her nose with an handkerchief.

‘ Lola, Please can I stay here for a while until I get a place to stay?’

While I used a towel to dab at her nostrils, I remembered the dream and a scripture that I had read the night before.

‘And God shall wipe away the tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain. For the former things are passed away.’

I smiled knowing how much encouragement that dream would mean to my friend.


For every believer looking forward to our transit from this earth to a greater glory.

Soon and very soon, all of these sufferings will pass. This is not our home remember? We are just pilgrims here.

…Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth…when Christ, who is our life shall appear, then we also shall appear with Him in Glory. Colossians 3:2,4.

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I am a faith blogger with a passion to contribute my quota to the body of Christ. I am also the author of two books: The Reunion and Spring.


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