Dear Diary,

A lot has happened to me. My past keeps coming up and I wonder, when will I finally let it lie low.

From age 6, I have been a wild child. I wanted to try anything. From kissing a boy to touching their genitals. I was curious about everything. I knew things more than many children. I wanted to know what sex was, I wanted to experience romance.

I learnt to keep things away from my parents early enough. Like not telling my mother when I started my menses. The day she discovered was when I got down from the car and she saw that I was stained.

Maybe mum strictness was formed out of trying to curb my wings or that was the best way she understood how to relate to me, I didn’t understand why she kept me at arm’s length.  I do not blame her for the struggles and mistakes I have made in search of love and even though our relationship is pretty formal, I cannot remember any form of bond growing up.

I came from a deeply religious home and for some reasons, my mother seemed to be away. I can’t remember any sweet memories about her and my childhood. Infact, the only experience I have of her is our fights when I became a teenager. We fought on clothes, shoes, my talking with boys. We fought so well.

My father on the other hand put his ministry before us. It was clear we, my mother inclusive, came after the ministry and we dared not act contrary. But my curiosity always put me into trouble. As a teenager, I saw my father cry several times because I talked with a boy or I acted out of the denomination’s standard.

I was a struggling teenager with nobody to talk with and so I turned to novels…romantic novels that I hid under my bed. I found boys and at different corners of the church, I passed a kiss here and had a romance there… It shocked me that as long as I wore the dresses prescribed by my parents, nothing else mattered.

I almost laughed when my mother hailed me for being a godly child when I knew what was being done in secret. But somehow, my sins found me out and again, the curses followed. I remember how, after mum had cursed, and talked about how she regrets giving birth to me and how I was a devil, I would go to my room and cry and for many nights, roots of resentment would build up.

Love in my house was dished based on how good you are. If any complaint came from any member of the church, you were punished. It didn’t matter if it was true or not. If you did well, you are rewarded. I have been locked up in the dark, driven out of the house and had almost attempted suicide. I asked myself, are these my real parents? Was it possible that I had been adopted?

It was all crazy. I hated Christianity. Hated the church with all of my strength. I swore I was going to get out of the house and never return once I finished my secondary school. I was a very brilliant kid, winning awards..that in itself kept me going. The moment I got into the university, it was as if for the first time I was free.

But God caught me before I went too far into a freedom that would have brought me sorrow.

I began to understand who he was and how to walk with him…but my search for true love was still on. I wanted badly what I never had as a child. I met a brother. Fell in love with him and we kissed and romanced. There was no sex of course, but in my heart I felt guilty pangs and so I went to see my Pastor to tell him what I had done. I didn’t have a counsellor or a mentor. I just thought he could help me.

It didn’t take two weeks before the news went round the church. I had never felt more embarrassed than I did that period. It was the most depressing time of my life. I became the subject of the Pastor’s message in church and the laughing stock of the fellowship. What didn’t happen was insinuated.

I remember being called to sit before a panel of four people. I saw the mocking eyes. They were taking notes and asking details of the actions and it was as if they enjoyed that something like that had happened. Everywhere, my name became associated with fornication.

My parents called shortly after. The news had reached them. Their daughter had been defiled. I got home to meet the house like a graveyard. Dad went about with gloomy face. Mum kept looking at me and asking some very awkward .

I left the house in shame. I was a new Christian struggling to find a meaning to my life. My eyes are teary as I write this and I’m so glad this forum has been created to let this all out. I struggled to find love and acceptance since I couldn’t get that at home. I found myself in more problem worse than before. I was alone. I smiled and laughed a lot but the truth is that somewhere inside the girl child who had missed being loved wanted to be loved again.

Because of the many things I noticed in my home, marriage scared the hell out of me.

My father still hasn’t changed. He hasn’t stopped using us, my siblings and I, to achieve his pastoral dream. He loves to be known by everyone. He has killed my dreams on so many occasions and made me lose opportunities because they didn’t conform to his standard. For more than 25 years, I lived for people because that’s what my Father wanted from his wife and his children.

He doesn’t shout to get us to succumb. He uses tears and a long discussion of how he has suffered to give us a life to shut us up…and yes we shut up. Our desires never matter. As long as we are in his good book, he was fine but once we missed the mark, we lose his respect.

I have stop wishing I had parents whom I could share my struggles with…because I know I have a father in heaven who cares so much for me.

I don’t go home because the few times I did, I left depressed. Nothing has changed. The day I tried talking to my father and telling him my dreams and passion, my father ended up kneeling down and pleading with me not to try it. Of course he wanted me to pursue his own dreams and be the exact representation of who he is. So I just stay away from home.

I’m going through a healing process from shame and lack of love. I don’t go home because home reminds me of pain, of horrible experiences, of sadness.

Standing before my father still scares me.  Even at my age, I literally shiver when talking to him.

This I believe: One day I will meet a man who will love me deeply but first I want to be consumed in God’s love and ensure that I’m not going into a relationship with a wounded heart.



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  • Wow!
    By Jesus’ stripes you are healed.

    I still don’t understand why some so claimed believers revel in the fall of a fellow believer. Isn’t it the Devil that does that?

    God will help the church o. If only her father understood that he has no successful ministry without a successful home, he would quit putting the cart before the horse.

    God bless the person who shared this, this is a brazen step. Even behind the veil of anonymity, I don’t think I would be able to nerve up to share my ugly things.

  • Hi, I’m a Christian girl who sort of understands what you’re dealing with. Just want to let you know that I love you. God will fill this need you have, and bring the right people into your life.

  • Speechless😢😢😢. I can relate with some of these.

    I can’t find my words,may you find healing in Jesus name.

  • Its awesome amd brave that you could share your story. I trust not everyone who understand where you coming from and the struggle thus far no matter how much you explain.
    I personally can relate to your story, i share your story because its true my parents and urs mst have come from the same bloodline and its terrible beacuse you see them express true love to other at the slightest incidence but yoy are cringing for their crumbs of love but its not even available
    I managed to break out in my university days and trust me the Lord has been good now the table jas changed at least
    Permit me to offer you my advice.
    1. Find God in his genunity ( i mean have a particular reason to believe that God is genuine)
    2. You need to ask for a significant , groundbreaking, unimaginable breakthrough in your life( it could be spiritual or physical or material without your parents help whatsoever.
    3. You must be able to develop your psyche by reading wide and large to accomodate their deficiencies when your parents throw it at you.
    4. Whatever dreams or goals are You have you need to start actions in them, devote all time , passion or study to them and pray that it grows fast once the narrative can change then your parents immediately would change their view about you.
    5. Stop complaining cos its a waste of time start conquering
    6. Growth is very important and maturity is key.
    You need to know really matured in mind, spirit actions and disposition and your relationship
    7. Finally trust God to help You in always lean not on your understanding. I have a simple principle live your life as if they are not alive anymore and you are alone to figure it out because you can never allow anyone to decide the amount of love you get. Remember you created unique and deserve the best..

  • Hmm

    A lot of parents only know God in their heads and not with their hearts, growing up I see my parents especially my Dad being good of mind and acts even with his flaws but few years back now, I realized that they need God more especially my Dad. My Ernest prayer is for them to find God on time bcos they want to be known for doing and being good outside but really needs serious help and the fact that my Dad is not teachable makes it worst.

    My sister there’s so much good in you, I can feel it but your self esteem has been tampered with for years but I see a fighter, see know God personally first, accept him fully in your heart, do what is good, right and honorable, don’t be hard on yourself even when you fall short, love yourself and start praying for your parents, I tell you praying for those who hurts or have hurted helps because by this we won’t get to hate them no matter what, even though we are not happy with them and their actions

  • To the anonymous writer,

    You’re right, it’s difficult to go through what you have and just forget about it in a jiffy… But thank God you are healing.

    You prayer for you is that one day you will not just meet a man, but several people, more like a community of believers, who will love you deeply…

    You’re actually right on this, first I you need to be consumed in God’s love and ensure that you’re not going into a relationship with a wounded heart.

    On the other side, it’s not easy to be in your parents shoes, but I pray that God will open the eyes of their understanding to see how they have hurt you, and repent before they go to the other side.


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